Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collections

S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has collected close to $80 million (510 crore) worldwide in its first weekend at the box office. This includes a record-breaking earth-shattering weekend for the Hindi and Telugu versions – with only the Tamil version failing to break records in the state. All other states have either broken the previous weekend records, or doubled / tripled the previous best.

The box office collections of the biggest Indian money-spinner of all-time are comparable to the worldwide collections of ‘Fast and Furious 8’ which has grossed around $85 million in its 3rd weekend. Ticket prices play a huge role here, because ‘Bahubali 2’ probably sold 4-5 times more tickets than ‘Fast and Furious 8’ in the same weekend.

The west has also taken notice of the phenomenal performance of Bahubali 2, what with the most-followed box office website ‘Boxofficemojo’, mentioning Bahubali 2 in its headline.

The website said, Bahubali 2 is “stealing the limelight” from ‘Fast and Furious 8’ by collecting over $10 million in its first weekend – with a phenomenal average of $23,855 per theatre.

Praising the performance of Bahubali 2 which came third behind ‘Fast and Furious 8’ and ‘How to be a Latin Lover’, the author of the article said “In third is the mammoth release of the Tollywood sensation, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion distributed by Great India Films in North America. Playing in a mere 425 theaters the film brought in an estimated $10.1 million, a whopping $23,855 per theater average and nearly three times as much as the opening for the 2015 original. This is the largest opening for an Indian film domestically and we are still hoping to get a full report regarding its performance outside North America”

North America aside, the other overseas markets were excellent too with estimates ranging from $8-10 million. The film has grossed close to $20 million overseas, in addition to $60 million (gross) coming from the domestic (India) market.

The first 3-day collections of Bahubali 2 is almost as much as the worldwide business of Dhoom 3 in its entire run. The film should surpass the worldwide collections of Sultan and possibly even Bajrangi Bhaijaan by the end of today. Dangal and PK will be swept aside before the end of the first week.

Bahubali 2 is now looking at becoming the first ever Indian Film to gross 1000 crore ($155 million) worldwide and if it continues its unbelievable run, it could even become the first film to gross $200 million.



  • PK WW collection will be history at the end of this Week, Baahubali is pride of Indian Cinema, one question indicine, how much footfalls will Baahubali Generate, will it break HAHK footfalls Record ?
    As Dangal has around 4 cr Footfalls with not that great response at SS, and Baahubali is phenomenal at Single Screens, Never seen before mass hysteria.

  • Lets just hope our greedy Dadaji aka Worlds 2nd Best Phankha Salesman and 2nd Richest Actor takes notice of B2s success n starts investing likewise in hisfuture crapgiri projects…!

    He has billions of fans but needs to give them something more than a crappy cartoon like Ratoon Point One…!

  • After B2s huge success our Dadaji is planning his own ambitious likewise project tentatively titled ‘BahuBILLU 3’…!

  • Faad diya BB2..
    I am running out of adjective to define Mega run of #Baahubali in box office..
    Hats to Rajamouli sir for his vision and craft..
    He is James Cameron of India..
    It’s time for all indian film industries (Bolly, Molly, Tolly, Kolly etc.) to collaborate and produce more such movies..
    Just imagine a Rajamouli directing “Shiva trilogy” with Hrithik, Prabhas and Suriya in the lead..

  • High Expectations from Padmavati After Baahubali, As SS Rajmouli himself said he is a fan of SLB and Some war scenes of Baahubali is inspired from Bajrao Mastani
    And Padmavati budget is increased to 200 cr which is more than Baahubali, so it will be bigger in scale and VFX terms, it will not create mass hysteria like Baahubali but content must be solid and it can easily do 200 cr+ Domestic collections as Indian Audience now a days love watching Big Screen Experience Movies..

  • Amazing what good dubbing can do to a films prospects in different regions…!

    Looking forward to south distributors/ promoters reDubbing our Dadajis iconic BILLU FAN n perhaps cheekily marketng it as ‘BahuBILLU 3’ to cash in on Bahubalis brand…!

  • One of the main reasons of Baahubali Collecting this much is the Characters Connected so well with the audience
    Rajmata ShivGami devi, Baahubali, Amrendra Bhallaldev, Kattapa, Shiva, Devesena And the kingdom Mahismati,
    These were still fresh in people’s Mind even after 1 year gap b/w 2 films..
    Mind Blowing Work The Team Baahubali and #HatsOff to the vision of SS Rajmouli and Dedication of Darling Prabhas _/\_

  • A lot has been said in past few days about outside industries threatening bollywood’s domination in India & some r even saying that it’s just a matter of time Hollywood & south indian cinema overtakes bolly ..!!

    So i decided to do a quick research & here’s what the facts said. Remember ‘numbers never lie’

    It all begun in 2015 with FF7 shocking everyone with it’s 100cr business in india. so let’s compare from 2015

    Successful non bollywood films in hindi market
    10- FF7 & 8, Baahubali 1&2 ,Avengers 2 films, Conjuring2, TJB,Jurrasic, Deadpool
    4 of them scored 100cr mark
    Successful bollywood films
    34 films with 17 crossing the 100cr mark

    This clears that India is still very much dominated by bollywood. But with advancement of technology audience nowadays are well exposed to holly as well as regional cinema hence every year v r observing a big grosser from outside indusrty..So bollywood domination has reduced but it’s still very much about bollywood.

