4 days to go for Tubelight Teaser, Salman tweets

The curiosity around Tubelight is increasing with each passing day. After a new ‘innocent’ looking stills, Salman has released a new poster counting down to 4 days for the release of the Tubelight teaser.

One of the two characters in the poster is Salman.. is the other Sohail Khan? The actor was previously spotted on the sets wearing a police uniform.

“Mazaa aayega… sirf 4 din baaki” Salman tweeted.

Teaser releases May 4 2017. Film releases 23 June 2017. Kabir Khan directs.

4 days to go Tubelight Teaser

4 days to go Tubelight Teaser



  • @ tiger 2: 29 pm, Abe chamiya SRK also had a cameo in ADHM which collected 115 crore .So We SRK fans can also consider ADHM as SRK film,and count it as 1 more 100 crore movie of SRK.just like u shameless people count KKHH as 1 extra blockbuster of Salman.but we are not shameless like you.

  • Some morons are chanting that Prabhas>>>>>Khans. According to their jhand logic Karun Nayar>>>>>>Sachin/Gavaskar/Kohli… Cz Karun scored 300 runs in a inning….. But Sachin, Gavaskar, Virat Kohli etc have never scored 300 runs in a inning…… #Bloody idiots!

    April 30, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    You are right… they don’t watch bollywood and bash hindi films. they feel jealous abt B’wood but we Praise their films… if we go by content, Bahubali is nowhere near BB, Dangal, PK, 3 idiots, Munnabhai etc. VFX wise too, We have better film like D3, Don 2, Bang Bang, ETT & Kick but due to limited budget (coz of less recovery oprions for B’wood film) actions were reduced and were made under controlled budget, Bahubali 1&2 are made in Huge budget and have a lot of action scenes… coz south has many recovery options… Except Mysore circuit, No other in south (Nizam/Andhra, Tamil/Kerala) watch Bollywood films. For ex : Bahubali collected 50 crs on day one only in Nizam/Andhra but no bollywood film ever has collected 50 crs in lifetime… Baahubali surprised many coz they don’t watch Hollywood or they would have realised that Baahubali has cartoonish actions scenes and no where near 300, Gladiator, Exodus etc… (m not counting Sci-Fi coz Avengers, Star wars these r 1000 times better than Cartoon Bahubali, forget abt Avatar coz it is million times better than B’bali.

    If Hollywood were as popular as Bollwood or even South Indian films in India, 200 crs was enough for it coz no one would have gone for this Cartoonish VFX film…..

    My friend told me that b’bali is the best (VFX wise) then I said go & watch Hollywood, it would look cartoon on other day.

    If tax rates reduce many people will come for bollywood….

  • hahahaha desperate bhai fans want to release tubelight on 8000screens just to break bahubali’s record haha poor boxoffice collection obsessed bhai fans, keep dreaming guys bahubali 2 is not only a tamacha on these edx dependent khans but all bollybood fans especially on these agorant sallu fans, who still think bhai is the baap of bollybood without having a single major record

  • gola
    April 30, 2017 at 3:47 pm
    are bhaiyo plz all fan bases support our megastar’s next film which is having 0 buzz currently due to mega success of bahubali so that it can even get 1/4 opening of bahubali haha agorant sallu fans aa hi gaye aukat pe, these were the same guys who enjoyed fan’s failure, mohanjodaro’s failure raees vs kabil’s underperformance and many more, ab bahubali ki mega success ne in agorant fans ko zameen pe la diya jo har dusre actor ki film ke collection ka majak udate the, anyways my support to all agorant sallu fans who whose beloved megastar is yet to touch 30cr opening day without holuday, even aamir’dangal opening was much higher than his excuse day,pre eid excuse non holiday day release bajrangi bhaijaan

    I’m confused! Lol…. What do u wanna say ?! Jab likhne nahi aati to kyun apna time waste kar rahe ho ?!

    Waise Salman Khan k compare mein abhi Koi nahi hai samjhe… Ye bahubali, sirf aur sirf VFX aur action scenes k wajah se chali hai, nahi to Prabhas aur Rajamouli ko koi jaanta bhi nahi hai, Plus ye south induan film thee jiske wajah se itna collect kiya…

    Nizam/Andhra mein 50 crs opening day pe par Bollywood ki film 5 crs bhi opening nahi le paati hai, agar south mein Bollywood k film ko dekhne lage to to phirr South Indian film Bollywood k film ko chhoo bhi nahi payegi… Plus kuchhh Log jo hollywood ki filmein nahi dekhte unke liye Bahubali best film thi, is liye ye itna chala bhi… warna Rajamouli aur Prabhas ko koi janta bhi nahi hai…. Salman ki film without much vfx and actions scenes collect 300 crs.. they canbonly dream off

  • 4 days to go for another 400 crores mega crap fest. We love u bhaiyaajaan .we love u ..salman khan was enough to create hurricane of crappiness and mediocrity. Now I m seeing his bro.sohail khan….expect thunderous mega gigantic crap fest on 23 June. …no doubt it will earn 400 crores plus but it will break all the records of crappiness. .

