ADHM, Shivaay Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has collected Rs 9.2 crore on its third day at the box office. The business of the film was affected by Laxmi Pooja and Diwali festivities across the country. The collections of ‘Shivaay’ also fell all across, as the film collected Rs 8.26 crore on Sunday.

The trend is normal for both films. Even Krrish 3, which had exactly the same period of release 3 years ago, scored the highest on its opening day. However, Krrish 3 went on to record the highest single-day collections of all-time on its 4th day at the box office.

It remains to be seen if Shivaay and ADHM combined can cross the 35 crore on Monday.

The difference between the two films is 7.04 crore with ADHM leading on all three days.  If the gap widens, Shivaay will have no chance of recovering costs. If the Ajay Devgn starrer manages to put up a big day today (18 plus is what’s needed), then there would be hope of scrapping through.

Day 110.2413.303.06
Day 210.0613.103.04
Day 417.3517.750.40
Day 511.0513.031.98
Day 67.407.630.23
Week 1 Total70.41 cr80.19 cr9.78 cr
Day 84.614.56-0.05
Day 95.405.850.45
Day 107.086.55-0.53
Day 112.502.550.05
Day 121.902.350.45
Day 130.901.510.61
Day 140.601.300.70
Week 2 Total22.99 cr24.67 cr1.68 cr
Total93.40 cr104.86 cr11.46 cr


  • ADHM is simply NOT worth a watch.
    I had expectations with this movie especially considering the nice songs and the nice trailer. The movie has a great beginning with Ranbir and Anushka meeting, and the chemistry developing.
    20 minutes in the movie, you are now bored with the same scenes being repeated in different pubs, song after songs (sometimes two songs without a single line of dialogue in between), flashbacks of Karan’s earlier hit movies and the trying hard to create the SRK magic.
    Aishwarya does a great justice to her role and deserves appreciation. The SRK cameo changes the plot of the movie but it starts getting worse when Anushka is diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer.
    The movie since the very start is extremely predictable, slow (boring at a number of places) and leaves you wanting it to finish.

  • Ajay is manipulating the figures. He is giving inflating figures, have to say this but even i like him as an actor very much.

  • SHIVAAY will be good today.
    The jump in collections will be more than ADHM .
    My predictions for today –
    ADHM :- ? 16.50 crs
    SHIVAAY :- ? 15.50 crs

  • This loser doesn’t have even a little shame. Firstly, he made this clash ugly by posting relaxed picture on twitter, then there comes his stupid wife posting a sticker, then he Made Audio tape just to accuse Karan Johar for his crappy junk shivaay which was his own bloody mistake. Then he tried all the nations to ban Adhm just becoz of Fawad’s especial appearance by tweeting ” this is enough how many more lives should we give, enough is enough “. Then he promised to donate opening of his crap movie to the martyred family. Did he really gave first day collections of shivaay to the martyred family? A big No, he is more than a hypocrite, what can one expect from a hypocrite like Ajay devgaan!! He tried almost every way to harm Adhm and all of those useless attempts have fallen flat on his ugly face ….!!!

    /* now that he is going to lose the clash, he has started manipulating the figures…. really it makes me extremely angry when such a loser manipulates the figures just to fool the industry and the people….
    One should learn stupidity from his ,he go beyond of humiliation than we think…. Shame on this loser.

  • Shivaay shows big jump on morning shows today ,it is ahead in mumbai ,bihar ,gujarat etc. Than ADHM .Adhm is ahead in punjab and delhi …..
    Today ,shivaay can take lead over Adhm.. Single Screens r running housefull for Shivaay and Multiplex too showing Big Jump…

  • The stupid movie revolved around only around 2 idiot characters.
    Eating sitting sleeping together but confused ? with friendship and love. Giving wrong message to young generation… now see what college going children will follow ??….

    Adhm has salvaged itself by paid reviews but it won’t do 120cr n become hit.. avg at max ..


  • The stupid movie revolved around only around 2 idiot characters.
    Eating sitting sleeping together but confused ? with friendship and love. Giving wrong message to young generation… now see what college going children will follow ??….

    Adhm wont do 120cr.. so avg movie.. coz budget is big due to paid reviews..


  • If Ajay can manipulate the figures and Taran Adarsh posts it shamelessly, then Karan should manipulate too and shameless Taran should post it too …!!!!

    Karan sir start manipulation and make Adhm reach 200 crores then we will see how Taran Adarsh won’t post the figures.

  • Both will bite the dust. So, Diwali slot has just got wasted. In all likelihood Christmas slot is also going to have similar fate

  • Losing the clash isn’t enough for the loser that he has started manipulating the collections too … what should we call this loser Ajay ?????!!!!!!!

  • Why Adhm makers do not manipulate the collections like Ajay.
    Manipulate the figures and then both Taran Adarsh and indicine should publish it ….!!!!!

  • Today shivaay showing big growth..almost double of Friday…aaj to 20 cr pkka phir…krk bhai kahan h tu aab review nhi karega na tu…

  • Shivaay : 1st day -8 cr, 2nd day, 7 cr and 3rd day 6 crore. Total 23 crore
    Manipulation 7 crores.
    Shame on Ajay devgaan.

  • * Bhaiyaa Ek admi movie dekh kr aaya bola adhm dekhi logo ne gaal pr laapad laalad maarein *
    Phir bola aisi kharab movie aaj tak nhi dekhi rote rote story suna gya..

    ADHM Storyline*
    Ranbir loves Anushka, but she meets with accident and thought to be dead.
    Ash comes in Ranbir’s life after breakup with Fawad Khan.
    Both Ash and Ranbir fall in love.
    Meanwhile Ash is actually critically ill and only she knows it.
    Then Anushka comes back in Ranbir’s life but meets with an accident again.
    Dying Ash donates her organs and saves Anushka’s life.
    Ranbir n Anushka name their daughter after Ash.
    Fawad commits suicide.

    That’s ADHM for you … Don’t waste your money on it… instead go and buy sweets, diya & distribute among poor children …

    Make their Diwali memorable ..and yours as well..


  • ADHM will Finish 120 cr Life time… With Superhit verdict…
    Shivay will Finish bellow 60 cr Life time.. With All time Disaster verdict…
    Ajay is not supersar… He is Flop disaster star.. Ranbeer will be next superstar…
    Koyla Devgan is Nothing without Rohith shetty…

    Any ways eagarly waiting for Raees… 87 Days left…
    Baniya ka Dimaag aur
    Miyaa Bhai ki Fearing

    #Fasal kerala

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