Aamir Khan’s script suggestion helps Imran Khan’s Katti Batti

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is known to be a perfectionist and arguably the man with the best script sense in the industry too.

To help his nephew Imran Khan, who is going through one of the lowest phases of his career after the release of ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, Aamir requested director Nikhil Advani for a screening of ‘Katti Batti’ starring Imran and Kangana Ranaut in the lead.

“Aamir and the ‘Katti Batti’ story started almost a year ago. I went and narrated the script to him. After listening to the script, he suggested one very important change in the script, which according to me changed the entire film.” Nikhil Advani told reporters during a promotional event of Katti Batti.

“When I recently met him at ‘PK’ party, he said people liked the trailer a lot, ‘so can I see the film?’ I said ‘Of course, it’d be my honour’… and he came and saw the film.” he added.

Refuting rumours that Aamir would be promoting the film, Advani said.†”It’s not that he’s taking keen interest in the marketing of the film. He wanted to see the film because he liked the promo a lot and his wife Kiran ji also liked it. So, their opinion was very important for us. If he wanted he could’ve suggested changes but he said, ‘This is as good as it can get’.”

‘Katti Batti’ releases in theatres on September 18.



  • one of the greatest person… living in the earth who teach us a lot of human & how to live our lives by his great amazing work …… he changed a lots of lives … & he his the one who makes the movie with a reason.

  • I am a fan of great and talented actor who never misuses his stardom, and talent. and that’s non other than Aamir Khan.
    Proud to be a die hard Aamir fan.. . The real actor who dont bother abt carrying the hefty badge of “Superstar” ..!!!

  • class actor, great script sense,commercially and critically no 1 in domestic and overseas, gentle and simple person trully mr perfectionist

  • He is an actor
    he is a megastar
    he is a singer
    he is a producer
    he is a director
    he is a critic
    he is record maker
    he is record breaker
    he is a genius
    he is marketing guru
    he is a legend
    THe GReteSt…
    Respect! Respect! Respect!

  • Imran need a PAN INDIA hit badly, though Katti Batti wil be limited to urban centres, most Metros n Tier-1 cities, yet expect a 60crs nett lifetime wid a HIT tag. Imran who has delivered good films like Jaane Tu Yaah Jaane Na, Meri Brother ki Dulhan, Delhi Belly, once competing with Ranbir Kapoor for d gen next star after KHANS (legends), hope he make a good comeback.

  • Just read the article of clash between srk nd aamir on boi..

    Clearly they have mentioned that who was defeated by whom..

    But haters won’t get eyes..

    Despite of having overseas friendly genre; aamir got clearly defeated..

    It was srk who maintained lead throughout whole run time in both India nd overseas..

    What will say the nri subject specialist srk haters?? Lol..

  • Two RomCom movies in September and Shandaar will release before Katti Batti so it will be negative for Katti Batti but I liked promo so I wish with Kangana’s Star power movie will becomes Hit movie

  • one who is having 6 hits without Xmas in his entire career with more than 33 movies is suggesting others…LMAO

  • @srk if now Aamir Nd srk clash then Aamir will easily defeat srk at the abox office. Gone are the days. Now srk can not compete with aamir at all. I can bet you aamir will easily defeat srk by big margin I they clash their film on the same day.

  • I don’t really lime imran khan as actor even though I a. Aamir khan fan, but still I would say he is far far better than losers and talentless irritating stars like Fannyless Arjun kapoor and Irritating Ranveer Chingh.

  • @Navin u forgot about 2012,rr&houseful2 both 100cr grossers.also tell me the year when aamir have done that,lol.

  • Bhai fans always bash Srk & Akki , it is Katti batti promotion but fans taking name of Srk , it is proved that without taking srk name his days won’t get good day .

  • @aks
    Aamir hasn’t released 2 films in a year since 2006.
    Also, Aamir’s one film earns 2 times more than the combined business of Khiladi’s all films in a year.
    Pehle 150 crore cross kr, fir aaio baat krne.
    Chal bhag ab.

  • lol. Urgubly best script sense???
    He predicted DDD will be biggest hit of the year. Dhobi gajini, dhoom3 talash great script?? He does 6 movies in 10 years and 4 of them are average or bad scripted. Other two because of hirani. Even akshay does 3 good movies out of 6 movies within 2 years span. Please don’t use word like urgubly best.

