Aamir is a living legend, finest actors of all time: Kareena

Kareena KapoorActress Kareena Kapoor calls actor Aamir Khan a living legend.

“Aamir is a living legend. He has a beautiful mind and he definitely is one of the finest actors of all time,” Kareena said during India’s Prime Icon programme aired on Big CBS Prime.

The actor is competing with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, A.R. Rahman and Narendra Modi for the title of “India’s Prime Icon”.

Kareena’s elder sister Karisma Kapoor, who has worked with Aamir in “Raja Hindustani”, also heaped praise at the actor.

“Aamir is most definitely an icon and a true legend. He is always up to something new and different. I’ve had the opportunity of working with him in iconic films like ‘Raja Hindustani’ and ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’,” Karisma said.

“I’m really happy that after ‘Talaash’ and ‘3 Idiots’ even Kareena-Aamir jodi has become a hit pair,” she added.



  • Jahan tak mein janta hoon us se srk is best other actors because he is hero in reel and real life but Salman and aamir are hero only reel life.

  • SRK fans saying Aamir is a wannabe actors are obviously super insecure. Aamir is way better. Definitely. That’s why these retarded fans of other actors hate him that much. Because AAMIR is sssoo good they feel threatened. He gives tough competition. And they can’t stand it. That’s a fact even if they won’t admit it. Just saying.

  • kareena kapoor said all 3 khans are great before the release of each and every khan movie.actually her career depends on khans.she has only 2 or 3 successful movies without khans.this yaer her no movies crossed 50 crore.even suprstar like aamir khan failed to cross 100 crore.vidya balan is a better actress and katrina kaif is better performer than kareena.coz kat and vidya can give hit without khan.

  • the most successful actor after amit ji and dilip sahab.
    1.srk has 23 successful films.
    2.salman has 17 successful films.
    3.akshay has 16 successful films.
    4.aamir has 10 successful films.
    5.ajay has 8 successful films.
    6.hritik has 7 successful films.
    7.ranbri has 4 successful films.
    so after 5 years later aamir will be at no.7,hritik,ajay,ranbir will cross him after 5 years.what do u think?

  • How many of those films including Amitji’s and Dilip ji’s have gone to Oscar ? none lol statistics can always be tweaked to support a certain star. Put oscar nomination and all those successful stars became unsuccessful apart from AAMIR. How many of them have given 200 crore movies even inflation adjusted Only Aamir and Big B (sholay would have done that much today or even more )…

  • Ok. Suppose King had done 3 idiots. Just imagine King as Rancho.. :P Aeyeyey hmmm bhaiyaa aal izz well..Tum nai samjhogi anjali all izz well

  • My personal fav. Is hrithik..but no doubt..amir is the most brilent actor of bollywood with big b..he is far ahead of srk,sallu,akki….amir is best in his own…..i m nt cmparing him wid hrithik coz both are great in their own styl..and both are most varsatile..

  • Hrithik is next Aamir of hindi film industry…he chooses right scripts does meaningful cinema and does experiements (lately in his career just like aamir) both started very strongly after QSQT Aamir had same craze like Hrithik after KNPH. Hope we see them together that would be EPIC!

  • @niks. Amir gave only 3 clear hit from 88 to 99 (12 years) and 2 suspicious hit rangeela nd ishq both r multistarer nd few moderate sucess hhrpk, jjws, ghulam, sarfarosh nd around 15 to 20 flop. After 2000-2005 only Lagan hit and dch ave, mp flop, it’s only post 2006 where business boomed bcos of multiplex Amir included in top bracket when other star also giving hit after hit. See akshay ajays records post 2006. They r giving bigger hit compare to earlier days.

  • @niks. How many dialogue or scene remember from Amirs movie except aila zakaas or al is well. Look at srk, bachchan or dilip saabs iconic dialogue from deewar, sholey, don, mughal e azam, vidhata, madhumati, bazigar, daar, Ddlj, chakh de. Whatever Amir is bcos of good script not bcos of acting except rangeela, dhkmn, and safarosh. His performance never ever talk about rather than script and other technical part of the movie. He never create iconic character like srk raj Rahul kabir khan, Prem vijay, munna. Radhe, chulbul. Etc.

