Some quotes from Aamir’s media interaction at Dangal First Look launch

At the ‘first look launch’ of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan spoke about his film, the recent ‘raped woman’ controversy surrounding Salman Khan and several other topics.

Below are some quotes from his media interaction:

  • When I read the story (of Dangal) I just loved it. This story made me laugh, cry as the script was very exciting and inspirational.
  • I wanted to do it but I was fickle minded that I have just done ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘PK’ and for this film Nitesh (director) wanted to show me as a 55-year-old man which is closer to my reality so, honestly I had that fear.ย I had the fear that today when I am still doing young roles why am I getting into this old man’s role..
  • I had to gain weight and go for grey hair so I was scared about my future and audience
  • I had this thing in my mind that I will do this film after five-six years when I will be 60. I was scared that if I play an old man’s role now then tactically it won’t be right… Then I called Nitesh (Tiwari) again and said I want to hear the story again. After that I decided to leave the logic behind and do the film
  • The poster narrates the story of the film. It’s about this man and his four daughters. I don’t believe that women have to go easy or reduce their femininity to be strong. Only their hair is short and it’s from a practical point of view of wrestling
  • The character of Mahavir Singh is not perfect. There was a time in his life when he wanted a son. To fulfill that, he had four daughters
  • ‘Sultan’ is going to be a huge super duper hit and the million of people who will come to see ‘Sultan’ will at least see the poster (Dangal’s) standing out of the theatre.
  • ‘Sultan’ is going to be such a bumper hit and the opening is going to be bizarre so at least we will be standing in one corner saying even we are coming after six months.
  • I feel Shah Rukh, Salman, Amitabh Bachchan are bigger stars. There are host of stars which I consider big and this includes Hrithik, Ranbir and Ranveer. There are so many stars who are hugely popular. I don’t get into comparison.
  • When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it looks as if some waiter has entered….ย I am sorry I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people. I shouldn’t say that, but when Salman enters or Shah Rukh enters it feels like a star has some.. they are more bigger stars than me.
  • I am thankful to Salman because we got the title ‘Dangal’ because of him. The title was written in the script but when we researched we got to know that the rights of it was with Puneet Issar. I knew Salman was friends with Puneet, so I told Salman to request or fix a meeting with him but he called Puneet and got the title.
  • I wasnโ€™t present when he (Salman) made the comment (raped woman). I feel going purely by the media reports that I have been reading which quotes him as saying it, I feel what he said was rather unfortunate and insensitive
Aamir Khan at Dangal Poster Launch

Aamir Khan at Dangal Poster Launch

Aamir Khan Launches Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan Launches Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan, Nitesh Tiwari Siddharth Roy Kapur strike a pose against the Dangal Poster

Aamir Khan, Nitesh Tiwari Siddharth Roy Kapur strike a pose against the Dangal Poster



  • What a humble man. Even though he is the greatest actor among superstars and perhaps has the highest fan following among classes in India, and in overseas, he still calls other actors big.
    That’s what makes him a great man.
    Although I don’t support the analogy made by Aamir to waiters, he immediately retracted it and said sorry unlike our lukkha bhai who apologized through his father.
    Dangal won’t be an over the top movie like Sultan, and hence the poster wasn’t over the top too. Infact, I adore it.
    Hopefully, Dangal will be another classic added to a bundle of classics he already has.

  • I don’t bash aamir neither…i bash in my life…bcuz he is good and …mindblowing actor which give delicious flick by …movie..!
    # Aamir fan u always say Aamir is bigger star as compared to i think u got your ans ..from this article…!!
    Sleep of toungue not in your hand…look at the aamir statement…when salman walk in room feel like a star walk…when i walk feel like waiter walk….# I don’t know what is the reaction of media…but next day media Made HEADLINE..Sure…
    Ye kya aamir bhi salman ki tarhe …apne ap ko waiter samjhte h etc etc…
    #This line for Aamir sir
    Unfortunate and insenstive..
    Your comment also show the Unfortunate and insenstve.
    In your statement…! #plz post my comment..!!

  • Aamir is very smart.. First he reminded ppl abt what srk said when Dilwale was about to release.. And now he has done the same when Sultan is releasing.. I know ppl will say he was asked a qstn, but so was srk and he tactfully avoided raising controversy.. and i am not defending salman.. what he said was very wrong, but aamir is a genious.. he knows how to play the game

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    Eagerly Waiting For #MohenjoDaro and for #Dangal too… Women Empowerment Subject.

  • i hate him as a person but unfortunately i love his work his dadication……
    hate him because he made that dog comment…..but love for his movies like rdb, rangeela,3i, tjp, dhkmn
    hate him because how insecure he is abt his standing and his roles but love to see his hard work and preparation for roles like dangal, ghajani, mangal pandey, rangeela…..
    whatever he is gem for his work….

  • Now some jobless morons will start with “Boycott Dangal” messages and what happened last December will be repeated.

  • Yeh kya Aamir bhai… Aapne toh apne dost pe hi hamla thok diya.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Dagabaaz Re, Haaye Dagabaaz Re ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I think waiters in this country are not so shameless to ask money from Aamir for what he said.
    I hope they will not ask. And I also hope that media doesn’t exaggerate this topic.

  • I enjoyed reading this article. Every single day his respects keeps on accelerating.

    Shah Rukh and Salman am sure feels d same way about you too.

    Words of wisdom coming from officially d 1st Hindi cinema box office centurian…dual centurian.. n trio-centurian.

    Dangal is the most genuine rival contender 4 Hgoty 2016 … Wishing all d 3 Khan’s more successful years ahead.

  • Truely perfectionist, in one sentence he praises salman and in other bashing him master stroke sir but really a big fan of his work

  • Its better to be arrogant and straighforward than to be so sugarcoated as Aamir.
    From outside, he is all praises for Salman but if Dangal collections doesnt crosses Sultan’s, Nitesh Tiwari’s career will be finished in bollywood.

  • He praised Salman and SRK.
    He admires Salman a lot.
    We Aamir and Salman fans see what we heared and then start comment on that. Actually Aamir and Salman are good friends and media trying to bring Darar among their fan Base.
    All Aamir and Salman friends just respect each others hero.
    Thank You so much Indeed

  • Ur right aamir, ur a waiter in comparison to Shah.
    And why are u always crying when u read something or watch a movie. Are u a girly man in spite of ur muscles (from chemicals)?

  • Cannot believe that is Aamir

    My god that is his look from DCH… From looking like a 55 yr old he now looks like a 35 yr old…!

    Truly inspirational

  • To be honest is also perfection and that’s Aamir Awesome Khan for you.He doesn’t self proclaim,he doesn’t celebrate himself.
    Sir you have the Oscar nominated Lagaan,you have movies in IMDb’s Top 250 movies list,you make shows like SMJ and you still call them bigger stars.You’re so down to earth and humble.

    Doesn’t matter sir because most of your fans hate this fan war thing.We just love to see you on the big screen,we love to see you making classics like Lagaan,Dil Chahta Hai,Taare Zameen Par,PK and the upcoming Dangal.Love. j.

  • This first look poster look so simple.
    I liked this poster. I know this movie will be the best movie of the year but as consideration to box office this movie collection will not bumper. but sure shot 200cr on card.

  • The reason why each & every salmaniac love amir a die hard admirer of amir hope dangal will be an ATBB.

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