Aamir Khan’s script suggestion helps Imran Khan’s Katti Batti

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is known to be a perfectionist and arguably the man with the best script sense in the industry too.

To help his nephew Imran Khan, who is going through one of the lowest phases of his career after the release of ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, Aamir requested director Nikhil Advani for a screening of ‘Katti Batti’ starring Imran and Kangana Ranaut in the lead.

“Aamir and the ‘Katti Batti’ story started almost a year ago. I went and narrated the script to him. After listening to the script, he suggested one very important change in the script, which according to me changed the entire film.” Nikhil Advani told reporters during a promotional event of Katti Batti.

“When I recently met him at ‘PK’ party, he said people liked the trailer a lot, ‘so can I see the film?’ I said ‘Of course, it’d be my honour’… and he came and saw the film.” he added.

Refuting rumours that Aamir would be promoting the film, Advani said. ”It’s not that he’s taking keen interest in the marketing of the film. He wanted to see the film because he liked the promo a lot and his wife Kiran ji also liked it. So, their opinion was very important for us. If he wanted he could’ve suggested changes but he said, ‘This is as good as it can get’.”

‘Katti Batti’ releases in theatres on September 18.



  • Katt batti looks really promising.

    It could turn out to be another surprise big hit of the year

  • Katti batti,shandaar,tamasha,jagga jasoos,kapoor n sons,ae dil hai mushkil,ka and ki, are the upcoming rom-coms..

    Out of it..

    Katti batti= flop
    shandaar= hit
    kapoor n sons= flop
    tamasha= flop
    ae dil hai mushkil= disaster
    ka and ki= disaster
    jagga jasoos= all time disaster ..

    Actresses have to do majority of acting in rom-com. Actors don’t need to do anything..they play second fiddle like hskd, htp,2 states….

  • I was a huge fan of imran khan til gtpm i still have ope i fear to say i am imran khan fan because i have a cool bolly guy image and if i say i am his fan they will feel awkward to see a guy who everything about bolywood and likes a c***thiya like imran.so right now i am feeling like a activist suuporting endangered specie.but now i decided to support imran openly irrespective of what others think.so imran i am with you go ahead.

  • Sureshot flop. Imran is expressionless non actor. I think it will be back to back 4th flop in his career. He should take acting class from his uncle Aamir. Aamir is great actors so he can learn many think from him.

  • is IMDB going mad? bajrangi bhaijan 8.4 rating? this movie doesn’t deserve that much rating. it should b 7. most overrated movie and Baby’s rating should b 9. fantastic movie. gabbar is back movie’s rating should b more than 8.

  • He is an actor
    He is a superstar
    he is a producer
    he is a singer
    he is a director
    he is a critic

  • I hate luv story… Rom-com.. Played 2nd lead to sonam….!…

    Jane tu ya jane na.. Rom-com… Jenelia swept the film completely…!..

    Mere brother k dulhan…. Rom-com….
    Imran played 3rd fiddle to katrina and zafar….!…

    Matru ka mandola.. NOT A ROM-COM… Flop….!!…

    Delhi belly = AAMIR KHAN….!

    What are imran khan’s acheivments as an actor????… Not a single stellar act….!

    Even i look better than and can do better acting than imran khan n arjunK….!!…. Please give me chance….!: but NO!!!… I m not boney son or aamir’s bhanjaa….!…

    Bollywood full of nepotism….!

  • @ indicine- its my first comment on indicine, actually i confuse petween some letters like b and p so blease don’t mind if you will find any mistake in my comments.

  • indicine: Imran Khan, who
    is going through one of the lowest
    phases of his career??? lol.
    @indicine plz do tell me when was Imran khan in his upper phase of his career???

  • “Man with the best script sense in the industry”. Enough said.
    Chase excellency, success will follow!

  • That’s the power of true superstar who rules worldwide box office unlike some certain overrated media hyped self proclaimed star.

  • Oh c’mon Indicine…it’s crystal clear.
    Even you know that not just arguably but unarguably Mr.Perfectionist has the best script sense.

    QSQT,Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar,Rangeela,Sarfarosh,1947 Earth,the Oscar nominated Lagaan,the cult Dil Chahta Hai,Mangal Pandey,the acclaimed dramas viz.Rang De Basanti,Taare Zameen Par and Mumbai Diaries,the neo noir psychological thriller Talaash,the critically acclaimed enlightening comedy dramas viz.3 Idiots and pk..YOU NEED MORE DUDE? ^_-

    He’s coming with another cult classic Blockbuster called Dangal.So brace yourself!

    Waiting for Katti Batti. :)

  • Thanks Indicine … but I think that’s a spelling mistake !
    It will be ‘perFAKEtionist’ , not ‘perfectionist’ !!

  • Now Im excited to watch the film..!

    Im sure the change Aamir suggested was delete several scenes of Imrans n replace them with more scenes of Kangana…!

    Film will rely on her starpower like crappy express, race 2, yjhd, ram leela and Crappy New Yr all relied on Deepikas starpower..!

  • All eyes on Kangana..!

    Can she do what joker boy has never done or never will do in his career which is deliver 2 100cr grossers in 1 yr…?

  • Wow what a way to woo Aamir fans after getting some heat from them…

    Appreciated indicine… Good job

  • Aamir has a speciality and that is identifying a script as good/bad/excellent. Most of the times he has been associated with good films.
    i think katti batti will be a hit and might bring imran khan in the league.
    Atleast imran is thousand times better than arjun kapoor. currently i can see only ranbir varun and siddharth outscoring him in the younger lot.

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