Salman loses his temper on Bigg Boss

Salman KhanBollywood star Salman Khan was so upset with TV actor Kushal Tandol’s bad behaviour towards actress Tanisha Mukherjee on the show that he said it would be his last season with the reality show as the host.

The 47-year-old Saturday gave an earful to Kushal for insulting Tanisha last week.

“If you are thinking that you can clean your image, it’s a misconception,” Salman told Kushal, and added he too had faced it and realised that one’s mistakes are engraved on people’s memories.

“Because of this episode, this might be the last season for me,” he said Saturday.

On Sunday, Salman talked about the issue again on Tiwtter responding to queries from his followers.

He wrote that according to “Bigg Boss” fans both should have been out, “but there was a lot more than wat you saw”.

“You see an hour, I see the whole deal. Guess some of you guys may not react when some one speaks to female members of your family or women in that manner,” Salman tweeted.

“But I do not. Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down,” wrote the super star and added that if this is not the culture, “it better become”.

The actor also said that people get carried away during the show, and praised the concept.

“It’s a good show to learn how to be physically and mentally strong. The tasks go on for 48 hrs and more. Without no proper sleep or food. Halwa hai kya (Is it a cakewalk?),” he wrote.

“I am only answering your question about BB (‘Bigg Boss’) because you are following me. This is a game. It’s on TV so, I like to keep a check on it.”

“The choice is yours if you want to watch it or not. Some times people do get carried away in fights. Everyone does and then they sort it out,” he added.



  • What most disgusting is how Salman Khan entirely supports Tanisha and her ways & then talk about being fair. How so Mr. Khan?

  • Heart Attack when Salman Khan Talks about treating women fairly. Irony just purchased a Shovel to bury itself.

  • Pooja Mishra gets kicked out in last season for pushing Siddharth. I think Tanisha did that thrice.
    So its clearly evident now that Salman Khan will make Tanisha winner to revive her film career. Huh! Cheap effort.

  • Dear Salman Khan,
    Before telling Kushal how to behave with girls, have u apologized to Aishwarya for beating her?

  • Salman started show with ‘Women ki respect karo, kuchh bhi bole to chup raho’.

    After sometime to Gauhar – ‘Shut up. I aint talking to u’

    this is all about salman called “bhaijaan”..lolz..or lallu bhai..
    Salman got beaten up by a girl in a party because he misbehaved with her….Salman lost his temper and thrown the phone of a fan who was trying to click his photo recently……..A fisherman also given complaint against him for making him vacate his house near the sea because his house was obstructing the sea view from salman’s house……….
    I don’t know when this criminal go to jail…his case has been dragged to 10 years because of his money power…he spend only 2 weeks in jail… Indian law becaome a joke??… it a toy to play for celebrities like salman??……every citizen should be treated equal whthere he is a celebrity or not

  • Salman,
    Where was your concern for Aashka last season when Imam went all psycho on her?
    Special treatment for your buddy’s family?

  • salman loses his temper this media headline right from 1996-2013 and his rivals sites and channels using it clearly no doubt abt it..just becoz someone give good competition against ur fav star u cant do happnd to akki,aamir and now salman…salman forced to hug srk before eid due to political pressure

  • Salman Khan is very classy. He knows how to defend women and stand up for them. He respects women and know their value. But, the media always trying to destroy his image by saying he once beat Aishwayra and slapped Katrina… this is all nonsense. Salman loves his Sister, respects his sister -in-law and he is a pure “Maa ka laadla”. So haters stop hating. Salman is a man with golden heart.

  • Salman Haters r biggest Loosers…They Hate Him as Host Still Watches His Show Bigg Boss….They Hates His Movies But Never missed those to watch in Theater….lol….actually u guys r nt Salman Haters u guys r Salmanobssesed….Keeps eye on every single thing of His…..Even we Salman Fan doesn’t Keep tis much eye on him…

  • People here are so foolish, really. If Pooja Mishra was evicted last season so she did a lot more than just pushing someone once and Tanisha was so silent after than even Kushal was badmouthing her. And you must be a child if you think eviction of Pooja Mishra or anyone is Salman Khan’s decision. Salman is just a host.
    Armaan or anyone else fight with someone but sort out things within little time, while Kushal was doing stuff against Tanisha in whole week. He was clearly targeting Tansiha in task while he didn’t care about task and came out of the box in 3 minutes. And there was a lot more which was showed on TV. You must be a person with low IQ if you think Salman Khan was taking sides for some purpose.

  • i’m a huge fab of salman, but didn’t like his behavior yesterday. he said women should be respected, but he didn’t respect gauhar, he didn’t let her speak properly by interfering in-between. And tanisha is no saint either. but salman tried so hard to make her look good.

  • i ask salman haters stop barking against him u dont know exactly what happened in the big boss house.the hw much problem ur having with salman that much problem even kushal and gauhar not have with him nw and future

  • Its funny to see the related article just above in that Salman said:Unless Colors throw me out, I wont leave Bigg Boss….hahaha….now he is saying that this is his last season as a host……..salman is leaving big boss shamelessley……jo apni baat ka nahi wo apne baap ka nahi

  • What Salman did was absolutely correct and fair.Salman haters don’t have any problem if someone treats their mother or sisters like this but we Salman fans have big problem in it and we support Salman.Jai Ho.

  • @SAKHI, atleast isn’t always mistaken in for wanted terrorist and stopped in airports. aye bhada sadhu kka fan.

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