Action Jackson Item song ‘Gangster Baby’ featuring Manasvi Mamgai

Yet another song from Action Jackson has been released. Titled ‘Gangster Baby’, the song composed by Himesh Reshammiya is a super hot dance number featuring Ajay Devgn and Manasvi Mamgai.

The song is stylish shot and features Ajay’s ‘My way or sky way’ dialogue. The masses will love it!

Song Video: Gangster Baby
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Neeti Mohan



  • D song is not that super though waiting to see d full song. I have a feeling both action Jackson and my AAMIR PK wld do well!
    Action Jackson 140-170crores
    Pk 190-235 crores

  • @chala…. Get a life dude! Re access your comment
    “Srk movies even though they r not good they r clean hits”??
    B neutral now…..simple logic question
    “So if u agree his films r not good! R u trying to say he bribes box office to raise his figures and verdicts??? Or Bollywood cinema censorship deserves to face a panel of film scrutiny yearly??? In other words he manipulates box office by hook n crook for his movie to b declared clean hit!!!
    So for sake of other srk fans….re-access and edit that comment and put more robust points to get your message clear to d public!!!!!

  • @gataum….. welcome 2 d club of class!!! well said!!
    @ajay rocks…. so sorry just saw ur last comment today….yeah citizens!! rivals but we still come from d same city MANCHESTER!!! nah but on goggle plus…wats app wechat and face book. give ur we chat or goggle +.

  • @yy mithaiwala…. so according to u Ajay should do movies like zakhm and gangajaal 15-10 year old movie? okay so it means u like him in intense serious roles right?
    do u know y Ajay n SRK r d best genres acting actors? VERSATILITY!!! Its like me saying srk shd do roles like ddlj kkkg mohabatai veer Zara etc!!! him doing charlie ney year chennai express oso are mnik are all meaningless cos he MUST STICK WITH ROMANTIC ROLE!!! dats d same thing u r saying about Ajay(sticking to a particular role)…sorry bro it doesn’t work like that cos if it worked like that….
    srk chennai express(Marsala) hny (comedy Marsala) shd also b termed meaningless! but that’s not d case cos srk aamir ajay have to justify their versatile superstardom which involves them always trying something new!!! hope u digg!!!!!

  • #actionjackson still open for bihar,bengal, orrisa and assam, demand been increased from d producer after d 1st trailer” one of the distributors tweeted.

  • @ajay rocks…wow d movie has started making some hater pee on their pants(lol)
    @WE MISS AJAYS ZAKHM GANGAJAAL BLA BLA…….don’t u people ask yourselves how would u guys feel if people start writing….OH WE MISS SHAH RUKH…. DDLJ KKHT KKKG VEER ZARA!!!…… or ….
    WE MISS SALMAN KHANS MAINE PYAR KIYA HUM APKE HAI KAUN……stop being diplomatic in trying to envy AJAYS NEW stylish movie! call it masala or wateva!!
    …..listen just like some morons r saying they miss ajay zakhm gangajaal etc…u don’t want him to explore his MULTI TALENTS or wat??? jealous he gets 100crores for movies not like zakhm or gangajaal??? if dats d case….y did SRK opt to do MASALA ACTION COMEDY??? same wit SALMAN?? BUT IF ITS AJAY U HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
    SALMAN 100Crores r….
    dabbang 2 (action)
    jai ho(action)…..but nobody has d guts to say WHY IS HE NOT STICKING WITH HIS INITIAL LOVER BOY TRADE MARK!!!
    JTHJ (romance/action)
    Ra1… (action)
    happy new year(comedy)
    chennai express(full masala)….. but nobody will say y is srk doing masala/comedy instead of his initial LOVER BOY TRADE MARK????
    BUT for AJAY…..
    Golmaal 3(comedy/family pack)
    bowl bachan (masala/comedy)
    sos(action comedy)
    singham returns (action/masala pack)……all super successful! wat makes it successful? AUDIENCE!!! meaning these above masala/versatile movies were successful be it Salman srk ajay!! LISTEN if these movies of Ajay weren’t successful then u can talk whatever movie of his u missing…but all were successful so pls IF U LIKE MISS ZAKHM GANGAJAAL EVEN VEERU DEVGN 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! AJAY WILL STILL CONTINUE WAT HE DOES WELL WHICH IS EXTRICATE HIS MULTI TALENT GENRES/VERSATILITY!!!!!!

  • @wtf… if u can’t beat them join them! so much jealousy for Ajay? is he really that much of a threath?? take it or leave Ajay is far far way ahead of your IQ level!!! hats off Singham of Bollywood! u install inferiority complex among jealous losers in life! that’s d STAR POWER OF DEVGAN SAHAB!! hey take this handkerchief and consult your emotions!!!!

  • @Anand the Original even rab ne was a yash raj movie, and it wasn’t blockbuster but it was a supperhit. poor shahrukh fans I feel pity for them. as they can’t digest the truth that shahrukh can’t give a blockbuster like ghajini dabangg without any big banner, director, big heroine or most importantly any single cameo of any big star. poor fans. OSO had no big banner, no big actress but it had 32 big stars cameo including salman, so the credit goes to all the big stars. poor chick.

  • I am just stating the fact guys i loved Ajay’s masala films like singham and really happy that he is finally getting the fame which he rightly deserves.But his track record without rohit isn’t that good and if aj works at the bo works at the box office i would happily accept that his stardom is not dependent on any particular director

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