3 days to go for Tubelight Teaser

3 days to go for the teaser of Salman Khan’s Tubelight. Almost all the posters so far have highlighted the emotional angle of the film, which made Kabir Khan’s last film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ a massive blockbuster at the box office.

With ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ setting unbelievable records during a non-holiday weekend, the pressure will be on Salman to deliver big when the film releases in theatres during the Eid weekend later this year.

The teaser of Tubelight will be out on 4th May. Check out the latest countdown poster:

3 days to go Tubelight Teaser

3 days to go Tubelight Teaser



  • Abhi to shirf Posters release hua hai or Excitement level are so high, just imagine what will happen when Teaser and Trailer release……Bhai Tubelight is not just a movie, it is Hurricane…….Box office Be-careful Tsunami is coming on this EID……

  • @2:16pm aWOman Kapoor

    Abit rich to hear a paglapurian talking about other actors loving money when your 2nd Richest Actor in the Galaxy still dances at weddings to classic wedding songs like CRIMINAL….!


    Yaar don’t you guys tiered with this, every-time and with every new Srk release you guys come up with the same line, but after the release you start giving us excuses, and then again with new release you give same statement…….But one thing is good in all this, that every-time you come-up with new excuses…….HAHAHA….Chalo kuch to naya karte ho har bar……LOL

    Bhai do us a small favor, next time please come with some new line, now we all are getting bore with this line, try to understand our problem also from last 10 years (almost) we are listening this…..

    And one more thing with this line you have confirmed that even Srk fans have no hope from Imtiyaz Ali movie, even they know that it is going to be FLOP……

    Too Much Fun……

  • Indicine there is some big news from TZH, it is related to their big and massive set in Abu Dhabi……Please make an article on it with some more info…….

  • More than bieng a grosser
    This movie is a chance for Salman to take his acting potential to another level

  • @Indicine also there is news that Tubelight is not releasing in Pakistan. Is it true or just rumor……

  • @new era srg

    Abe jhandu, your galaxy king is struggling to deliver a clean hit from last 3 years but you are dreaming Dwarf film to bcm biggest blockbuster! It sounds like Tushar Kapur fans are expecting a Tushar film to break Avatar’s record… Hahaha

  • @chaman kapur

    Don’t worry you retard, even if Tubelight will be a crap it will collect 500% more than jaadooboy’s classics like MJD & Naakaabil…!

    Btw, as per your prediction Naakaabil supposed to collect 400cr nett inspite of the clash with Raees… What happened to that beta!

  • There are some pathetic SRK fans here who spew venom without any logic, most often than not. This is such a discredit to SRK. I am a huge fan of SRK and will always be so…even when his movies don’t do so well or other stars outshine him. Loyalty is displayed by love and not by hating on other stars. Good luck to Salman and team for Tubelight. Peace out!

  • @Yousaf : Pluto prani spotted !!!!!!! Keep dreaming son.

    @Oldie Era SRK : No Khan movie (including SRK) had hiked ticket prices so much even on festive release that too for single screens. I haven’t seen any single screen selling tickets at 500 rupees (actual price not black marketed) before BB2. They knew people will spend to watch that is why they hiked prices so much. They had confident in their product and it is not excuse but fact. Hiked prices had actually helped collections to 30% surplus !!!!!!!!!!

  • @oldie era SRK : Since 2011 we have been hearing this will be last year for Salman, if I remember you had predicted same for last year also, isn’t it ? @sss @xzone @I am AKN @Javed @Fasal Kerala all had predicted same and most of them have vanished with every Eid release (except 2013 due to Salman’s absence). You also keep ranting same stuff nothing is gonna change. And why are you happy that Salman cant break Baahubali record, even a kid knows the reason of Baahubali’s collections. You stay in your 85 crs flop aukaat and let your idol cross 150 crs without Deepika first. If Salman cant break BB2 records then you can imagine what is the aukaat of your gangu teli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • No Hindi film can break Bahubali’s record. And the answer is simple, The way North indian watch South films, South indians don’t watch bollywood films… hence bollywood can’t beat Bahubali…

    Ex: Andhra/Nizam
    Bahubali 2, Day 1 – 50 crs…
    Dangal, Lifetime – 21 crs…

    see the difference, Bahubali 2 broke dangal’s lifetime in just one day and collected more than double in one day only…. Lifetime of Bahubali 2 would be 300 crs plus but a bollywood has just 21 crs… so how can we expect a bollywood film to break Bahubali’s record?! Unless South start watching bollywood films.

  • Heart touching Another ATBB on the way tubelight will Cross 380cr insha allah andIt will also create box office record Tubelight will be 3 times better than Bajraangi Bhaijaan Mark my words

  • SRK fans:

    Before every Salman movie release : Flop, crap and this Eid will be last for Salman. SRK will rule from next year.

    Result : Kick, BB and Sultan

    Before every SRK movie : This will create records, king will be back. SRK will rule again, Aamir and Salman’s time is over

    Result : Dilwale, FAN and Raees.

    ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget creating / breaking records gangu teli not even getting a solo release on Independence Day and Republic Day.

    And Eid 2018 is still vacant, let whoever have guts come and take it.

  • They are actually misusing by en-cashing on brand Baahubali and Rajamouli:

    Ticket prices play a huge role here, because โ€˜Bahubali 2โ€™ probably sold 4-5 times more tickets than โ€˜Fast and Furious 8โ€™ in the same weekend.

    Loot hai !!!!!!!!

  • Still some idiots saying will tuebelight come close to bahubali collections.

    Morons understand the movie Bahubali is driven by SS RAJAMOULI sir and forget about prabhas any actor Rajamouli would have cast the result would be same.

    Tubelight is creating curiosity day by day and Salman is just not a north indian megastar he is a complete Superstar North to south and east to west.

    Even Rajamouli father when he wrote bajarangi he told that he wanted an actor who can play bajarangi to be connected the whole nation and universe.

    the answer was Megastar Salman khan.

    Stop writing some nonsense shit and worry about SRK and akki who are still giving 130 crs and 110 crs movie.

    Also another challenge for Prabhas would be his next movie Sahoo lets see can he give even 5 crs opening in Hindi.

    Grow up idiots.

  • Who cares when Bahubhali fever is there
    But certainly something to cheer for khans fans as they are not interested in Bahubhali

  • @ tiger the real
    shat your mouth you always barking
    about Shahrukh Khan
    your illegal comments have no sense
    so navin and you shat your mouth

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