  • @anil uperkar …Aamir gave QSQT – 1st hit …Dil Second Hit…Raja Hindustani – Hit …Rangeela and ISHQ plus Raakh went on to win 3 national awards and was classic …Aamir even won national award in special category ..Baazi did well at box office some say it was a super hit some say it was semi hit and he gave 13 flops between 88 to 99….below average one’s and average movies cannot be termed flop…and Uncle Mangal pandey is not a flop your srk’s favourite filmfare also declared it as average (above average ) also box office india says its above average…

    Now look at srk’s record he has given more hits but more number of flops as well …Aamir has given more cult classics then any other actor of his generation….Lagaan, Andaaz Apna Apna, Dil chahta hai, RDB , 3 idiots JJWS ..most number of oscar nominations from India…only oscar nominated movie in the last decade …only 200 crore movie till date…first person to give 100 crore …and fyi even sachin took 79 matches to score his first century!!

  • Hahaha only Amir does meaningful cinema. Like Mann. Mela.pandey Fanaa. Gajini. 3 idiots. Talaash. If talash is meaning then all mahesh bhatt movies with imran starrer r classics. If gijini is meaning ful so as wanted, dabang ready r classic. If 3 idiot is meaning ful then munnabhai is classics If fanaa is meaning ful then jab tak hai jan is classics. One more movie on the way baap of all meaningful movies dhoom3 where Amir want to capitalize of the brand. :-))

  • haha yeh Aakash ka jadoo hai kabhie fail nahi hota …(dil chahta hai)…Aall izz well (3 idiots)…ac ka moonh is taraf kar (rangeela)…so many legendary dialogues which a srk fan wont understand haha and FYI in QSQT Aamir was called RAJ so even RAJ title belongs to Aamir…srk might have given DDLJ and all romantic movies but still on all romantic valentine days we hear only 1 track Pehle Nasha from JJWS so even their Aamir scores! And biggest joke because of script he does well lol mate get yourself checked by nearest Doctor…have u seen EARTH 1947 go and watch it srk even if he takes 20 janams wont be able to match Aamir when it comes to acting….only he can play a college student at 45 whereas srk looked fat and ugly in kuch kuch hota hai as college boy even at age of 35 or so thats the difference between Aamir and srk…and tell srk to first give a 150 crore movie hahaha….

  • @anil uprekar if 3 idiots is not meaningful cinema according to you then plz get your brain checked …ask any random guy even srk fan even he will like 3 idiots…its modern India’s sholay …i never said ghajini was meaningful but yes it was a great movie which only aamir could have pulled of…and plz should he star in porn movies like maaya mehsahib??

  • And Mangal Pandey was very meaningful dumb it talked about revolution or first war of independance oh no Paheli was better haha…or KANK which openly said love your friends wife lol

  • Why does srk’s all meaningful cinemas cant cross 130 crores plus at box office ? hasnt his so called stardom taken a beating? he always tried manipulating…Sunny deol can best answer this :D …he openly said in his biography that he wanted to Destroy Aamir khan and look now haha cant even find a suitable date for his chindi express…Aamir has checkmated him …Salman is ra ping him at box office…Aamir has already created a brand that srk can only dream off… even before Aamir signs a movie it becomes d talking point of the nation ….if this is not enough you take chill pill and catch dhoom 3 first day first show bcoz it will be India’s biggest hit of this decade like 3 idiots was of last decade!

