Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Karan Johar film?

There are strong rumours within the industry that Karan Johar has pulled off yet another casting coup. The director of all-time hits like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, could soon be directing Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

DNA India quoted a source as saying “Karan has offered Aishwarya a role and the actress who is on a comeback trail has agreed. Aishwarya was supposed to do Dostana. But then she felt audiences won’t accept her walking with another man so soon after marriage when Abhishek was courting her in the film”

For the audience, the film would be a dream come true as Aamir and Aishwarya have never shared screen-space. The two stars haven’t worked in a Dharma Production either.

“Aamir and Aishwarya have never been together except for one scene in Dharmesh Darshan’s Mela. It would be a casting coup… From Dharmesh to Dharma… Ash and Aamir together for the first time and both working for Dharma Productions for the first time.”



  • Great news….it may take some time…Ash is still the most good looking women in bollywood.

    As per commercial business success:

    1) Deepika
    2) Katrina
    3) Priyanka
    4) Kareena
    5) Ashwarya

    As per acting:
    1) Priyanka
    2) Ashwarya
    3) Deepika
    4) Kareena
    5) Katrina


    1) Ashwarya Rai
    2) Katrina
    3) Deepika
    4) Kareena
    5) Priyanka

  • Hrithik & Amitabh Bachaan are going to come together in a bollywood film directed by Shankar (South’s No. 1 director with 100 % super success ratio)….

    Another all time blockbuster on the way for Hrithik….

  • @Navin, hahaha u make me laugh. You must be the biggest fool on Indicine. You Aamir facial expressions in PK says it all. He wished he looked so good and classy as SRK. The way your Aamir dresses, just like Gollum. SRK is stylish in every way, so don’t get caried away beta.

  • I guess Karan is planning to make a mature love story between two 40+ people.. If this is true..this would be legendary!!! :)

  • @Indicine team, last week, i ask a question into your question box but you haven’t answer. Why? Haven’t you idea that question?

  • @navin, KING KHAN has no time for aish nor KJO ,now WE are waiting for 15FILMFARE of KING KHAN as lead simultaneously breaking collections of d3 that only KING KHAN can do with out YRF/DP.

  • so sad HNY 200 cr news still not coming… a movie frst day 45 crore frst 3 days 100 cr and not even touch 200 cr…. KISMAT BAHOT KUTTI CHIJ HE SRK FANS…, KABHI BHI PALAT JAATI HE….

  • Indicine can you say that the both actors Amir Khan & Aishwarya Rai Bachhan are confirmed there desion on this movie of karan johar to be shooted.

    Proud Of Being Human @ India

  • @SSS Lungiwale.. We have seen the storm what Charlie brought..it couldn’t even shake 3 Idiots..forget D3.. So for now..you have lost all rights to bash Aamir or Bhai.. Get well soon..

  • It will be greater than DHOOM 3….AAMIR, AISHWARYA & KARAN JOHAR will rock that year….This will be KARAN JOHAR fifth directorial venture….1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, 3. My Name Is Khan & 4. Students of The Year….

  • @Navin You are wrong if you are saying our king is old.Have you not seen our kings picture with dilip kumar sir on filmfare coz our king was looking younger there

  • HNY dips to a new low on Monday..the lowest collections compared to any other biggies…poor 70 Lakhs…3rd week collections of Bang Bang is better than HNY…With this kind of trending…it clearly shows which film was good..Bang Bang or HNY…

    Usually trending of 3rd week of a movie depicts how much the movie was liked…SRK fans still will dispute..but accept reality….

    HNY final collections will be 203 crores approx…just one crore more than 3 idiots…Frankly it does not deserve to be in 200 crores….

  • Oh No SRK is delivering hit Superhit, Blockbuster, in his bad phase
    Our Bhai Used to give Flop and disaster in his bad phase
    Thanks to Prabhu deva and South Remakes which helped our bhaijan

  • Bollywood Upcoming Jodi follows are :- 1. AAMIR & AISHWARYA, 2. AAMIR & PRIYANKA, 3. AAMIR & DEEPIKA etc….Which jodi will be best in bollywood ?

  • We are Salman fans We will only talk about Domestic collection
    We don’t know What is worldwide collection
    We know Ra.one collected 240 cr
    Bodyguard 234 cr

    but we still say bodyguard is highest grosser
    because it collected more than Ra.one at domestic BO

  • SRK Beat Watchman
    Shame on you SRK

    Bhaijan Beat Aishwarya, Katrina
    We r proud of you bhaijan

    SRK was drunk at wankhede

    Bhaijan wasn’t drunk in hit n run case
    Bjaijan is innocent
    In fact it was SRK who was wearing Bhaijan’s Mask at that night

  • yes. it will be hottest jodi. @i am srk fan lol. srk looks like a father to all the heroines he works with. and so does salman. aamir and ash pair will be evergreen and hottest jodi ever. much better than hrithik ash jodi.

  • @Aniel aamir is much better looking and much more styish than old bakri voiced midget man called sarookh. sarookh stands nowhere in front of aamir. aamir’s looks and style is much better than king kong khan.

  • haha some SRK fans are saying amir is too old to for aish but what about our so called king uncle romancing with depika. can get it worse srkians?

  • I always wanted to see Aamir and Aish jodi and hope this tym it will come true.
    Still remember AMir and Kajol jodi..it was a magic.

  • worst movies of bollywood actors as per my point of view:which I wud not like to see again

    aamir- mela, jawani jindabad
    shahrukh- duplicate,raam jaane,ebdm,guddu
    Salman-hello brother, bodyguard, suryavanshi
    amitabh-rgv ki aag,
    ajay-rgv ki aag, himmatwala, cash
    saif-humshakals, go goa gone

    I personally rate humshakals worst movie of the decade.if u want to tc revenge with someone let him watch dis movie… I want to show dis movie to arjun kapoor, sss indiawale n romance new yr…

  • Now every Tom Dick & Harry wants to be a @bulli. Still @bulli Rocks n @Gotya, @Chulli & @Bhaijaan Fan sucks !!!!!!!!

  • Nah! Because of his stout structure Aamir doesn’t pair well with tall actresses. Of the new generation I think Illeana and Shraddha Kapoor would pair well with him.

  • @Reality Check aamir looks great wit every actress he pairs with. he and katrina had great onscreen chemistry. srk doesn’t look good with any actresses because of his very old age looks and also his short height. but, aamir is much bettter looking so he makes great chemistry with every actress he works with. and aamir and ash will be the hottest pair ever. so get lost.

  • She knows for certain that Aamir movies are sure blockbusters. She will just use him as she has used Salman, Vivek etc. It could backfire. With her history, anyone can read her motives easily.

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