‘Now they can do whatever they want to do’ says Salman after Arpita’s wedding

Salman Khan is known to be protective of his friends in the industry and over-protective of his loved ones. A day after Arpita Khan’s wedding, the superstar casually tweeted “Now they can do whatever they want to do” with a picture of the newly-married couple attached.

The tweet sounds funny, but bhai was just being himself we guess. A response to the tweet read “really??? But u do whatever u want to do without ‘married’ tag!” says Samina Shaikh who clearly hasn’t watched Salman’s Koffee With Karan episode.

Arpita Khan - Ayusha Sharma

Arpita Khan – Ayusha Sharma



  • His big boss dialogue actually which he says after the show…do whatever you want to do..he he

    Nobody guessed it except me…

  • hahahaha… lol.. yes they can do what they want !!!
    bhai has a great sense of humour !!

    spreading love

  • All the best, Ayush-Arpita! A bright and happy married life ahead!

    @Indicine, hahaha! you too are now a part of trolling or stalking business! You trolling our Bhai! LOL! Funny!
    But Samina Shaikh must clearly sound to be a srk fan that sounds to be jealous of Bhai’s Casanova’s image! Grapes turn sour for those who can’t get them to eat!

    Only Bhai can make self-deprecating jokes and yet, can be sarcastic and funny at his best! Only Bhai can say such things on KWK in front of the nation! He made Karan blush with that!
    Recently in the Arpita’s Wedding, he called on Katrina to dance on the stage calling Katrina Kapoor! She was said to be hiding in the crowds as she was feeling shy!
    The Bhai said “I’ve given u a chance to become a Katrina Khan, but you chose to be a Katrina Kapoor. Is Mein Main Kya Karoon?”

    Just tell me any other ex-BF can troll his Ex-GF in this manner or make such kinda self-deprecating jokes. The fact is the other ex-BFs would feel jealous or hate their Ex-GFs. Amazing quality of the Bhai is that he has never badmouthed his Exes even a certain Rai that has literally destroyed his public and personal image by giving some blasphemous public statements.

    He was also be able to refute the Rai or why he did that or didn’t that to the Rai and how disloyal that Rai was towards him. And she used him to climb up her professional ladder! But Bhai has maintained a dignified silence about his exes! It is Bhai’s one of those amazing qualities that have charmed us.

    @Megha Aunty, someone here has fallen in love with you. But you have not realized yet. You will come to know in course of due time. LOL!
    Yes, no body has guessed it except u. Do whatever you want to do, Aunty!

  • Salman Plz teach some manners to your shit fans who talk about quality movies even u know ur not Capable of makeing quality films at present

  • 200 crore Bajrangi Bhaijan on EID
    200 crore Prem Ratan Dhan Payo on DIWALI

    means 400 crore will comes from Salman only in India, wow love u Salman Bhai


  • Salman tweeted his bigg boss dialogue with modification that they can do whatever they want to do as they are couple now so we want our king to tweet zor ka jhatka dialogue with modification that they can give zor ka jhatka to each other now as they are couple

  • Its hard to find SKRians on indicine these days after the Debacle of HNY, soon they’ll come for FAN. Waiting For FAN :'(

  • hahaha funny.

    more funnier is people coming out here and giving directions to stars like srk, salman, aamir and akshay what films they should do? lol.

    these stars have completed 20 to 25 years in the industry and these aaj kal ke laundey are giving them suggestions. too much fun.

    just enjoy their movies thats all, and keep your gyaan to yourself or use it to improve your own life and career.

  • this is perfect example to illustrate something @Being Human is radically different from a Human Being as a Human Being would think first before saying anything at such a grand venue in front of so many vip guests especially if it’s just to troll someone current relationship.
    Poor Kat that must have been truly embarassing being trolled by an ex who relies more on instinct,being straightforward just unlike a Human Being

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