  • Niks either u talk commercial or critical acclaimed movies. Give source which says baazi is super hit. Even some sources says oh darling yeh India is commission earner. Chahat, koyla were average. But here I talking abut clean hit nd Semi hit which every trade accepted. Agree mp is above average. So josh semi hit hths- above average. Now cult status. If u feel Lagan cult then for me swades is cult. For u dch is cult then for me kal ho na ho is cult. For u above mentioned movies r cult then bazigar daar khkn, ddlj, devdas, khnh, swades, vz, mink chakh de r cult. If rakh won 3 national award then dtph also won 3 national award. Even saif. Raveena, karishma won it then what is special about even hv not won it. Mithunda won 3 times. So as per ur theory saif Mithun is better actor than Amir khan. If he person who gave 200 then he is the first person who gave 12 cr lifetime after giving 200

  • @nik. So whole industry need to destroy srk huhh. Amir is most insecure actor. Used tactics of releasing his movie after 2 weeks of srk which were potential to make big. Just stop the progress of the movie. And what brand Amir created??? Who is coming after 3 years after 200 cr with solo release which does equal to substandard movie like son of sardar which was clashing with srks movie. Big shame

  • One accept or not ….but the universal truth is that there are only three legends of Indian Cinema

    Deelip kumar
    Amitab Bacchan
    Shahrukh Khan

  • Aamir is a legend? LMAO! Just 10 hits in a career of 24 years and 4 so called quality films (which are either remakes or plagiarised from books or Hollywood films or credit stolen from original makers) and they call him a legend? Legends are like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. Not these pappus!

  • @anil uprekar go and check wiki page of baazi ok before opening your mouth…when i say cult everybody talks abt dch , lagaan nobody remembers main hoon na and kal ho na ho…do a survey yourself if u have any brain or sense left ask any common man who is better actor srk or aamir…if aamir is nothing then why you srk fans are scared of him…the fact is srk is aamir’s d og ….ab movies cant cross 150+ so best thing is bring your past glories an glorify yourself more…and if hits measure a actors success then govinda must be having so many hits so does he equal your srk? a c head like u wont like srk and stop commenting under different names…srk is nothing infront of Aamir …Aamir is the greatest actor of all time period

  • @anil talaash substandard lol shows your standard…JTHJ was the cheapest and btw talaash has not been nominated for kela awards its your srk’s sensible cult movie which has been nominated….first tell srk to come up with a 150+ crore movie then we will talk ….only salman khan fans have that respect …chindi express will be the biggest flop wait and watch…

  • And idiot dhobi ghat was 12 crore and still a hit and it wasnt his full fledged movie…it was art movie i know it will be hard for a srk fan to understand art no we r not talking abt mayamemsahib that was soft porn lol…u know anything about print count ?scree count…in how many theatres did dhobi ghat release so u expected it to cross 100 crores lol u should have expected ra.one to cross 200 crore not dhobhi ghat dum bo

  • aamir has done 3 art film..raakh,1947 earth nd dhobighat.salman actd in a 1 art film with abhisekh n shilpa setty..recently amitji actd in a art film called the last lyar with prity n arjun..n yr so cld king khan actd in a art film cald maya memsab..dats a porn film.

  • u cnt compare these films with commercial films u dumbos..u wl never understand what is art..even talaash wasnt a commercial film it a offbeat film..still it collectd 93 cr in india n 60cr in overseas..dats da power of aamir..still if u want 2 compare den jus wait 4 dhoom3.

  • Aamir Khan had made/produced/acted-in some very good movies in particualr post 2007 period and we feel Ghajni 2008 (Hindi version) was the best work to date. 3 idiots was OK, not very good, but a passable routine college flick. Keeping aside some later films which were from average to fair but Aamir did maintain quality for which he is known for.

    However, Aamir Khan’s 2012 mystery thriller Talash in our view cannot match the production value of 2008 Ghajni. Talash is overall slow in pace, and tests ones patience, one can easily judge what will come up next, and that we fear is the weak point in story unfolding of Talash. Songs are just average, nothing special. Talash would have looked much better if made as a TV long play drama, as motion picture techniques are quite different & falling flat in this film. Despite some flaws Talash is a movie which should be watched once, for Aamir Khan, but do not expect something extraordinary from Talash.

    Aamir Khan is one of most senior /talented stars of Bollywood who makes quality movies, but we will not label him as legend. However, Dilip sahib, Sir Amitabh Bachen, and Sir Raj Kappor(lt) are /were the true screen legends and there would be few fellows who can deny this fact.

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