Aamir Khan’s PK Screen Count: Set to get the widest release ever

Aamir Khan’s PK is all set to get the widest release of all time, as the film releases on 6000 screens worldwide. The Rajkumar Hirani film will be releasing on 5200 screens in India and 800 screens overseas, which is a record for a Bollywood film. 

There are also reports that the final overseas screen count might touch 900 screens. Trade sources say, the hype for PK is unparalleled and the film could break the record set by Dhoom 3 last year.

Hirani and Aamir’s last release, 3 Idiots, remains the second highest overseas grosser of all time. The record of 3 Idiots was broken by Dhoom 3 during the same time last year.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan



  • @nipun so u hv in totality liked 14 films this yr so far bcz htp,hskd,villain and 2 states hd recieved positive reviews from u.in fact I hv also like 14 films this yr even though my list is very diff from u

  • multiplex r increasing day by day that’s why screen count also increase even hny release around 5500 + screen
    so obviously pk also increase… 6000 screen start now
    talking about domestic
    3idiots – 1600 screen
    dabangg – 1900
    bodyguard – 2200
    raone – 2800
    ett – 3300
    ce – 3800
    d3 – 4100
    kick – 4300
    hny – 4700
    now pk – 5200
    love u aamir.

  • Everything is fine. With this screen count, if the movie has a script like 3 idiots, then no one can stop it to create the history once again. But the problem here is, the expectations are sky high from Amir Hirani duo and if PK will lose the plot anywhere then a dramatic crash is inevitable.
    Anyways, since day one I have been telling that PK is not going to break any record and Kick will remain the biggest grosser of 2014. But I will be happy to proven wrong :)

  • Worst 5 movie of 2014;

    1. HNY
    2. Bang Bang
    3. Humshakals
    4. Kill Dil
    5. Yaariyan
    Best 5 movie of 2014;

    1. Queen
    2. Haider
    3. Holiday
    4. Kick
    5. Ek villain.
    Pk definitely cross 200cr any conditions. I hope pk release in Yangon of Myanmar.

  • @nipun plz call me arjun kapoor fan.sambuddha ne u cn call in fb and real life but here plz use ‘arjun kapoor fan’ or ‘ak’

    thank u

  • Cant wait… Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without an Aamir film- super excited…. Not just 300 but 350cr club will be founded by Aamir….

  • @sambuddha mukherjee its best for arjun kapoor if you no longer drag his name through the mud n filth which you regularly swim in so if you wouldnt mind please call yourself ‘some buddha mukherjees useless fan’ and leave poor Arjun alone… Maybe then arjun could get lucky and actually find fanny sorry a hit at the BO

  • @nipun kumar aka taylor swift

    Your crappy ‘personal choice’ lists on another article…. Its your personal choice so keep it to yourself you clown but when somebody else gives a personal choice you throw your toys out the pram n cry nonstop like the baby you really are. Your hypocrisy is out of this world n you irritating me so much so that heres my EVEN useless off topic list about nothing important but its my choice so I will publish it irregardless just to take up everybodys valuable time n precious cyber space…!

    Top 5 Crappy Lists Off All Time plus by which author (indicine user)

    1- Favourite Lootera Scenes by Nipun Kumar
    2- Fav Songs of Taylor Swift by Taylor Swift aka Nipun Kumar
    3- Most Disgusting User of Indicine by Navin (nipun topped this list)
    4- Worst Reviews of 2014 by Navin (nipun won this for his review of Kick)
    5- Best Movie Of 2014 by Nipun Kumar (Hate Story 2 topped his list edging out ragini mms 2 and pink lips is on nipuns mind 24/7 despite being an ardent fan of taylor swift)

    To show total impartiality I have included acouple of my lists too coz truth be told they were actually crappy lists done to mock nipun….

  • Baap of Khans and Bollywood is coming…First week record is definately going to be smashed….

    First 300 crore movie, if content is good (99% it should be good)…

  • Talaash 2 is coming this Christmas. First weekend surely 100 core, but after the weekend it will fail.
    PK will be a disaster, mark my words. No good songs, trailer is crap, aamirs dhoom 3 waisted face expressions. Disaster!!!!!!

  • @Aniel

    You are trolling yourself buddy. It’s a Rajkumar Hirani film. He never fails at box office. Pk will be as good as Munna Bhai MBBS (which I consider the best Raju Hirani film)

  • CE required more than double the screens of 3I to break its record…..D3 required only 300 more screens to surpass it by miles….. Now imagine wat pk will do

  • for those idiots who think that aamir’s box office pull is not big and giving just one example talaash. LOL. here I post a list of those so called box office pullers and what would be the box office result if one of them would be in talaash, released at the same time in November in 2012 with same heroines and in the same scenario.

    Aamir: 93 crores.
    Salman: 105 crores
    Saroookh: 50 crores
    Akshay: 20 crores
    Ranbir:15 crores
    Hrithik: 12 crores.

  • PK will surely smash all dhoom 3’s records. and shut the mouths of those chameleons who give excuses of brand and all bla bla bla. PK will cross 300 crores without any doubt. and PK will surely remain highest grosser of all time till aamir’s next release. aamir competes with himself in Bollywood be it domestic or overseas.

  • @Mightyking

    What a nonsensical comparison! Aamir did Talaash because he loved the script. The makers thought he was perfect to play the character.

    Cinema is a art. Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar wrote Talaash for 3 years. It was not meant to be a box office blockbuster. By making such puerile comparion you are degrading a well made movie.

    Hrithik/Akshay/Srk may or may not have brought numbers. It is hypothetical logic. But the story, the character would have been different. I loved ‘Surjan Shekhawat’ because Aamir brought a sense of maturity to the character. Don’t know whether others could have. May be yes, may be no, but your box office comparison is harebrained to say the least!

  • PK first day 35 cr.
    second day 15 cr
    third day 10 cr.

    life time regret hirani why he repaet amir if no director repeat him in his career (example dharmesh darshan raj hindustani then Mela) lost his iq.
    now hirani will be next Mr. darshan

    i am not against Amir or Hirani…but this is fact.
    finally PK will be not flop disaster….

  • talash2 on the way ,screen count couldn’t save it,acting in the film is highly overrated with only one expression,Indians beware of this trap.

  • Mela Returns with Pk..
    first Dharmesh Darshan vanished after Mela in year 2000 (Raja hindustani 1997 block buster, MELA disaster 2000)
    next Hirani & chopra (3 diot 2008 block buster, Pk 2014)

    mark my word history is going to repeat…PK big time flop….no one want whatch documentry on Aliens…

    it has inspiration from his own 3 idoit secne where Amir khan raise his hands ask question to Boman why Astronautsdoesnt doesnt carry pencil… and that scene evryone liked so idea came from that scene only… in PK..he ask question which is no one had ask before Alien.

    But this time be aware his questions doesnt seems to be logically correct for almost 3 hours!!!!!!!!

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