Will SRK’s Dilwale clash with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani?

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Q. What chances do you think there are of ‘Dilwale’ having an open release date? Do you think Bhansali will bow out of the Christmas slot? - Rahul

A. Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Dilwale’ will get a solo release. It would be suicidal for any producer to clash against a Rohit Shetty film starring SRK, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. More so for a costly film like ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The last time they clashed (Om Shanti Om and Saawariya in 2007) the results were disastrous for Bhansali.

Q. What is the lifetime collection of Baby? - kritagya

A. Baby has collected Rs 96.91 crore so far. You can check the detailed day-wise collections here. For the latest updates on collections of all movies in 2015 – click here.

Q. I have a question about Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra starrer ‘Brothers’, which will release on Independence Day 2015. Can Brothers break 32 crore opening record of Singham Returns and 139 crore lifetime record of Singham Returns ?  - Faizan Tariq Khan

A. Brothers is releasing on 14th August (non-holiday), so it has no chance of collecting more than Singham Returns on Day 1. It could, however, get close to the 30 crore figure on Day 2, depending on how well the trailer and film is received. We expect the first day collections to be somewhere around the 20 crore mark.


Q. A film like Queen and Dum Laga Ke Haisha can collect better in second weekend than first due to great word-of-mouth.. But these trends would be near impossible for a film like Happy New Year, Dhoom 3, Dabangg.. correct? Because the first weekend is usually full to capacity. So can the second weekend be even bigger? - Sherhryar

A. You are right. Big films that open well have absolutely no chance of collecting more in second weekend. Both Queen and Dum Laga Ke Haisha released on limited number of screens and took slow starts at the box office. They gained momentum through the first week due to good reports and mouth publicity, which helped those films peak in Week 2. Among mega grossers, 3 Idiots and PK are the best trending films. PK dropped by 47% in Week 2 (it collected 182.89 cr in first week and 95.64 cr in second). 3 Idiots dropped by just 28% in Week 2 (79.5 cr in first week, 56.5 cr in second). Dabangg, one of Salman’s best trending films, dropped by 65% in Week 2. If any big film today manages to hold like 3 Idiots, it will easily cross the 400 crore mark in India!

Q. How much a female centric movie by Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone can earn, if the movie has same word of mouth like PK and 3 Idiots? (I assume Alia and Deepika to be the biggest crowd pullers amongst actresses).

A. Deepika and Katrina Kaif are the two biggest female stars in the industry. As for how much their films would earn with fantastic word-of-mouth, it would entirely depend on the genre. A concept film like OMG! Oh My God earned 80 crore plus, even though it took a slow start. If Deepika or Katrina attempt a film with sex as its selling point, like Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ for example, then it can even cross the 100 crore mark.

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  • Right Indicine. If SRK comes on Christmas, neither Bhansali nor SajidN would dare to clash with SRK’s film given their past experiences. Sawariya & Janemaan..

  • Brand Hera pheri 3 confirm for 18th dec…
    so definitely dilwale collection will affect..
    Watch ajay devgn dilwale instead of that..
    hera pheri 3 will be hit for sure..

  • Bajirao mastani has big stars like pc n deepika no worry for bhansali to clash with mediocre combo rohit srk
    bros remake of flop film starring akki dnt expect too much

    a movie like charlies angel can do 100crs

  • There nothing like that everyone can clash with srk
    king of Diwali ajay devgn clash with srk in 2012 … Sos easily cross 100 cr…movie was hit…
    Even rk clash srk with out a fear Lol… I know movie was disaster but atleast he not scared with clash…

  • Dilwale shootimg haven’t even been started. I don’t know how they are going to release it this Christmas. In that case Bhajirao Mastani has a chance for Christmas. However I really want them to release Dilwale during this year. Otherwise we’ll hav to bear 1 year without SRK release.

  • Bhansali makes his movie grand and there must b skin show just like in ram leela and this time there is pc also it can easily attract audience and can give good competition to a usual entertainer like dilwale
    saawariya was a dark film forget abot it

  • If Bajirao clashes with Dilwale it would beat the Rohit shetty film completely. People are tired of watching nonsensical movies like CE and HNY.
    Bajirao mastani-150 crore
    Dilwale-140 crore

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali vs Rohit Shetty.
    I would love to see BM vs Diwali.

    Sanjay Bhansali is good director but he keeps making the same mistakes/flaws over and over so they become more and more glaring (ie Ram Leela ).

    The man doesn’t know how to pull us in to his stories, how to pace them, how to make us believe in them and put us on the edge of our seat, dying to know what happens next.

    On the Other hand we have Rohit Shetty, the guy exactly knows what the audience want and he knows how to entertain them. the audience have always loved his films. He’s a pretty good director, all the best dude.

