Aamir visits US to receive America Abroad Media Honor: Pics

Dhoom 3 star Aamir Khan was spotted at the International Airport in Mumbai as was about to leave for the United States Of America.

Aamir has been selected for the prestigious award for his contribution towards the society through his popular television chat show Satyamev Jayate. The actor wil be honoured by the America Abroad Media (AAM) in Washington D.C on 28th.

The actor will return to Mumbai on 30th to release the theatrical trailer of his upcoming film Dhoom 3 which releases in theatres on December 20th.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan leaves for US to receive the AAM honor

Aamir Khan leaves for US to receive the AAM honor

Aamir Khan has been selected for America Abroad Media award for Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan has been selected for America Abroad Media award for Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan spotted at the Mumbai airport while leaving for the US

Aamir Khan spotted at the Mumbai airport while leaving for the US



  • @Damnnn, I don’t see any hypocracy in accepting an award from a foreign country. It is infact very honorable, since Aamir jii and his team worked hard enough to create an informing program like Satyamev Jayate, and his work reached out to many people all over the globe.

    Is this Hypocrisy? Do you even know the meaning of it? I’m sorry but you need to brush up on your English before commenting rather stupidly.

  • srk wins international awards and recognition out of movies
    amir wins an internationl acclaim through social tv programs

  • Aamir doesn’t have a charismatic appearance like SRK, Salman, Akshay or Hrithik.
    He has even confessed it himself.

  • Aamir is the true global king of Bollywood.
    He was never caught at airport or brought India to shame with controversies.
    Oscars laughed at Srk in performance in Devdas.
    Aamir brought pride to India with Oscar nominated Lagaan (one of only two Indian movies to be nominated)
    and by making social TV shows which got praise from everywhere in the world.

  • congratulations to aamir khan for receiving a prestigous award by america. @dammn you are a big hypocrite haters like you burn in jealousy.

  • Aamir and Salman dont need to beg people to postpone their release date.
    Everyone is scared of their stardom.
    SRK on the other hand has to request people like Ekta Kapoor and Ajay Devgn to postpone their film.
    Srk and stardom? lol

  • Ajay Devgn’s SOS got bad reviews otherwise it would have easily beaten JTHJ which got good reviews.
    Even Ajay is not scared to clash with SRK.
    SRK and stardom? lol

  • @hamza khan.. Ma english is fine.. No need to worry abt it.
    I love to call him a hypocrite coz he is.
    He takes credit of movies single handedly… Isnt dis hypocrisy.
    Shd i name some…??
    Tare zamin par, 3 idiots n man more
    Also he alwaez falsely claims to b d per-fake-tionist of bollywood which he isnt.
    N he didnt got d best actor award one such year dat doesnt mean d award lost its credibility.
    Considet dis if u havnt got d first prize in any of d competition like an extempore or a speech.. U wil doubt d judge’s result cozz u thought u wer d best.

  • for those of u saying, its wrong for aamir to accept awards from outside india when he does not even consider our popular film awards, please remember that aamir has accepted various national and regional awards in india for his films etc….

    the only criteria is that the award has to be genuine and selection process transparent and fair…

  • Aamir never brought shame for india outside because he is short enough to go out unnoticed from various places.And on the contrary he also didnt brought india so much fame like SRK.Years passed by and AAMIR fans only talks about the LAGGAN entry in oscars which made up to that only because of showing poor, naked, hungry INDIA.And now pls dont say that AMERICA liked it because then I have to believe that AMERICA is also a cricket playing nation.Lollll.

  • And btw how many aamir films made upto the top rank in oscar ??? None because after that he gavw up showing poor india and started showing wealthy india.Same reason for DEVDAS rejection also as west is not interested in wealthy india.

