Some quotes from Aamir’s media interaction at Dangal First Look launch

At the ‘first look launch’ of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan spoke about his film, the recent ‘raped woman’ controversy surrounding Salman Khan and several other topics.

Below are some quotes from his media interaction:

  • When I read the story (of Dangal) I just loved it. This story made me laugh, cry as the script was very exciting and inspirational.
  • I wanted to do it but I was fickle minded that I have just done ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘PK’ and for this film Nitesh (director) wanted to show me as a 55-year-old man which is closer to my reality so, honestly I had that fear. I had the fear that today when I am still doing young roles why am I getting into this old man’s role..
  • I had to gain weight and go for grey hair so I was scared about my future and audience
  • I had this thing in my mind that I will do this film after five-six years when I will be 60. I was scared that if I play an old man’s role now then tactically it won’t be right… Then I called Nitesh (Tiwari) again and said I want to hear the story again. After that I decided to leave the logic behind and do the film
  • The poster narrates the story of the film. It’s about this man and his four daughters. I don’t believe that women have to go easy or reduce their femininity to be strong. Only their hair is short and it’s from a practical point of view of wrestling
  • The character of Mahavir Singh is not perfect. There was a time in his life when he wanted a son. To fulfill that, he had four daughters
  • ‘Sultan’ is going to be a huge super duper hit and the million of people who will come to see ‘Sultan’ will at least see the poster (Dangal’s) standing out of the theatre.
  • ‘Sultan’ is going to be such a bumper hit and the opening is going to be bizarre so at least we will be standing in one corner saying even we are coming after six months.
  • I feel Shah Rukh, Salman, Amitabh Bachchan are bigger stars. There are host of stars which I consider big and this includes Hrithik, Ranbir and Ranveer. There are so many stars who are hugely popular. I don’t get into comparison.
  • When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it looks as if some waiter has entered…. I am sorry I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people. I shouldn’t say that, but when Salman enters or Shah Rukh enters it feels like a star has some.. they are more bigger stars than me.
  • I am thankful to Salman because we got the title ‘Dangal’ because of him. The title was written in the script but when we researched we got to know that the rights of it was with Puneet Issar. I knew Salman was friends with Puneet, so I told Salman to request or fix a meeting with him but he called Puneet and got the title.
  • I wasn’t present when he (Salman) made the comment (raped woman). I feel going purely by the media reports that I have been reading which quotes him as saying it, I feel what he said was rather unfortunate and insensitive
Aamir Khan at Dangal Poster Launch

Aamir Khan at Dangal Poster Launch

Aamir Khan Launches Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan Launches Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan, Nitesh Tiwari Siddharth Roy Kapur strike a pose against the Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan, Nitesh Tiwari Siddharth Roy Kapur strike a pose against the Dangal Poster



  • Even Aamir knows Hrithik, Ranbir and Ranveer are far ahead of Akshay but bechara Sunny Akkiholic still leaves in a fool’s world…LMAO!

  • There is Salman Khan who considers Akshay and Aamir as the box office sultan in his recent interview also, Salman mentioned Akshay as the sultan of bollywood.
    And there is this Aamir Khan who didn’t even mention Akshay here …. I guess he couldn’t get over the fact how Welcome was bigger success than Tare Zameen Par and how Akshay in one interview, said ”India is great and there is nothing like intolerance in here”.


  • Oh..another controversial comment may arise….quote….I feel like I am a waiter.when i walk into a room..Compare with..salmans wrestling comment. .I feel like ‘

  • When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it looks as if some waiter has entered…. I am sorry I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people. I shouldn’t say that…
    Well almost same type of comparison Salman made and the whole media made a issue out of it..M neither defending Salman nor saying anything against Amir.. M against our media, especially the social media.. any news published and they jump to comment. Few days back there was a photo of priyanka chopra in maxim magazine and the whole social media was talking about her Amitabh.. I mean seriously don’t you have anything to do other than analysing the armpit of a celebrity… and our main stream media will keep asking the same question till they get to hear what they want to hear..

  • so salman’s comment was insensitive and unfortunate……..but what about u……….u were leaving india…………i know salman and srk friendship is real and this man is using salman name only……………..

    amir said i looks like waiter…….is this not a insult of some one’s profession??? yes he said i shouldn’t ………same thing salman said….

    i hate amir

  • @Dynamic did you forget that Aamir showed srk’s aukaat by calling him his dog? Oops. Hawa nikal Gaye? Aamir was only joking by making such statement. Your bhagoda can’t even release his movies on big festivals so what’s the point? Aamir is much bigger star than bhagoda’a any day. Your bhagoda’a is 80 cr club small actor. Nikal ab.

