ADHM, Shivaay Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has collected Rs 9.2 crore on its third day at the box office. The business of the film was affected by Laxmi Pooja and Diwali festivities across the country. The collections of ‘Shivaay’ also fell all across, as the film collected Rs 8.26 crore on Sunday.

The trend is normal for both films. Even Krrish 3, which had exactly the same period of release 3 years ago, scored the highest on its opening day. However, Krrish 3 went on to record the highest single-day collections of all-time on its 4th day at the box office.

It remains to be seen if Shivaay and ADHM combined can cross the 35 crore on Monday.

The difference between the two films is 7.04 crore with ADHM leading on all three days.  If the gap widens, Shivaay will have no chance of recovering costs. If the Ajay Devgn starrer manages to put up a big day today (18 plus is what’s needed), then there would be hope of scrapping through.

Day 110.2413.303.06
Day 210.0613.103.04
Day 417.3517.750.40
Day 511.0513.031.98
Day 67.407.630.23
Week 1 Total70.41 cr80.19 cr9.78 cr
Day 84.614.56-0.05
Day 95.405.850.45
Day 107.086.55-0.53
Day 112.502.550.05
Day 121.902.350.45
Day 130.901.510.61
Day 140.601.300.70
Week 2 Total22.99 cr24.67 cr1.68 cr
Total93.40 cr104.86 cr11.46 cr


  • Whenever Non actor is Doing Multiplex Rom com movies like ADHM
    (( That never possible.. Because movies Like ADHM requires Talented Actor.. Not Non actor like Bhai.. Non actor Is very very bad @Emotional scenes.. Examble – Dabbang 2 Climax scene LOL ))
    Whenever Non actor is Doing Multiplex Rom com movies like ADHM then it will not collect even 50 cr Life time.. Example – Marigold… Non actor is Only suited Masala Crap entertainers…

    #Fasal kerala

  • Not seen nor planning to watch Kjos remake of Pluto Boys Maya Memsaab- looks boring n Im told it is bakwaas so will stay well clear…!

  • We can’t ignore Shivaay, it’s holding up well if not very good, I think it’s because of Ajay’s hold over single screen viewers… Because in multiplexes already Shivaay has half number of shows as compared to Ae dil hai mushkil…

  • Today shivaay 17.6cr, Adhm 15.40cr expectations are shivaay leading Mumbai,Gujurat,Ci, Rajastan,while Adhm is leading in Delhi Ncr,East punjab and west bangsl plus south india.

  • Lol…shivaay’s manipulation is at its peak.
    Boi is reporting a difference of 10 cr.
    However there is always difference in official n boi numbers but the gap os more in shivaays case than adhm’s.
    Alarming foh shivaay..isnt it?

  • I’m happy for ADHM, according to early estimations it will also have an excellent despite Shivaay’s jump. This film is the best romantic film of the year, truly deserves to be a huge grosser.

  • 2films 100crore bi Kamayi karitho bi loss.

    KKHH ATbb
    k3g blockbuster
    KANK hit
    Mnik hit
    saty hit

    ae dil Hal m semi hit ya average collections kam hoye tho flop.

  • All Muslim population disliking shivaay. Because of title
    Most of negative comments on shivaay are by Muslims

  • Shivaay is good movie and will lead from Monday onwards. You can look at the trends it has sustained very well and hope it will do so .

  • that shows how different the stardom of srk and salman khan is.
    prdp and hny collected more on the first day than adhm on their first weekend

  • what about happy new year 1st day collections almost 9-10 crores inflated. if that was true they would have given territorial breakdown

  • @Indicine why r u not publishing this, nothing vulgar

    LOL Combined today wont come close to HNY PRDP
    Kalwe, tu Salman-SRK ke level ka nahi, booking deewali 2 yrs ago and giving 8 crore opening. If Veemal Paan Masala starts booking such important festivals, there will be a lot of loss in Industry.
    Just think even if Veemal paan masala 4 next Eid bcomes BB, its gonna do at least 50 cr less than PRDP/HNY Ab Bolo…………………………Ek to film Industry ko hollywood challenge karraha hey, upar se Salman-Sharukh ke badle ye 8 cr openers Deewalime aajate hai

  • @Fasal
    Kitne prediction right huye hai tere?? U say bad about Raees, I m sure then itll be a blockbuster

  • Total difference is 10 cr manipulation king already made ghapla 6 cr actually box office collection for shivaay is 24 cr

  • Shivaay- Ajay is a mountaineer and tourist guide. He meets a Bulgarian tourist and they fall in love, have sex and the girl gives birth to the child and goes back to her country. Child discovers her mother is alive, they go to Bulgaria to meet her. She gets kidnapped by traffickers, Ajay is wanted by police on false charges. He escapes the prison and one-by-one takes them out and saves many children. With the help of Indian Embassy and a hacker, he discovers a truck in which his daughter is held hostage, he fights some more members and then saves his daughter and they go back to India

    ADHM- Ranbir meets Anushka at a party and they start hooking up, they meet at many places and songs, humour and fun takes place. One day she sees her ex Fawad at a party, leaves Ranbir for Fawad and marries him. Ranbir meets Aishwarya,they fall in love but Aishwarya one day meets Anushka, seeing Ranbir’s love of Anushka, leaves him. He discovers Anushka left Fawad and Anushka has final stage cancer and after an over-stretched and sleepy climax, she dies

  • Tiger my son go and watch pogo channel.

    You can also enjoy with Diwali 2009 release Mai And Mrs Khanna.

    Today ADHM will collect more than 17_cr and Shivvay just 10.30 cr.

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