ADHM, Shivaay Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has collected Rs 9.2 crore on its third day at the box office. The business of the film was affected by Laxmi Pooja and Diwali festivities across the country. The collections of ‘Shivaay’ also fell all across, as the film collected Rs 8.26 crore on Sunday.

The trend is normal for both films. Even Krrish 3, which had exactly the same period of release 3 years ago, scored the highest on its opening day. However, Krrish 3 went on to record the highest single-day collections of all-time on its 4th day at the box office.

It remains to be seen if Shivaay and ADHM combined can cross the 35 crore on Monday.

The difference between the two films is 7.04 crore with ADHM leading on all three days.  If the gap widens, Shivaay will have no chance of recovering costs. If the Ajay Devgn starrer manages to put up a big day today (18 plus is what’s needed), then there would be hope of scrapping through.

Day 110.2413.303.06
Day 210.0613.103.04
Day 417.3517.750.40
Day 511.0513.031.98
Day 67.407.630.23
Week 1 Total70.41 cr80.19 cr9.78 cr
Day 84.614.56-0.05
Day 95.405.850.45
Day 107.086.55-0.53
Day 112.502.550.05
Day 121.902.350.45
Day 130.901.510.61
Day 140.601.300.70
Week 2 Total22.99 cr24.67 cr1.68 cr
Total93.40 cr104.86 cr11.46 cr


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