Ajay Devgn to dedicate 8 months to action-drama Shivaay

With Action Jackson now behind him, Ajay Devgn has started working on his upcoming directorial venture ‘Shivaay’. The genre of the film is action drama and the script is original.  The actor has already started working on the look of his film.

“I am working out a new look for Shivaay, but I don’t know whether this look will be there or not. I am just growing the beard right now because I am lazy. But yes I will have a new look in the film” Ajay told reporters.

Ajay also said that the pre-production work on Shivaay begins today. He will begin filming February onwards.

“I want to give all the time to Shivaay. Hence from December 8, I will be busy with it for the next 6 – 8 months. There’s a new girl along with me in my home production. The genre of the film is action drama. It’s not a remake. We will begin shooting in February next year”

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu’s grand niece, Sayesha, has been cast to play the female lead.

Ajay Devgn on the sets of Shivaay

Ajay Devgn on the sets of Shivaay



  • Action Jackson short Review:
    Some movies have useless plot,some have senseless actions,some have poor direction,some have pathetic editing and some have flawed performances. But This movie has all these things at a time!
    Even The Cartoonish dialogues, the irritating and unnecessarily loud Background score and the lengthy and poor songs will make you cringe! 2-3 comedy scenes work, but they are easily forgettable in the length of 2.30 hours! My question is how can a talented actor like Ajay Devgn sign a stupid film like AJ? And why should someone watch a film like this?
    RATING: 0.5/5

  • Worst 5 movies of the year:
    1. Action Jackson
    2. Entertainment
    3. Yaariyan
    4. Creature 3D
    5. Dawaat-E-Ishq
    ps: Hate story 2 was a bad one too. But I didn’t include it.

  • mvz this yr i didn’t njoy as seen by me
    1 o Teri
    2 the xpose
    3 creature
    4 entertainment
    5 heropanti
    6 youngistaan
    7 yaariyaan
    8 bang bang
    9 dawaat e ishq
    10 raja natwarlal
    11 singham returns
    12 kill dil
    13 humshakals
    14 bhootnath returns
    15 ragini mms2

  • meaningless worst movies of 2014
    1: Humshakals
    2: Kick
    3: Happy new year
    4: Happy ending
    5: Kill dill/ Action Jackson

  • best movies of 2014
    1: Holiday
    2: Haider
    3: Queen
    4: 2 States/ Humpty sharma ki dulhania
    5: Heropanti/ Ek villain

  • Please make some good stuff…instead of making movies like AJ….and dont ever dare to clash with Mohenjadaro…

  • @arjun kapur
    1) if srk/sallu/amir would have had a cameo in bang bang. U would have liked the film n would have put them in enjoyed list! U r too double standard.
    2) yaariyan was a gud rom-com n better than hskd(hit) n htp (average) !
    3) u r proved beggar on indicine as proved by @armaan as u didn’t include jai ho to beg support from sallu fans for b grade tevar!

  • Worst 5 movie of 2014; as below,
    1- HNY
    2- Bang Bang
    3- Humshakals
    4- Kill Dil
    5- Yaariyan.

    I haven’t watch AJ movie so i haven’t idea for AJ. @Opinion bodok, now, i hope you get same relief after seeing No.2 spot your idol movie coz i not put No.1 spot. Why did you bring Akki’s movie every time? Now, i start my opinion every article related Jadoo.

  • Common guy’s ….Bang Bang was better than HNY…and both of them did same collections as Haider cost Bang Bang some 20-30 crores…So HNY should be in top 5 worst movies of year.

    In btw…watched Exodus yesterday…and recommend all to stay away from that movie…Rating 1.5/5….

  • No @karthik, one of your mate said;
    Band Bang better than Holiday. And now i’m say Bang Bang better than all movie of 2014.
    Yes, i accept bang bang better than hny but not better than holiday. Come on bodok opinion….. wake up lol.

  • It is important that Ajay concentrates on his next movie Shivaay . For the first time in his career his no movie will release in a single year . I hope Shivaay turns out to be a good movie . I think the break will be worth the wait . I hope Shivaay becomes critically as well commercially successful . Best of Luck Ajay .

  • As for BangBang and Holiday, I had rated both of them 2.5/5 and I said that “BangBang is slightly better”.
    May be ignorant indicine-users like @Myamar Yangon and a few people will make fun of me for that. But experts like Rajeev Masand,Anupama Chopra,Subhra Gupta,Sukanya Verma etc wonn’t laugh at my opinion and even many of them would agree. So,I don’t care about these losers.
    Don’t use the word “Hypocrisy” in your comments if you don’t know its meaning. HYPOCRITES ARE THOSE WHO KEEP BARKING LIKE “Hrithik and Akki are my 2nd favs after Salman” and BASH THE FORMER ONE ALL THE TIME.

  • worst films of 2014:
    1. Jai Ho
    2. Action Jackson
    3. Bang Bang
    4. Humshakals
    5. Entertainment
    6. Happy New Year
    7. Kick
    8. Kill Dil
    9. Gunday
    10. Raja Natwarlal

  • It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since Ajay wrote and directed his first feature film. He made his debut back as a director in 2008, Ajay proved that he had real talent behind the camera, and hope he will prove it again by Shivaay.

    It’s great news ….another film i’d be eager to see with his name attached as director. looking forward to Shivay.

    After Shivaaay, he will start shooting an Indo-French film, in which he will be playing king Ashoka alongside with JLO.

    “While Ajay will be playing the king, the makers are trying to rope in a big name from Hollywood for the female lead to make the project truly international. One of the names they’ve shortlisted is Jennifer Lopez because she can pull off an Indian queen role, as her features are quite Indian,” says the source.

  • @Opinion crazy bodok, when did i bash Akki? I’m bash always hr coz your shit opinion. When you said bang bang better than holiday that day i left 3rd fav for your Greek street boy.

    Lol, now you don’t say slightly better. First time you did used word BETTER but now you use SLIGHTLY. LOL too much manipulation.

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    REPLY.. Soon

  • I don’t know what movie you watched @nipun, 0.5/5 ??? seriously??? Action Jackson might not as good as hoped but definitely was not the worst film of the year.
    How can you give 0.5/5?? hahahahaha there were some funny moments in the movie,some great action sequences and of course ‘Chichora Piya, Punjabi masti and Gangster Baby songs.
    I agree one thing, the background score was horrible and it was irritating but the movie doesn’t deserve 0.5/5… Hell no. it’s unacceptable..nope…come on man.

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