Happy Ending Review: Must watch for Govinda fans

Happy Ending is a quirky rom-com directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, the director-duo with films like 99, Go Goa Gone and Shor In The City to their credit. The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D’Cruz, Govinda, Ranvir Shorey and Kalki Koechlin.

Story: Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) is a writer who has penned a bestseller about 5 years ago. Currently, he is struggling to write his next, facing financial trouble and battling issues in his personal life. He wants to break up with Vishakha but can’t get rid of her. The only solution to his worries is to write a script for Govinda (Armaan) who is a superstar and wants to do a regular romantic comedy which is far from what Yudi likes to write. At about the same time, he comes across Aanchal (Ileana D’Cruz) who is enjoying the success of her best seller, which happens to be a romantic comedy. This begins a love and fun-filled journey between Yudi and Ileana who enjoy each others company and pen it down as a script!

The treatment of Happy Ending is uber-cool, fresh and devoid of the regular cliches that one would usually associate with a regular love story. The first half is funny, fast-paced and breezes through. And even though the pace drops quite considerably in the second half with the film meandering along, it has enough funny moments to keep its target audience entertained.

Happy Ending still - Saif Ali Khan

Happy Ending still – Saif Ali Khan

However, the problem with Happy Ending, like almost every Raj – Krishna film, is the lack of appeal towards the larger section of the audience – the families and the masses in smaller centres. The fact that quite a few dialogues are in English without subtitles (no subtitles were shown at the press screening), wouldn’t help either. Also, the film lacks dept and emotional connect with the audience. The songs fail to impress, even the choreography is strictly average. ‘G faad ke’ is the only song that stands out.

Saif Ali Khan has always impressed in rom-coms, Happy Ending is no different. He charms his way through the film. Ileana D’Cruz is good, but the chemistry that she shares with Saif doesn’t work. Not for a moment do you feel for the on-screen characters. Kalki is irritating and the pregnancy track of hers was completely unnecessary. Kareena Kapoor, Ranvir Shorey and Preity Zinta make special appearances. Preity does remind you of her ‘Salaam Namaste’ days with Saif.

Finally, the real star of Happy Ending is the legendary Govinda. He has just 6 or 7 scenes in the film and he nails each and every one of them. In an extended special appearance (it seemed like one, you’ll want to see more of Govinda!), he alone is worth the price of your ticket. His dialogues, emotions, dance and the newly acquired 6 pack abs will be loved by die-hard Govinda fans – especially those who grew up watching his films in the 90s.

Overall, Happy Ending is a good one-time watch as long as you belong to the group of audience that the film targets. It lacks the soul of Cocktail, but is far more funnier. At the box office, the film should take a slow start and then rely on word-of-mouth. The lack of universal appeal will tremendously restrict its potential at the box office.

What we liked in Happy Ending

  • Good first half
  • Govinda and Saif Ali Khan
  • The dialogues and treatment
  • Beautiful locations

What we didn’t like in Happy Ending

  • Second half loses pace
  • Chemistry between the lead stars doesn’t click

Rating: ★★★½☆ Half a star extra for Govinda!



  • Oh, I wasn’t expecting the review so soon. Thanks for the review. I will watch it today.

    Can’t wait to watch Saif and Govinda. Special appearance by Preity should also be good.

  • Aaj bade mood mein hain indicine waale!!
    Sometimes you dont have anything better to do so you just feel like being good to the poor and give 10bucks to the beggar….same is the case here..

    Im sure this movie is not even worth 10bucks but indicine being indicine,,,…..
    Tell me which govinda film was good and has been good?

    All of them were flops…try watching any of his films today?
    You will cringe..
    The music story everything is bad..i will post my review on sunday if this movie survives till sunday first show..

    For me this film crashes today!!!

  • Saif is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood actors when it comes to the RomCom genre while Govinda is a legend .Hope they get a much needed n deserved success!

  • Good review! Thank you! Expecting to watch it!

    Wah Re Wah @Megha Aunty, I wonder how and why you troll Indicine everyday! I am observing your trolling! Will come up some counter-trolling soon! But this comment of yours is as per with those of Bulli. hilarious I have to say!
    Nevertheless, someone here really loves you. But you have not realized yet. You have come to know in course of due time. And for God’s sake, please stop fighting with uncle, your lover and better-full at home! LOL!

  • Another flop movie of Nawab Sahab, truly i want say that Nawaab Sahaab suit only Race character Ranveer which is tremendously awesome and which i never seen in whole industry

  • “Must watch for govinda fans” what do u expct from this
    actualy u r pulling down the movie
    “must watch for rom-com lovers shud hav been bttr and praising govindaz perfrmce

  • Me and my friends watched it in pvr saket for morning show. It is absolutely hillarious, totally loved it. The comic scenes of both govinda and saif ali khan were excellent.

  • Ah..finally a good review for happy ending. I m happy for saif. He faced lot of flops movies earlier. Hope audience would enjoy Dude attitude of saif like in Love Aaj Kal.
    Apart from that m very eager to see Mr. G at big screen as due to -ve WOM I cud not watch Kill/Dil.

  • this yr there has been around 15 hits and I hv njoyed 10 of them while disliking yaariyan,heropanti,bb,sr,rmms2

    so heres my short review of happy ending
    thumbs up
    1 saif and illeanas cool chemistry
    2 kickass dialogues
    3 some rofl moments
    4 raj and dks gd direction skill
    5 superb locations
    6 sachin-jigars cool music
    7 gd performance by supporting star cast of ranvir,kalki preity,govinda

    thumbs down
    1 ordinary editing
    2 uneven pacing
    3 cliched story
    4 less use of govinda

    rating(6.5+ means thumbs up)-7.5/10

  • Nothing new in this movie contentwise. Easily skip this .. Ungli comes ahead of happy ending in terms of starcast,acting,content n script.

  • almost every critic has not recommended this film apart from our very own indicine who like sits tenderloin cooked medium always

    neither too lovey neither too enemity

    sab khush raho…

    banane walon aur dkhne walon..

    entertainment ke liye kuchh bhi karega

    janta paisa nikalo !!

    or else you will miss a blinder of a film called happy new year which is still doing a roaring business of 5 crore per day.

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