  • @Sandy you jerk first understand the irony. He even called flopstar ranbeer and only one hit star ranveer as bigger star than him. So what? Does it make then bigger stars? No. He even called 80 cr club star srk as bigger star. So what? Does it make srk bigger star? Similarly he called salman bigger star. Understand this you moron. At least Aamir has humbleness to appreciate other stars and calls even smaller stars as bigger star even though he is biggest megastar. Unlike your loser arrogant salman who doesnt have guts to make such statement to call others bigger stars even though he was nothing but a flopstar in last decades. Get lost. And he rightfully called salman’s statement insensitive because that statement showed what kind of person salman is. Nothing wrong with it.

    @Ishan Gulati well said. You nailed it.

  • Omg!! Aamir didnt mentiond our flopkumar(mini-industry)..ROFL!

    Comes every month still nobody remembers our floppy

  • I want to see now how media react on Amir statement, they over react when Salman used rape word unintentionally and realize immediately but media made it controversy, so let see what they will do with Aamir statement:

    “When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it looks as if some waiter has entered…. I am sorry I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people. I shouldn’t say that”

    He make this sentence same way as Salman said….

    I don’t know whether he do it intentionally or not, but he say this sentence just before the release of SULTAN….same way he made intolerance statement before the release of Dilwale…..he can avoid this question just like Srk did….

  • @Niraj oh are enough threatening us? Aamir is Emperor and he doesn’t need fake 2010 born actor’s fans support. Remember marigold, yuvraaj, Main Aur Mrs khanna, veer, etc? Oops. What happened? be thankful to Aamir and his fans who helped revive bhai’s almost ended career and saved his career. He he he.

  • @Dynamic, keeping my dislikeness for SRK aside, ever since Salman & SRK patched up and got back to normal terms in Arpita’s marriage ceremony, I have spotted some cracks between Aamir and Salman’s relationship. I feel it got worse since Sultan and Dangal are based on the same theme.

    I don’t know why. Aamir’s last good public interactions with Salman was in a SJ TV show in which he made a special appearances.

    But I wish everybody stays in healthy relationship with one another.

  • Its accustomed to see that Youtube Manipulator /ID duplicating king Dynamic first on an Aamir page but hes nowhere to be seen on a Pluto Kings article- strange no…?

    Why so much interest in a ‘waiter’ n none in the Wankhede Hooligan Sarook…?

  • Bhai fans have the utmost respect for Aamir so theres no danger of any hostility arising after his comments…! Chameleons can take a chill pill n go bark elsewhere…!

    If bhai respects Aamirs opinions as being sincere not malicious then so can we his diehard fanatixXx…!

    Amar Prem jodi 4 life

  • @dynamic

    even if salman says that “srkay is my best frnd.. “I wil nt like srkay. Salmanz frndship has nothing to do with like/dislike an actor.

  • @Dynamouse Salman and Srk are friends? Salman ne tere srk ko bhaga diya reee, just like we do a mouse. That’s why srk is called Bhagoda Khan, not King Khan.

    @Salman fan, Yes, Salman made that comment unintentionally, killed black buck unintentionally, killed people unintentionally, beat women unintentionally, cried for terrorist unintentionally, threatened actor unintentionally bla bla bla….
    Atrangi Khaijaan

  • If Aamir didn’t do Ghajini and show struggling actors a path to revive their shameful career, Salman would have Aftaab Shivdasani’s role in Grand Masti and Great Grand Masti and Tussar’s role in Mastizaade. lol

  • Salman is the son of legendary scriptwriter
    Aamirs dad was a director. Aamir was launched by his uncle
    Srk had no industry connection. An outsider who made huge
    # RespectSrk

  • @Tinyman 2:59 am, what he meant to say was that actually queen khan is a dhobi in conparison. Because Dhabi washes the clothes of waiter. So yeah in that sense he is waiter compared to srk (dhobi). Because any days Aamir will always remain light Years above tiny star over actor.

  • @Navin, you called me a chameleon for my reply to @Dynamic.
    Now, what do you say about this @Joy, your mate, for his openly bad mouthing Salman Khan?
    I wanna hear it from you.

    @Indicine, how do you allow such comments by this @Joy? Anyway, fine. Don’t censor my comments when I unmask the icon of this 2Rs Joy. Thanks

  • @ indicine, abe kamine indicine walo kab sudhroge tumlog? Kya dushmani hai mujhse .kuch bolte kyo nai ho tumlog?

  • Sultan is the waste of time money effort & after 20-years people’s were abusing us to make that movie hit . It’s a big dhabba in the name of movie & arts

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