    As per forbes contribution to indian bo industry wise is
    Bolly- 45%
    Holly -15%
    Regional cinema- 40%

    Bolly- 50%
    Holly- 14%

    Also one must not forget that while Baahubali is backed by Dharma ( the film begins with kuch kuch hota hai tune), Jungle book was dubbed bolly veterans & Robot2 is shot in hindi starring a superstar like Akshay & KJo may even distribute it. so it’s a bollywood film almost. On the other hand we have china that doesn’t let more than 50 outside industry films from releasing in their counrty to safeguard local cinena. This goes to show that bolly is not only large hearted but also very secure about their industry & believes in supporting good cinema irrespective of who makes it

    Also one must not forget that baahubali scored 80cr day1 from south india itself while hindi market is yet to yield 50cr single day collection . Robot in 2010 almost broke 3Idiots collection just from south India alone..!! These goes to show penetration of south industry in their territory is way more than hindi industry in their industry & this has been the harsh reality of last 100 years. It’s just that bo figures are easily available in public forum nowadays so it looks like a sudden phenomena & decline of bollywood

    Now coming to state of bollywood it’s definitely not very good since 2015 as most of our massy films r not working & we are too dependent on urban films to give us a respectable financial year.
    So we need to make high number of good quality universal appealing cinema like Dangal, Sultan, Badri as well as some big visual action adventure flicks like Krrish3, Bajirao or upcoming ThugsOfHindostan,Padmavati. ..

    Almost all the non bolly flicks that hv worked in hindi market belong to this vfx loaded adventure genre so to reduce their impact at our bo plus the fact that they r such big crowd puller at the bo we need to make such films which is very much possible as there is no dearth of talent here. But that no way means we should stop making the piku,Airlift, Neerja type quality hits. It’s all about striking the right balance

    So overall it’s fair to conclude that India is still dominated by indian cinema & hindi market by bollywood . one on hand we have aamir khan films scoring 100cr in & similarly Hollywood also getting a 100cr grosser each year in India. It’s all because of globalisation & huge advancement of technology which has led to outside industries make some penetration in domestic markets of several countries

    As long as bolly is making good cinema with right balance between urban & universal films as well as a few good big spectacle films, bollywood’s condition is safe & domination will continue

    so let’s stop all these nonsense & celebrate good cinema irrespective of genre, industry & love/hatred for any star. cheers :p

  • Jai mahishmati…. hail bahubali kingdom…

    All credit goes to the super director- rajamouli.. he has been my favrt since eega nd magadherra days..
    i mean commom nan hw can u make such an entertsining movie wit nly a fly… u need a great vision nd creativity beyond imagination to deliver such films…

    One thng i obsrvd most of the northn side critics (xcpt few) hv gt jealous nd hiding da actual collctns.. par kaayko?

    Also bollywood needs to delivr such intlgnt creative films soon.. r else dat day nt far wen hindi dubbed movies vl b running more successfully at theatres dan original hindi ones..

    Also bollywood nd south industry mst collaborate nd produce more such succssful films.. bt derz a flip side too.. i bet dat dey wont b given totaly freedom for dirctn nd vl b forcd to deliver same routine typical bolkywood stuff to meet their needs..

  • I dont know which calculator rajmouli using this calc surpassed roshan caclucator sad moment for jadupurian fake collections no need to post these shits

  • Sholay
    Maine Pyar Kiya
    Hum Aapke Hain Koun
    Bahubali 2

    Smash Hits Across India

    What next???

  • It is going to sell more tickets than any Hollywood film this year domestically. If the prices were as high as dollars (in India), Avatar’s and Star Wars highest domestic collection ever would have been history. I think we must make a table aside of ‘Highest Grossing Film of the Year’ named ‘Most Tickets Sold by a Movie Domestically’ and it will be a proud moment to see Bahubali 2 ahead of Hollywood.

  • Totally unforgettable collection….!
    Still not yet release in Myanmar coz damn high prices print from bahubali maker.
    Mingalar cinema owner ( Namaste cinema owner ) said they demand triple price than normal huge price. If we compare movie like Sultan, Dangal, Raees, PRDP and Shivaay then still triple price.. so they won’t screen.

  • Amir khan will cry naina. Naina after his records are broken in less than week lol they always ruin his party of hgoty lol at least akki one national award which these two khans cant lol too much fun

  • Highest single day collection in INDIA
    Baahubali 2 = 121cr
    Baahubali 1= 50cr
    HNY = 44.97cr
    Kabali = 44.75cr
    Dangal = 42.41cr
    PRDP = 41.75cr

  • Bahubali trolled xmas and eid stars so badly lol on s non holiday day they overturn them and their silly movies

  • Srk should learn from bahubali makers listen to what audience want srk. Listen and make mahbarata

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