A R Murugadoss – Sonakshi Sinha Film titled ‘Akira’

The title of A R Murugadoss’ upcoming film with Sonakshi Sinha has been announced.  The film, produced by Fox Star Studios, has been titled ‘Akira’.

Sonakshi will be seen playing the role of a girl who is often misunderstood, but fights back when she is cornered.  The film has a strong social message about women empowerment and their safety.

The film went on floors on 16th March and will be shot across various Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur.

A R Murugadoss has previously directed Aamir Khan in Ghajini and Akshay Kumar in Holiday: A Soldier is never off duty.

A R Murugadoss next starring Sonakshi Sinha titled Akira

A R Murugadoss next starring Sonakshi Sinha titled Akira



  • sona was outstanding in lootera and gd in dabangg films.she also gave a decent performance in tevar.

    but despite her best efforts she was highly irritating and torturous in akki kumars films like rowdy,holiday,ouatimd.shame on akki for nvr giving a well written role to a talented girl like sona in his films

  • arjun kapoor n sonakshi sinha r just waste of time..
    getting bored with with these 2 stars
    industry don’t need arjun kapoor, sonakshi, imraan khan, sidharth, sonam…

  • Lootera mam is not a big star to pull audience for a solo female centric film,so it will flop… I have began to hate sona mam..

  • Dabangg 1 is the best performance of sonakshi(i have not seen lootera).why?because it was restrained.so my advice to sonakshi is that dont try to be scarlet o’hara(coz thats impossible)and give restrained performances.

  • AR Murugadoss films, loved Ghajini which had a stronge performance by Aamir and A consistancy over the plot.
    Holiday was a average to below average film for me. The movie seemed disturbed whenever they showed the scenes of Govinda and Sonakshi. The scene of Sonakshi punching his Dad also made me cringe. The plot was serious, but flawed.

    Am waiting for Akiraa. Finally we’re going to see Sonakshi in a performance-oriented film since the MASTERPIECE of 2013!

  • My ratings for Sonakshi’s films:

    Dabbang: 2.75-3/5
    Rawdy Rathore: 1.5/5
    Dabbang 2: 2/5
    Lootera: 4.5/5
    R Rajkumar:0.5-1/5
    Action Jackson: 0.5/5
    Holiday: 2-2.5/5
    Tevar: 1.5/5

  • my rating for sona films(6.5+ means thumbs up)
    rowdy rathore-8/10
    r rajkumar-0.5/10

    so I hv liked only 2 of her films including holiday where she was horrible

  • Well good to see she doing women centric movie.
    My ratings for Sona mam’s friend movie;
    1. Bang Bang – 1/5
    2. K3 – 1.5/5
    3. Agnipath – 2/5
    4. ZNMD – 2.5/5
    5. Guzarish – 2/5
    6. Kites – 1.5/5.
    I hoping next year get highest rating for sona mam friends.

  • Another Disaster on cards because It doesn’t seem like there is a lot going on in her head for each role I’ve seen her take. Sona has become one dimensional eye candy and unfortunately the public is catching on the the fact that she has no dramatic depth.

    BTW, Lootera is possibly one of the worst films I’ve seen just when you thought it was over, it goes on and on and on. :)

  • Murugadoss is digging his own grave by giving Sonakshi a role in his movie. She will turn it into a disaster.

  • While watching the project of Vikramaditya-sona combo, I didn’t even know what even “critics” mean. Then after 1 month , I came to know about Critics by one of my friends and indicine. At that time, I was surprised to know that my choices are mostly matching with the ratings of critics.
    I absolutely loved Lootera and so did critics . This fact developed the trust upon critics within me.
    Lootera ratings by strict critics:

    Rajeev Masand: 4/5
    Raja Sen: 5/5
    Sukanya Verma: 4/5
    Aseem Chabra: 4.5/5
    Saibal Chattarjee: 4/5
    Anupama Chopra: she didn’t review this movie due to some of her personal problems. But she ranked it as best love story of 2013.

  • Okay! People(mainly Salmanfan) are directly attacking Hro’s films.
    Here comes my rating:

    1.Kites: 3/5 (more than all Salfilms of 2010s)

    2.Guzaarish: 3/5 (more than all salfilms of 2010s)

    3. ZNMD: 3.75

    4. Agneepath: 3/5

    5. Krrish 3: 3/5

    6. Bang Bang: 2-2.5/5

  • till now she acted as show piece for salman akshay ajay….in all movies she has nothing to do… only film she gt gud roal was lootera which flopped…many thinks she is fat… i think she is gud looking grl doing rubbish movies… need to loose weight n do meaty roals like this murgadoss film offering her…

  • @arjun kapoor fan….. dabbang 5.5/10 n
    rawdy rathode 8/10
    whats this man… r u salman hater of B grade movie lover…?

  • Good director
    Bad heroine
    Good reviews
    Bad collections

    Oops, but sonakshi is only concerned about collections..?

  • @nipun son of a critic
    salman films get 2-3 stars
    but hro films get 0-2 stars
    u love critics but u love hro its really strange

  • @nipun son of a critic
    critics will give atleast 1 star becoz of salman which ur over actor will not get

  • Well…. some manipulated movie of fans indirectly said about Salman movie.
    I rating my fav Salman movie;
    Dabangg – 4.5/5 (which more than all hr movie)
    Ready – 3.5/5 (more than hr movie)
    Bodyguard – 3/5 (more than jadoo movie)
    ETT – 3.5/5 (more than ha ha ha hr movie)
    D2 – 3.5/5 i not mention other movie coz someone…….
    Jai ho – 3/5
    Kick – 4/5 (more than bong bong).
    Sona mam sure rocking this movie……

  • @nippon
    your hro’s classic superhero film kriss 3 got zero stars from raja sen which is more than all salfilms
    k3 was a shame for those who like superhero films

  • @Arjun kapoor fan,ur rating is insane,especially for dabangg.although i am an akkifan rr-8/10 and dabangg-5.5/10 is crazy rating.dabangg is obviously better than rr.

  • @herpic roshan’fan n lallu kapoor fan. My rating for sonakishi film
    Rowady rathore-3/5
    R…. rajkumar-3.5/5

    N urs star’s film
    Bong bong-0/5
    Jodha akbar-1.5/5


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