  • The man with the best script sense in the industry? Lol that’s why he has done countless crap which not even his fans can watch, he himself can’t. If he would have best script sense why he gave 15 back to back flops, why all those movies were rejected by people? if he has best script sense why now he has now more crap than few good films? (that’s bec SRK rejected it, thank to him).. if he has best script sense why he has more flops than hits film? if he has best script sense why he has more disasters than hits film? if he has best script sense why he was not even in top 15 before 2009 a hirani’s film? if he has best script sense why he did these films – Dhoom 3, Mela, Daulat Ki Jung, Love Love Love, Holi, Aatank Hi Aatank, Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin, Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin, Isi Ka Naam Zindagi,Parampara, Baazi, Afsana Pyar Ka, Mangal Pandey, Madhosh, Talaash, Dobigat, AAA, Raja Hindustani, Awwal Number, Ishq, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Earth, Raakh, Earth, HHRPK, Jawani Zindabad etc.. twice more than his hits & 20 times more than his good films, best script sense? rofl, of course acc to Mars ppl.. would add PK as well which is the one of the most overrated shit acc to me personally but ignoring it at least here as few ppl thinks it’s good bec Hirani was the director of it & Chotu’s nude scenes..

    Btw those people he advised them became the most unsuccessful people, Perfaketionist suggest and advised Ranbir to do Bombey volvet and result we know very well, became the biggest industry disaster ever after Tinymir Khan’s Mela and Salwoman’s Marigold later he even praised it as well but Quite sure now Ranbir must be abusing him for that.

    Later then he admitted that Ranvir’s DDD will become the biggest hit of the year ever result we know? it became flop, 3rd back to back flop for ranbir, he said that just bec he had Cameo in it, Perfaketionist…

    Now it is time for Imran Khan who can act as well as look good than him but as chotu suggested him now it may became flop, the only person who can stop it from being flop it Kangana let’s see may be bec of Creditchor Khan, Kangana may became flop actress like him once again..

  • He has the best script sense only in terms of giving countless crap,flops, stealing credit, destroying lives of others by cheating & in terms of showing fake tears for the sake of 4cr per episode thatís it.

  • really great script sense from starting of his career
    jjws,andaaz….,ghulam,lagaan,sarfosh,dch,rdb,tzp,ghajni,3idiot pk are truly gems

  • @iamdhakkan burning like ass on fire after seeing the ‘best script sense’ comment. ?

    He just can’t keep out Aamir from his brain which is why came on this article to defend SRK. ?

  • @sht you are serioysly loosing your nuts. Aamir has done 6 movie in last 10 years, hahaha. In last 10 years from 2005-2014, Aamir had done 10 films, srk had done 12 or 13 including billu. So the difference is 2-3 films. Aamir has great script sense there is no doubt, much ahead than srk in these years.
    Aamir has RDB,TZP,3I,Talaash,Dhobhi Ghat,Pk on his side. Ghajini was phenomanal as story & screenplay but a remake so credit goes to origionals. D3,fanaa had week script, interestingly both belong to yrf. And idiots like you not certified script of Talaash and DG which are highly critically acclaimed especially DG.
    Apart from these he produce Peepli live,tzp,jaane tu (no popular faced superhit),Delhi belly (critically acclaimed hit movie) also.

    Now look at yrf/dharma made self proclaimed guy. Refused 3 idiots and made Ra1. What a script sense.
    Paheli- Remake of Duvidha.
    Kank- Utterly rubbish story.
    Don- Remake
    Cdi- Outstanding
    OSO- What a novel story it was, first time in Bollywood after karz,Ka and many more.
    RNBDJ- Brilliant Oscar worthy script.
    Billu- RemakeRemake
    Mnik- Half baked story, i.
    Ra1- Masterpiece
    Don2- Sequal again poor story
    Jthj- One of the biggest disappointment
    CE- Nothing in story as usual
    HNY- Masterpiece comparable only to Ra1.
    Easily- Aamir score 10 for script since in 14 films.

    Srk- for me only CDI, you can inclyde mnik as well so 2.
    If fan & raees meet expectation than 4. And if Dangal too than Aamir-11
    Chal tu yahi bata de what is the actual worthy movie as per story wise from RCE.
    Don 2
    Main noon na.
    Always Kabhi-2

    Big lol.
    Jaa shakal dekh le aaine me idiot.
    @iamakn as usual no comments.

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