Gabbar Is Back Poster: RIP Corruption

A new poster of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gabbar Is Back’ is out. The film is about rooting out corruption by punishing the corrupt. The poster reads “R.I.P Corruption. BORN 15 – 8 – 1947. Died 1 – 5 – 2015. Cause of Death – Gabbar”

It says corruption in the country started the day India got Independence and will end on the day the film releases in theatres i.e May 1.

Check out the poster!

Gabbar Is Back Poster

Gabbar Is Back Poster



  • Superb Fantastic Awesome
    Poster looking very impressive, i am happy that Akshay Sir doing some new and unique style for his movies. Sure shot this time 100 crore

  • gabbar looks like he is the undertaker and akshay playing a vigilante in gabbar and vigilante is sting

  • all pointing towerds a very entrtaining movie, looks like this film will be promoted heavily… so if its gud movie it will be akshays biggest blockbuster .. othrwise epic flop..

  • This 15 august, sholay will complete 30 years.. So this movie should be released on that date.. Then in will literally mean gabbar is back..
    Brothers and Sib should be postponed…
    Saal me keval 2 movies hi karo but distributers ko kuch profit to do..

  • There’s a spelling mistake in the poster..
    It should be collection instead of corruption..
    RIP collections

  • akki upcoming films

    gabbar 170 bb

    brothers 260 bb

    sib 210 bb

    airlift +200 and the best film in 2016

    house full3 +250 bb

    2015 and 2016 it is akki years

  • very creative poster, will the movie be on the lines of s26, holiday or baby, let’s wait & watch.

    so here I will do a srk, I will plagiarise unofficially like srk’s movies and try to be as genuine as possible, so here I go
    D.R.I.P. (Don’t rest in peace)
    BORN (the day when srk’s ‘dabba fan’ releases)
    DIED (16 days after the release)
    cause of death
    OVER ACTING (double role, so double the over acting, double the head ache, double the irritation & double the torture)

    T.I.P (torture in peace)
    BORN (the day srk’s ‘crappywale’ releases)
    DIED ( 11 days there after)
    cause of death

    we haktards have a lot of expectations from our king gangutheili , we r xpecting 70 crores opening day for ‘theil bechnewale’ & 35 crores for ‘pankaa’, 700 crores lifetime for rohit’s ‘cars ko uselessly waste karnewale’ & 350 crores for ‘billu ka bekaar fan’

    P.S Lol now some haku fans will try to plagarise the thing that I have already plagiarized :D

  • creativity ka dusra naam Akshay Kumar !
    Akki toh entry bhi humEsha creative way m maarta h LOL !
    All The best KHILADI _/\_

  • Those guys who are care-takers n night-watchmen of Indian Cinema should RIP actually. How can they claim it n write it off even widout watching trailer ? And those blasphemous baffoonish fellows should watch milestone n path-breaking film which released on some 1st week of January this year n some 2nd week of Feb roughly. Gabbar will be better than those afore-said oscar winner films !

  • @mashlin agree with u.a question 2 u abt wwe.wht do u think will undertaker win agt bray & brock wud b defeated by reigns?

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