Airlift Teaser crosses 5 million views

The teaser of Akshay Kumar’s Airlift has received more than 5 million views in less than a week after it was released on Youtube and Facebook.

More importantly, the teaser of the film has made it super hot in trade. Even the like vs dislike ratio is excellent, as the teaser on Youtube has received 39,073 likes vs 1,158 dislikes.

Akshay returns to the silver screen 4 months after ‘Singh Is Bling’. Airlift releases in theatres on 22nd January 2016.

Airlift Teaser crosses 5 million views

Airlift Teaser crosses 5 million views



  • Baby,special 26 were very good movies but Akki’s star power made them only 70cr film,Akki is a small star that’s why airlift will not do more than 80cr even though film will b very good…if Akki did Bajrangi Bhaijan nd PK then those film would collect only 80cr,this is the difference between Khans nd other actors…25 jan is a big holliday for Airlift but it can’t do more than 80cr lifetime in India…Dilwale will destroy each nd every records at box office this year

  • @Romance
    According to your star intolerance has increased in India
    We Indian are tolerating your star and his movies but this time we will not tolerate dilwale aur DANGAL because now we are intolerant according to your stars

  • The makers should change their promotion strategy here. Approach the governments much before to declare it as a taxfree affair. Considering the subject and time of release with little push that should be achieved.

  • One of the best trailers i have seen. More power to Akki. He has really gained my respect in last few yrs with movies like S26, Baby and now Airlift.

  • OMG were are all the retarded fans who were saying GHAYAL trailer was fantastic better than DILWALE and now they all sayin AIRLIFT will cross 150 crores?? If Ghayal coming out same day AIRLIFT wont cross 70 crores let alone 150!! Why do Akshays fans always predict 150 or 200 try getting over the 100 crore mark first then think about the rest!!! Biggest Fools around

  • @KDP .. on 3:06 Pm

    Gayal domestic lifetime collections >>>>>>> Dilwale Worldwide lifetime collections

    you got it


    Airlift .. 150 Cr for sure

  • @Deb we filmy adiencence are not BJP bhakt or Ghandhi bhakt just love to watch films in theater even 90% filmy adience won’t give votes n mostly aged between 15-22yr, intolarence har country me hota hai per o khus nasib hai jiska country India hai

  • I wonder even after 20 years in film industry Akki is not able to make sure that his movie will be a clean hit. So sad for his fans.

  • Don’t talk about business. As people are watching only srk amir and Salman movie. PRDP is an example as movie was not well but did good on box office because there is Salman Khan. Akshay did best work in baby and now expection for Airlift. All the best Akshay Kumar

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