Aamir Khan’s Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

An open letter signed by Aamir Khan was sent to the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

There are moments in history that become turning points. In our view, 2015 will be such a moment. It is the most important year for global decision-making since the start of the new millennium. We believe it’s just possible that we could end 2015 with a new global compact – an agreed pathway to a better, safer future for people and planet that will inspire all the citizens of the world. We can choose the path of sustainable development. Or we might not – and regret it for generations to come. Which side of history will you be on?

There are millions of voices you can’t afford to ignore – the voices of the people you represent. They are voices of all ages from every corner of the planet – the voice of a young girl currently deprived an education… of a pregnant mother deprived healthcare… of young people deprived decent work… of a family from a minority group fearful of discrimination from corrupt officials… of farmers forced to migrate to cities as climate refugees… and of billions of other people. Their voices will roar ever louder against the inequality and injustice that keep people poor. They – and all who stand with them – are calling on you to come up with a grand new global contract for our one human family – and then deliver on it together. The great news is that in 2015 you have a historic chance to do just that.

Two critical United Nations summits will take place this year. The first in September, where the world must agree new goals to eradicate extreme poverty, tackle inequality and ensure a more sustainable planet. The second is the climate summit in December where we must ensure the wellbeing of people today doesn’t come at the expense of our children’s futures.

Together with critical discussions on financing, these opportunities are the biggest of our lifetime. We know from past efforts against AIDS, malaria, preventable diseases and saving the ozone layer that when we come together, so much can be achieved. Yet, with just months to go before these summits, few leaders are playing the leadership roles we need. We see climate progress but not yet of the scale that is needed, and a set of goals that are hugely ambitious but will be meaningless without brave financing and implementation agreements led from the very top.

If this does not change, we fear you and your fellow leaders could be sleep-walking the world towards one of the greatest failures of recent history. It’s not too late to rise to the occasion. We’re asking you to help lead that change.

Let’s be clear: the actions we take in 2015 will decide which way the world turns for decades to come. Please take the right path.



  • Aamir Khan should learn to shut the **** up!

    Mr Modi promised a toilet for every indian in their home. Apparently he realized it costs $100 billion for population of 650 million indians who still do it in the open.

    Guess what he did!

    A retarded campaign called “swaccha bharat” to clean the streets with a Rs 10 jhadu.

    This guy is just another indian politician who has all his priorities wrong.

    Aamir should focus on his career which is on the wrong side of 50 years. Raju Hirani takes 4 yrs for each film. Next will be sanjay dutt bio & Aamir won’t be in it. He has to choose better project s than TALAASH & DHOOM-3.

  • Shameless fellow! What a hypocrite! He insults Hinduism thoroughly in PK and then appeals to the Hindu head Modiji for help. He is no different than his chamcha Salman Khan who killed people and then does charity to cover it up. Boycott these muslim Khans and support hindu actors like Hrithik, Akshay and Ajay. India is the only country where the majority is too meek to show its true power.

  • PK > Controvery(True or False)


    Pk is earning so much also it is a good movie, except 2-3 points which hurts hindus sentiments.

    Of course baba’s are fake. Again in hindus there are countless gods and even they are increasing day by day, which is done by so called baba or someone, which should be stopped.

    But tell me that this mean we should not worship sculpture of god as amir say after holding the sculpture of god, battery(khatam ho gaya) stop working like it is a DOLL.

    Yes, i admit that now a days or in past, people starts selling sculpture of god telling that this they have got from himalaya or somewhere else or it is more powerful etc(Same point is raised in OMG).

    But this doesn’t mean amir has RIGHT to say it as a doll or battery khatam ho gaya.

    Again, 1 scene was when amir, the outsider looking the photo of lord shiv and same person standing on the road. After then they r showing that lord in the washroom & in the feet of peoples sitting on chair. And amir sayin on stage that bhagwan ne mujhe yahan laya, Kahan ho bhagwan, and that bhagwan is hiding under the feet of people. What does amir or hirani want to say.

    Yes i and u know that person was a man from a drama company, scene were to make a sequence in the film to let amir come to the stage.

    But does this mean to just make humour for the movie you are showing lord shiva in washroom(never seen it in any movie or seriel), or on the feet of people, or saying sculpture of god as a doll(battery khatam ho gaya is saying same). As they know that crore people will watch this movie.

    If these scene can be told as different way the movie wouldn’t be a good movie???

    Now the point is if it is humiliating hindus sentiments then how it is earning?? Are those people who watch and praise are fool??

