Hogi Salman Ki Shaadi Video Album launch! (Pics)

Salman Khan, who celebrates his 47th birthday today, is one of the most eligible bachelors in town. Actor Shreyas Talpade, at the launch of ‘Hogi Salman Ki Shaadi’ video album, was all praises for the superstar.

“Unfortunately, everybody calls him ‘bhai’! But his fan following is so huge that any girl would love to marry him. He is loved by one and all. He has done a lot for a lot of people and it’s not only the screen persona, but off-screen also. He is such a person, who is very kind to everyone, helps everyone and wants good for everyone,” Shreyas said.

“Obviously people will think good for him. And I think any girl in India would give her right arm to get married to Salman” he added.

Shreyas TalpadeShreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade launches Hogi Salman Ki Shaadi musicShreyas Talpade launches Hogi Salman Ki Shaadi music

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  • Reality of JTHJ v/s D2
    JTHJ :
    2500 screens, 3 hour run time, Competition from Masala SOS, Romantic genre
    3700 screens, 1 hr 45m runtime, solo release, full mass masala movie, action and item song genre
    JTHJ collection : 127 Cr, overseas 84 cr
    D2 Collection : 140 Cr, overseas 50 Cr
    So its clear Bhai is the BO king.. Er.. Okay bhai is average.. er sorry Bhai rocks :)

  • Top reasongs why Dabangg-2 is a family film :

    1) Semi nude women doing a lot of item songs.
    2) Chunkey pandey tells his father that his mother did not like sleeping with him.. Waaaah
    3) Chunkey pandey asks the doctor how many more months before he can have sex with his pregnant wife.. waaah
    4) Chunkey pandey makes a double meaning reference to vagina.
    5) Lot of 3rd class bad words used from our chunkey bhaiyya
    6) When makkhi knocks chunkey pandey’s door, he says how did you come to know i have just finished having sex with your bhabhi.. Waaaaah

    Enjoy with your family.

  • He is such a person, who is very kind to everyone, helps everyone and wants good for everyone,” Shreyas said.
    “Obviously people will think good for him. And I think any girl in India would give her right arm to get married to Salman” he added.

    read haters he is best human being in B-TOWN

  • Typical Salman fan :
    1) Dabangg-2 will bring hurricane to india and cross 250cr.. er sorry it actually it has brought a wave
    of cold in north.. so Dabangg-2 will shatter earth and make 150cr.. haha
    2) Salman films are story and script independent.. er sorry we made a mistake, nobody seems to be liking
    the story and nobody seems interested
    3) Opening day record of ETT will be broken.. er sorry we forgot its a working day so it is still good


  • @star: Yaar Tumhae Ghar mein matam chhaya hua hai kya? Tumhare likhne se kuchh fark parta hai kya?

    Ek hi boring stuff baar baar likh rahe ho.

    Likho Likho.

    Isse yehi proof hota hai ke SK kitna popual hai.

  • @STAR, @Star .. Salman is very busy with she-ra and now this court thing.. so please have some patience until she-ra is done with Salman.

  • well,this is what called Salman mania.Even anti stupid fans are trending about him in this page in their own jealous style.Crying at the success of the film & showing their arrogance in this way.Kamaal karte ho yaar jhutiya saalo !

  • @star i think tu salman ki najayaj a@lad hai salman ne teri maa ko apnane se inkar kar diya isliye to apna gussa nikal raha hai.

  • Jay wel said dude he always come with his same use less stuff this shows its not only Bcoz of salman success and Srk failure its some what u mentioned

  • @ Star Guess what ..D2 did more business in 1st week than JTHJ’s life time collection. Keep trying dude..you are getting slow..

  • @ Indicine : Please ban this guy named ‘Star’ from posting comments from all pages if you are really moderating and checking comments before allowing it to appear.
    Trace and Block his ip address as blocking his id wont help.
    He is creating a mess here !!!!!

  • 21st Century’s Salman Khan Has Turned Out To Be 20th Century’s Amitabh Bachchan

    December 28th, 2012 by Joginder Tuteja

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    Salman Khan at an Event

    Dabangg 2 has lived up to the challenge. Against all detractors, cynics and mischief mongers, Khan brothers (Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan) have won the battle, and how. The film opened on a fantastic note, stayed consistent, showed further rise on Christmas and then enjoyed steady collections on rest of the weekdays as well. Result? More than 107 crores coming in a matter of one week, hence resulting in a film which is a clear superhit already.

    With the film’s success, Salman is currently enjoying the kind of streak that no other actor of his generation or anyone else for that matter in last 20 years has ever enjoyed. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan has been consistent, Aamir Khan has enjoyed a peak season as well while Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn have delivered hits at regular intervals as well. However last man before Salman who gave five superhits/blockbusters in a row (and that too in such gargantuan proportion) has been only one man – Amitabh Bachchan!

    Now is the time for me to actually make this declaration: Salman Khan in the 21st century has turned out to be what Amitabh Bachchan was in the 20th century! The current generation, which perhaps missed out on the euphoria that Big B once enjoyed, is fortunate to see phenomenon up, close and personal. As for those who have been a witness to Bachchan’s popularity, and before that perhaps Rajesh Khanna, Rajendra Kumar or Dilip Kumar, it is an event of a lifetime which has turned out to be reality two times over.

    Salman Khan has turned out to be the greatest entertainer of the current era and that’s a reason big enough to relish and cherish!

    Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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