  • I can’t say anything about Brothers because the original film was not a commercial success although it received critical acclaim but the thing is Nobody knows what this one will be, good or bad so lets wait the trailer.

  • if we talk abt collaboration its not possible no one will have guts to release two big films on same day either be shetty or slb.

    Now if I have to say anything abt brothers I wud say that even to get 20cr opening the trailer must be outstanding and buzz should be sky high and to get over singham the wom must like baby coz after all its akshay film.despite being fan of akshay I will speak what I feel.

  • I feel very Sad despite having everything in akshay film the fate of movie didn’t get bigger eg baby.
    I think the problem is itself akki he should only release 1 or 2 movies a year,audience gets bore. he shud do fresh scripts with great message to say in order to get audience back coz ppl can’t pay for same actor again and again if he appears lots of time in a single year.
    if akshay won’t take his career seriously then I doubt he might loss his stardom.

  • I am a salmir fan
    pk was just an ok film not great its music was not a big hit still it did 340crs
    so an excellent film can do 400crs

  • frankly speaking I don’t think brothers will make huge money.akshay might have best lineup of movies but due to less time of gap it will affect his all upcoming movies take it as gabber, brothers or airlift.

    I don’t why I m saying negative things about akshay but it really hurts me if I see junior actors hro and ranbir ranked above akshay by indicine or anyone else.I really want akshay to give back to back super hits prove himself.

  • Yaa no one dare to release with srk.
    Dilwalle is a solo release may be hera pheri 3 will release a week before.

  • Dilwale an outdated title
    mark my words dilwale is a 3 day film so no chance of going past 200 without manipulation

  • I don’t agree that lead played by deepika,alia or any top actress will get 100cr box office at any cost.vidya was lucky.but at present situation its very difficult.

  • sunny’s ghayal returns is releasing with prdp.but no body is daring to clash with THE KING? how pity.now salman fans,can we say NO ONE HAS THE DARE TO RELEASE against THE KING ! well sunny proved he fears KING KHAN more than sallu.It’s my challenge to every actor/director be it’s amir/raju to release against KING KHAN-ROHIT.the result will you’ll be simply SMASH.

    POWER OF KING KHAN.if some one will release the same will happen just like ROHIT’S car in HIS films and those poor cars are ouatimd,madras cafe,satyagraha.I think there is no cars this time.

  • SLB takes time to complete his films so I don’t think he will release it till Christmas..Dilwale will get a solo release..I hope it manages to entertain as many people as possible..expecting a light hearted family entertainer .
    As of brothers,independence day falls on Saturday so it can hold steady throughout the day..I expect its first day to be around 25 crore

  • Blockbuster Director , Blockbuster Jodi & in the end a SRK starrer # Dilwale is going to break all the Records by some Margin….

  • we haklutards fear that ‘bajirao mastani’ clashing with our queen’s ‘hakluwale’ would be disastrous for our queen’s classiest movie. our c-grade queen who has more than 3.9 billion fans worldwide (and might be the only one who can give 3.9 trillion flop shows in a row like ZKJ, KAAPH & SSK) may fail to give a BB if ‘kujliwale’ clashes with bajirao as our queen’s ‘bakriwale’ would need to collect atleast 230+ crores to be a BB.

    we have been dreaming since the last 8-9 years, the dream that our queen would give the highest grosser of the year but our queen has given us nothing except disappointment and crappy classics all these years, we are hoping, dreaming & praying that atleast this time our queen who can stammer better than a goat will deliver the year’s biggest grosser with ‘lungiwale’, so we don’t want to have a clash with any movie be it of ranveer singh starrer or tushaar kapoor singh starrer, we want the govt of India to declare the next 50 days after the opening day of ‘dabbawale’ as national holidays so that we all can watch this rohit’s historical classic movie and want our queen to over promote this movie for atleast 13 months in advance and over hype it more than farah’s epic mega mega mega mega ‘bangbuster’ crappy new year but deep down we know that it is almost impossible for our lungi khan to give the highest grosser of the year but still we will keep dreaming, we will not give up, we will keep writing the comments like ‘300 crores storm is coming’, ‘400 crores dholwale is coming’ etc……..

  • thanks indicine for reminded him that deepika and katrina are the crowd fuller not alia people should understand that

  • there wont be clash on christmas.
    if it happens – sorry bhansali , opening weekend itself will break ur all recovery expectations.
    as opening will be overcome by srk-rohit-holiday period-big other actors in film-pre buzz.these all will work in favor of dilwale only nd i havent any doubt on it.
    only after first weekend a movie will run on its merit.
    sorry this time again.
    but i dont see any clash this christmas.
    DILWAALE will be a solo release.go on.

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