4 days to go for Tubelight Teaser, Salman tweets

The curiosity around Tubelight is increasing with each passing day. After a new ‘innocent’ looking stills, Salman has released a new poster counting down to 4 days for the release of the Tubelight teaser.

One of the two characters in the poster is Salman.. is the other Sohail Khan? The actor was previously spotted on the sets wearing a police uniform.

“Mazaa aayega… sirf 4 din baaki” Salman tweeted.

Teaser releases May 4 2017. Film releases 23 June 2017. Kabir Khan directs.

4 days to go Tubelight Teaser

4 days to go Tubelight Teaser



  • Biggest blockbuster coming from poster we can feel it is refreshing and its giving us bb type feeling salman cried while dubbing for tubelight so you can say how emotional and heart touching movie it will be all box office records of bollywood will be shattered

  • Aamir salman fans are right. They said in 2013 that SRK will come again after 4 to 5 years to deliver his next attb and it has been proved there is no single hit after Chennai express, but SRK fans are shameless they are still uttering useless topics and waiting for their hero’s next attb hahaha whereas aamir salman south industry have pushed SRK to Pluto from where he will never back again

  • Entertainment tax too much for Hindi film makes net collection lesser. Yup we can get a lots of enjoy from tube light.

  • Sohail doesn’t deserve to be on posters till the movie releases… If his work gets appreciation then only he deserves to be on posters for his forth coming films after Tubelight… All the best to ‘Tubelight’ and team sans Sohail !

  • Sohail is a good actor. Being Salman’s brother, he has had his opportunities too easily. But simultaneously its undermined his acting talent.

    Living under the shadow of his megastar brother, he has no good directors to work with or good films to work in. I am sure he will rock in Tubelight

  • These back to back Amazing Posters has increased my curiosity to another level……Now wait is even more difficult…..

  • To beat bahubali record. Amir khan and rajnikant should come up with great product with Shankar or SSR. Or salaman or Rajnikant. Then only bahubali record will be Brocken unless u have to wait for ticket price hike from 250rs to 1K.
    Akshay rajnikant can’t break bahubali record. In south bahubali 2 will easily break by 2.0 but not in north in the name of Akshay it will be short

  • With all the posters released so far, it all increases curiosity and excitement! Provided that its content clicks, it can challenge Dangal’s collections!!!!!

  • There is srk who always run for foreign locations and on the other hand we have Megastar Salman Khan who give preference to our country first, and only shoot outside when it is demand of script…..

  • With a South movie Bahubali threatening Hindi film industry, let’s get altogether and support this movie with a real potential to earn big at the BO & makes it earn big this Eid…..


  • The Real Baap is coming.. Release Tubelight in same amount of screens and love it as we northies are loving bahubali and see every record being decimated…

  • Not interested in any Tubelight or Fuselight teaser.
    100% sure it will pale in front of Baahubali 2 both in terms of content and box office.

  • No ….no no
    Please no sohail khan
    He is such bad news for salman in movies
    They should have released the poster featuring salman only.

    And now its high time for everyone stop critising bollywood actors and act as a unit and start supporting every Bollywood actor movies other wise we will left much behind the south industry.
    Its a request to eveyone whether its srkians, salmanics or akshay aamir hrithik ranbir etc.

  • Whenever I see & hear Sohail Khan along Tubelight I get some sense of suspicions. Kabir should have casted some other actor. I hope Sohail proves me wrong & will do something substantial.

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