    According to me…

    Yes, they are. If they aren’t, then an illiterate or criminal or corrupt background people can’t govern our country, state or city. Even they known their truth.

    I don’t need to give examples as u know it very well !!

    OMG > Is a very good movie which raise question on baba’s and blind faith.

    So feel pretty for those who watch PK and praise it, especially hindus.

    Even i don’t have faith that god looks like this or that image but never called sculpture of god as a doll, as AMIR says. Because it is a hindus culture, feel proud of that, irrespective of so much blind faith. Because in near future these things will come to an end, though not completely. But hope…

  • couldn’t agree more! inequality is a MAJOR challenge today….

    In India , its at another level……high time we need our leadership to address this mist important issue with a slew of measures such as employment opportunities, right to quick and fair justice etc

  • well said aamir.keep rocking always.according to my opinion aamir khan is tge biggest legend of indian cinema ever.he is miles ahead of others

  • Huh??
    What was that?
    Why is Aamir so much concerned about these issues,does’nt our PM is already aware of these issues?
    Besides there are social institutions,NGOs,environmentalists working to achieve all this..but it is’nt as easy as it seems.PM doesn’t have any magic trick to do all this in such a short span.
    Yes,but these aims should be in the mind n constant endeavour is necessary to change the situation.
    Aamir,do start filming with a gud script!!

  • @khan

    What’s your problem man? As a citizen of India, everyone has the right to free speech (without using 3rd rate abuses, like you just did) Aamir knows which films he has to choose, you are nobody (you dont even have a name lol) to tell him what to do!

  • @gaurav I agree with u and also hv to admit that hv u started to write ur comments in more polite and sensible manner in past 4 days.well done bro.keep it up

  • A guy commented that modi is the head of hindus(means God of hindus) and appealed to hindus to watch only hindu actors’ movies and boycott khans. Interestingly he got more likes than dislikes…..LOL.

  • Well done Aamir, No wonder how many people criticise him for this or satyamev jayate but the fact Aamir hardly cares what others think about unless if he found that thing offended.
    @babaji yes Modi ji known this and working for that too but it doesn’t mean Aamir can’t say which he feels.He has full right to write to him,meet him too.
    Someone said after insulting Hindus how can Aamir ask something from Hindu leader modi.Seriously Modi is not a Hindu leader anymore he is Primeminister of India whose major recognisition is because of “Vividhta Me Ekta”

  • @shail007

    I had a counter-response to your argument. But even before listening to the other side of the argument you declared me as “fool’. If you’re going to be so biased and one sided in your argument, then there is no point in talking with you.

    By the way, I sincerely thank you for representing the sentiments of more than 100 crore Hindus in your intelligent argument!

  • He along with raju insulted HINDU RELEGION.now he acting like a gentleman and doesn’t give a penny charity to poor people.rather hosting so called glorious shows like smj and taking 4cr for each episode and gavea big babaji ka thullu to poor peoples.just look at this shameless he is not giving a penny and only raising his voice to force other to do,isn’t he is responsible a bit to help the poor’s if he is so called grosses 600cr WW.while other actors like KING KHAN gave 24cr as charity.

    He is a traitor.HE knows to insult RELEGIONS and make fool all Indians shameless as well fool through his movie pk.

    he said others are hiking ticket price while after two days he hhiked the price double of his own movie pk.I mean how such a man can be so insecure as well as a shameless chameleon????????

    He doesn’t care about anyone.he is only cares about money and behaving like a patriot which he couldn’t be.shame on those morons who is saying he is a legend.his friend salman did so man crimes but he supported him.how could be someone so shameless?

    @sam buddha,he might be a legend for Pakistani not for WE Indians.WE know legends are DILLIPJI,BIGB,KING SRK.

  • These are the basic challenges and Modi is already aware of that….was this letter needed…this letter is another tension for modi because now he has to give a reaction on this :p Do good for urself and others.
    No offense Aamir n his fans but sometimes u believe more in talking than action…i may be wrong but main kya karoon…meko aisa lagta hai \_(‘ ‘)_/

  • Alot of trolls chameleons here who obviously are cowards who cannot say what they feel so come up with such ridiculous names…

    Dynamic, loki n nipun need to be banned urgently or indicine should just change their name back to original name…

  • @kShitij

    If akki could take a min out of his busy schedule of signing for 20cr per crappy 60cr film then maybe he could address the terrible situations but he cant so someone else has to raise awareness ok old timer…!

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