  • @ nolan
    amir was never caught at airport because he and his likes choose to swallow the insult in his pocket
    unlike srk who is brave enough to face the american narcissism in so much that he made the american apologize to him officially on tv srk is the only person whom usa apologized to the other one is china the country about the pilotless spy-plane
    srk is the pride of india he shed light on social profiling frisking which ppl face in the airport
    you are the shame to india not srk
    and about devdas
    i ill let you with these facts
    Devdas was declared a hit in India by Box Office India and won the Filmfare Award for Best Film. The film also won five National Awards and a further nine Filmfare Awards, tied with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge with the most Filmfare Awards any film had won at the time (later beaten in 2005 by Bhansali’s Black). It was received well by western audiences alike and was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film and was also India’s submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was ranked #74 in Empire magazines “The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema” in 2010.[5] Time Magazine named Devdas as the best movie of 2002 among all the movies released around the world in 2002.[6] The film was recently included in Time Magazine’s top 10 movies of the millennium worldwide.[7]
    you are the laughing stock you and ur oscar commitee

  • dear srk fans….plzz stop infecting this post with ur dirty immature comments…he has received this award solely for his honourable acts…what is wrong with that…he is the first ever superstar who has dared to bring a change in this society…nobody else has guts to do anything like that…may be the issues that he touched were touched before also but they never got that recognition which they deserved…only because of face value of aamir khan these issues came into limelight n just shook the always sleeping indian govt…so please stop behaving morons and give him some respect which he deserves..

  • Devdas and other SRK movies were rejected by Oscars bcoz SRK is not as popular for quality like Aamir.
    SRK can only make romantic craps.
    DDLJ is the most overrated bollywood film which became famous bcoz of Saas Bahu serial loving aunties

  • Those of you who hate Lagaan…… are u even Indian??
    Aamir is a true Indian who brings prestige to India with his films and Satyamev Jayate.

  • Well said buddies @kingshuk n @remotecontrol
    @nolan.lolzzz i really dont understand wen ur ifs buts n oderwise r gonna over
    If sos hav got good reviews it wud hav defeated three idiots collection like Ce did…ha ha ha
    Satyagraha got average to good reviews n everybody knws d result… Not even 70 cores..rofl
    Ajay really is a tough competition to shahrukh.. M very scared

  • @remotecontrol. good compilation Bro. a big slap on illiterates like nolan. the name it self suggests
    “no lan”guage sense. what more can we say. hypocrites to say the least. when SRK gets international considerations ( he has got lots of these) these hypocrites bark their vocal cords out. when AMIR gets one ( poor he. just one) they r in amaze. that’s called as heights of double standardism..
    If haters have forgot international awards and considerations won by SRK. just to enlighten their memory.
    MALAYSIA – DATUK (highest civilian award on par with bharat ratna)
    Malaysian pm on his official visit with the Indian counterpart had requested pm to even call SRK during his official visit. to which even pm sir manmohan singh was surprised
    NEW ZEALAND. recently awarded SRK with their highest civilian honour
    GERMANY – highest civilian honour given to SRK. just in honour of the legend German government nearly made an exemption of more than 30 CRORES for shooting of Don2. which director farhan reciprocated by naming SRK in producer column
    many prestigious English universities have awarded SRK with doctorate just in his honour
    I can go on and on.
    poor haters.
    king SRK rocks.

  • You guys are crazy, srk was never caught at the airport. It was all stunt to promote movie MNIK.

    The US homeland security questions even american citizens, and there are cases of guys being deported back from the airport, and that has got nothing with religion.

    The questioning was just a regular thing, that could have occured for various reasons regarding the visa or some travelling papers not in place, and US security are a bit more stricter for anything out of place. It happened to many people who visited the country and all are miffed.

    The time taken was only due to confirmation from the various consulates to be received and once it was done he was cleared. He was not arrested or things confiscated or some third degree used, but just a formality.

    However, the makers of MNIK took advantage of this and mixed religion to it and created a good meaty marketable story of an Indian star being deliberately held because his name was khan, and lo and behold his upcoming movie conincidentally happned to say the same thing – my name is khan.

    Brilliant. Yet, pathetic and lame.

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