Drishyam Day 6 (Wednesday) Box Office Collections

Drishyam is sustaining well at the domestic box office, as the film has added Rs 4.1 crore to its total on Wednesday. The trend is good, but the film still has a long way to go before it can recover costs.

The landing costs of the Ajay Devgn starrer was around Rs 65 crore and the theatrical share at the end of Week 1 will be around the 24 crore mark.

Drishyam has to do well in Week 2 to recover costs and go on to be an average grosser at the box office.

DayDrishyamGrowth / Drop Percentage
Preview0.5 crore-
Day 1 (Friday)5.3 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)7.5 crore+ 29%
Day 3 (Sunday)9.75 crore+ 30%
Day 4 (Monday)3.65 crore- 63%
Day 5 (Tuesday)3.5 crore- 4%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.3 crore- 6%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.15 crore- 5%
Day 8 (2nd Friday)2.75 crore- 13%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)4.05 crore+ 47%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)5.04 crore+ 24%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.60 crore- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1.65 crore+ 3%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)1.5 crore- 9%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)1.30 crore- 13%
Third Weekend4.50 crore
Day 18 (Mon) To Day 21 (Thu)3.05 crore
Fourth Weekend2.10 crore
Day 25 (Mon) To Day 28 (Thu)0.84 crore
Fifth Weekend0.84 crore
Day 32 (Mon) To Day 35 (Thu)0.45 crore
India Net Collections66.32 crore


  • Even after 10 crore manipulation using Ajay Devgn calculator.. the superstar’s Drishyam is struggling to be even an average grosser.. most acclaimed word of mouth film can’t do even 70 crore lifetime? LOL

    Drishyam entire run = 3 days collection of Brothers. Wait and watch.

  • Indicine…how can a movie shot in less than 2 months in Goa have a budget of 65cr? Please clarify.

  • 65 cr budget??
    Oh Come on guys, everyone s saying the budget is 40-45 cr.

    Btw, I’m really sure Drishyam will recover its cost whatever its and it will emerge a clean hit.

  • PRDP Will near 280 if songs are outstanding then 350 is possible.

    Dilwale Max 210 Cr with clash BM.

    BM should be 150 Cr + because of bahubali air.

    Driyshm will be semi hit.

    Bajrangi will remain ATB this year.

  • Good WOM , Good reviews, good manipulation too & still An above average …!
    65-75 Lifetime

    Kuch Nhi ho Skta Kuch Actors Ka :P

  • @Neeraj I have had enough of you. Can you say anything good or positive? Stop bashing ajay. He is one of the most respected actors. If you don’t like him then just stay away from here.

  • @Rew1… says someone whose entire life is dedicated to bashing SRK. 90% of your comments are against SRK.. why don’t you stay away from his articles?

  • @ neeraj- ajay devgan got his acting fee so he don’t need for manipulation and it is not his home production movie. one thing i will waiting that brothers will trending like drishyam or not.

  • After all, since the super success of bajrangi it was always difficult for a intense film like drishyam to sustain.a common man cannot spent 300-500 bucks in every 2 weeks.even if it were brothers,its fate would have been same as drishyam.producers should use their common sense and try to maintain at least a month gap between big budgeted films.trade expected people to spent 600 rs for bajrangi another 600 for drishyam and will expect brothers to earn 30 crore day one,its logically not possible

  • It Needs 60 plus to Be in a Safe Zone BT real 60 CR’s not the Viacom fake figures ..! It will be a losing film .
    Hads hogyi yarr :P
    Good quality film struggling to recover costs.

  • Don’t wory indicine.Drishyam lifetime will be 80cr+

    Its 2nd week will leave fools like neeraj and sunny chechi speechless

  • Drishyam bo prediction
    Saturday -5.6
    2nd week-22cr
    Rest of the weeks-7cr
    LIFETIME-80cr hit

  • @Rew1 just ignore the Neeraj he is Chunky pandey Fan. what we can excpect from him is just joke. Ha ha ha.

  • ajay devgan’s hit without rohit Shetty

    phool aur kaante – superhit
    jigar – hit
    dilWALE – superhit
    jaan – hit
    ishq – superhit
    pyaar to hona hi ta – superhit
    kache daag – hit
    bhoot – hit
    masti – hit
    SOS – hit
    OUATIM – Hit

    perhaps I missed few more. how many of those hits Shetty directed??? he was launched by ajay’s production in raju chacha, and gave him his breakthrough. Shetty is yet to giv a hit without a big star, because of srk Chennai express collected 200cr net, but why he could he not do that with singham 2??? if he was really the only one responsible for giving hits??? ajay survived for 16 years without Shetty, if he was a flop actor how did he managed to survive???

  • @Neeraj bhai, i see you before a month against about AJAY DEVGAN’s Drishyam. Your jadoo boy can’t act like Ajay but your jadoo more manipulated bo collection than ajay, movie like Jadoo3 and bong bing manipulated 60cr, 40cr respectively…..!!!

  • Drishyam showed amazing jump over the weekend aand Tuesday Wednesday collections are more than Monday yet some are saying it’s lifetime won’t be more than 65cr.lol


  • I love Ajay! Always give foolish morons a chance to talk their trash more n more. So inquisitive to know about it’s collection??? Stay tuned and hope to see your comments on his Friday collections. Devgn Sahab keep on killing the haters silently without even knowing u r really giving them a CALCULATED MANIPULATED HEARTACHE…they just have to COMMENT!!
    SOME EVEN 1ST TO COMMENT on his article?? Wow! Some Indian desi guys are so so……??
    I stay mum…….
    Love you Sultan Mirza always always alwaysss

  • BoxofficeIndia is gonna take an halt for few more weeks, Its been great 2 months with films like TWMR, ABCD, Bahubali and BB striking gold. Common man would have spent almost 5000 re watching all these movies. They would not afford to do the same for next set of films like Bangistan, Brothers, Phanton(might work due to Kabhir Khan factor at metros). Next boxoffice bonaza would be taken over by PRDP without a second thought. And the year gonna end with another Biggie Dilwale

  • @Neeraj first of all you are not srk fan so that’s non of your business. What I hate is you are bashing an actor like ajay devgan whose caliber as an actor is way above any so called good looking actors and so called superstars. You need to show some respect. Movies not doing well has many reasons and one of them is release period. The do called superstars like akshay and hrithik and srk too would struggle to give big opening on non holiday period if they do such off beat thriller like drishyam. And I bash srk because his insecure loser fans’ entire life is dedicated in bashing Aamir and Salman who are much bigger stars than srk and way more popular than srk.still they bash them cheaply so I have every single right to bash srk. It’s non of your business.

  • And he wants to release his next movie on diwali, after 2 back to back flops and now average grosser how he still dares to occupy one of three biggest holidays in country?

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