  • I am HR fan please do not expect from us ….. we have seen during MJo and kaabil how much you people loves bollywood. I know mjo was not good but the way all have given negative publicity we know…. everyone knows by heart boi is partial with khan and other.. these movie or next eagerly waiting the day when third grade actor would see again big flops…
    You want to compete with like bahubali then you shud know some acting otherwise laila mein laila karo or sing fevicol song…

  • Many people will not accept my views though i am going to say some facts.

    1. Dear Movie lovers, Do not try to comparison between Prabash with Khans. I love prabash, i love his innocent face & everything. But, the fact is he is not near what 3 khans stand today. whatever figures Bahubali has collected is not because of Prabash. Suppose, anyone of these telugu stars Mahesh or Pawan kalyan were cast in the movie still the same figures will collect. Prabash’s next movie will clarify our doubt that is he really superior to khans or not…

    2. You are either overestimated hindi market or overconfident if you considered that from now on south movies will dominant said markets too. Majority of the south movies are masala genre that Hindi markets already said good bye. 2.0 or Bahubali is exceptional & Bollywood people will try some big venture movies in coming years. Anyway, credit should be given to south filmmakers for giving inspiration to Bollywood filmmakers.

    3. Fan-war is not only exist in Bollywood but in telugu, tamil too. But, one positive for south stars’s fans is they appreciated where it is deserved unlike in Bollywood where one fan pretend to be dislike other star’s movie even though he like the movie very much. Because of that negativity many neutral audiences skip that movie.

    4. Some people here at indicne are born with evil’s mind. They were born to bash others whom they dislike. Bhai, it is not necessary that everyone/ everything in the universe should be your type or love /being sweet to you. If that is the case then Almighty never created options what we selected. Just ignore those persons or things if you don’t like, no need to bashing or thrown out.

  • @gola sultan collected more than 30 crores for 5 consecutive days.where they all holidays?i think u r not from this Gola

  • @Real Salman Fan,so according to u South is not part of India and bolllywood is national industry?As long as people like u r alive we will see more riots for seperate states in India.

  • Bahubali is the first pan Indian movie since sholay. Sholay created record in south India with 6.5crores when record In south India was 4crores. This is the first time a South Indian movie has created records in north India. This is the power of pan India movie. Records being broken everywhere.

  • Only one man in Indian film industry who can end BAHUBALI craze…

    It’s none other than numero uno Megastar Salman khan.

    Though I respect BAHUBALI and RAJAMOULI sir, but Salman khan is different.

    His name is enough he no needs a big brand director or big female co star..:

    He is just phenomenal..// Tubelight 350 crs on cards.if content is like bajarangi 400 cars for sure

  • kabir khan ,raju hirani ,anand l, rakesh roshan, karan and adi are well capable to direct international level movie out of these people karan and adi are hopeless, kabir is still churning our movie based on terrorism, raju coming up with biopic of sanju on offence how many people r interested to know about sanju life. Indian people want larger than life movie with top notch vfx. It seems dawrf movie can be that movie, read somewhere its budget is going to be around 160, hope they come up with some really great stuff.

  • After watching bahubali-2, i think bollywood is a bullshit industry.. i have no interest in bollywood anymore.. RIP bollywood..

  • Bhaiyyajaan ganwaar who are famous worldwide for insulting and bashing all other fans of all other stars are giving lectures on how to use language on indicine site……hypocrisy at its best…

  • Bhaiyyajaan fans are complaining tat why are his haters bashes him so much…this question should be answered by lallu fans themselves….

  • saving grace of bollywood after facing humiliation from south only bhai can come to our rescue. Tubelight vll b blockbuster.

  • Q. Am a huge follower of this website but i wonder why there is so less coverage on this website for Baahubali 2? When Sultan released there used to be about 2-3 articles per day.

    A. Sultan is a Hindi film, Bahubali 2 isn’t.

    one of the best answer indicne the respect for you guyz has manifolded

  • Indicine=indian cinema. But u guys are biased to hindi films or simply Bollywood only.why not you are posting articles related to collections for baahubali 2..
    2 to 3 articles are daily posted for salmaan or amir movie..
    U r not even giving producer figure of baahubali 2 ….
    Post some articles otherwise change ur name to bollycine (indicine my foot)

  • Gola
    Tuj Jesé haramkhor ke nadekhne Se Kuch nai hoga!!!!
    Tubelight has atbb written all over it
    Go watch Mallu porn video
    Aur bhaiko leke bakwaas nahi

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