Aamir is a living legend, finest actors of all time: Kareena

Kareena KapoorActress Kareena Kapoor calls actor Aamir Khan a living legend.

“Aamir is a living legend. He has a beautiful mind and he definitely is one of the finest actors of all time,” Kareena said during India’s Prime Icon programme aired on Big CBS Prime.

The actor is competing with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, A.R. Rahman and Narendra Modi for the title of “India’s Prime Icon”.

Kareena’s elder sister Karisma Kapoor, who has worked with Aamir in “Raja Hindustani”, also heaped praise at the actor.

“Aamir is most definitely an icon and a true legend. He is always up to something new and different. I’ve had the opportunity of working with him in iconic films like ‘Raja Hindustani’ and ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’,” Karisma said.

“I’m really happy that after ‘Talaash’ and ‘3 Idiots’ even Kareena-Aamir jodi has become a hit pair,” she added.



  • Dear Kareena Kapoor Khan

    u even praised SRK during Ra.one’s release
    and Salman when bodyguard released.

    So, u are a clever mind whose playing between the Khans…

  • Dr.Akhilesh Singh: lolax lolax lolax

    dabaang 2 has already exceeded lifetime collection ( 92 cr ) of talash in 5 days …..

    talking abt jab tak hai jaan will beat with in 2 days span. lolz

    well, credit of most brilliant flim 3 idiots ( i’VE SEEN 3 TIMES IN THEATER ) goes 2 director not aamir bhai.

  • Anyone remembers Don VS Jaaneman clash?

    the biggest clash ever ……SRK VS Salman…

    SRK fu cked Salman(dabangg khan,BHAI,tiger,ATBB Khan) and Akshay(Khiladi,So-called new king in 2006-2007 era) alone….

    and anyone remembers Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya where BHAI clashed again with SRK..?

  • @Sunny: what is so great about him? He was once called flop khan for his continuous flops for over a decade. He only made his fortunes after stealing some good scripts from south indian movies.

  • good joke – clash between jaane-mann ….n Don dat means clash between Experienced Farhan akthar and shirish kunder ( jane e man was his first movie ) !!!!! ????

    so of course dat was bcoz don is like brand ! famous bcoz of amitab and salim khan ( salman dad )

    dat was like india vs kenya match !!! still salman bhai jane maan made 42 cr ..lolax

    credit of don goes to salman dad ( writer of original don ) n amitab bachhan who has made don so famous.

  • Guys stop ur salman Srk fight in other page . . Aamir is legend by kareena .salman is real king by audience and Srk is self proclaimed king by himself. . Agree it or go to hel

  • srk doesnt looks don from any angle ! u know what “uski personality dekhte hua tum kuch jyada hii bol rahe ho ” hahahaahah

  • Xmas . . Oh Srk fcked other in from 95 to 09 huh then y Srk has only 5 yr top grossin films and whereas salman has 8 times top grossin films . . Any logical ans to dis huh lol

  • undoubtly he is the finest actor of all time.
    After Amitabh there is only Aamir khan who is most respectable actor in India.
    srk and salman k fans to aapas me lad-lad kar waise hi mare jaa rahe h reality kya khak pata hai saalo ko, they r saying that Salman’s break talaash collection in 5 days but ask them follish what abt 3 idiot record, i m not anti Salman but due respect to him still i hav to say that his Dabangg will not break 3 idiot lifetime record too.
    so if only Salman can break his record than its only Aamir who can break his own record he proved by creating record by Ghajini and also break that record by big margin with 3 idiots , and looked article of indicine in which it clearly mention that 3 idiots passed 100 cr record in 9 days looked at 3 yrs ago when ticikt price is low, 3 idiot released in 1500 theartes still he passed 100 cr in just 9 days and those who saying that its due to Rajkumar Hirani so my ans is that no director can bring the audience with his name its only an actor popularity which make it possible in that way credit should given to Prabhu deva who remaked Wanted through which Salman Stardom start in new phase
    so dear salman and srk fan bete baap baap hota h aur beta beta pehle aamir k 3 idiot ka record todo phir bolna k salman or srk is ahead of him…

  • Dilip Kumar is legend agreed
    Amitabh is legend also agreed
    SRK is legend ia a big Joke as he only copies above legends that too so badly no originality and cant do anything different roles except stupid romance Ra1 Asoka Don Paheli Billu
    so Aamir Khan is true Legend Icon of present times as he does all kinds of different roles in every film not depending n one image or masala films for success and still delivering success with risky subjects Hats off only Aamir can do new subjects
    Lagaan Sarfarosh Dil chahta Hai Tare Zameen par Fanaa RDB Talaash 3idiots
    Not a single film to match quality of Fake legend SRKhaaay

  • @sunny 3 idiots wont be crossed so keep your mouth shut mate…dhoom 3 will cross lifetime of dabangg 2 in a week or actually make it 5 days….
    @dr sahib srk is best over actor not actor…plus aamir never acts on screen he is pretty natural for me Indias best 3 are:

    1. Sanjeev Kumar
    2. Aamir Khan
    3. Amitabh Bachchan

  • Salman should be respected for not being d best actor but the most stylish and consistent actor (for past 3 years) and plz srk fans srk was never like Salman even during his prime days it was Aamir khan who took india to 100 crore and 200 crore club and now salman is giving 100 + movies like he playing 20-20 matches… Salman = Power khan of box office
    Aamir = Class + mass khan

    srk= jealous khan of bollywood :P

  • @xmas when did he single handedly raped everybody? in 1996 itself he was gang ra ped by aamir’s raja hindustani lol…in 97 ishq did pretty well and Salman was giving hits den 98 Ghulam 99 sarfarosh and Hum dil de chuke sanam when was he doing all dat stuff?? only in 1998 yes he gave some hits but common even den Aamir was Aamir ….and in 1995 itself Rangeela also received pretty gud reception and Aamir was highly appreciated….border stole the show in 1998 or 97 and Soldier was biggest hit not dil toh pagaal hai ….

  • Aamir is the best, how could you even compare such a brilliant actor with actors like srk and salman who could do nothing better than repeated commercial masala movies.

  • Same guy who made Mela and Mangal Pandey? The success of Lagaan was blown out of proportion. Fell asleep while watching Taare Zameen Par. I like RDB but because of the other actors. I liked Ghajini but why some people consider it above all the other recent masala films in beyond me. It is same film Action Comedy Romance all rolled into 2 hours. Like 3 idiots but it had just as many illogical scenes that any film could have. Some delivering a baby with a vaccum is dangerous first of all. Talaash was good tho. I hope he doesn’t screw up Dhoom 3

  • Aamir is wannabe actor. He can barely act. as much as people respect his sincerity and hardwork towards acting. He is too overrated as an actor.

    Aamir cannot improvise much. He cannot rise above the script. He is not properly trained as an actor hence he cannot hold audiences with his acting skills and techniques when character is poorly written.

    He is a decent actor. but definitely below Shah Rukh & few others.

  • 1. Dilip kumar
    2. Amitabh
    3. Shahrukh
    Above 3 r actor cum superstar with consistency with excellent tally of award. People who glorifying Amirs acting need to ask first do devdas, mugh-eazam, Ann, deewar, trishul, don, bazigar, Ddlj, swades, chakhde or agneepath kind of role. Not college boy with friendship angle.

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