Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collections

S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has collected close to $80 million (510 crore) worldwide in its first weekend at the box office. This includes a record-breaking earth-shattering weekend for the Hindi and Telugu versions – with only the Tamil version failing to break records in the state. All other states have either broken the previous weekend records, or doubled / tripled the previous best.

The box office collections of the biggest Indian money-spinner of all-time are comparable to the worldwide collections of ‘Fast and Furious 8’ which has grossed around $85 million in its 3rd weekend. Ticket prices play a huge role here, because ‘Bahubali 2’ probably sold 4-5 times more tickets than ‘Fast and Furious 8’ in the same weekend.

The west has also taken notice of the phenomenal performance of Bahubali 2, what with the most-followed box office website ‘Boxofficemojo’, mentioning Bahubali 2 in its headline.

The website said, Bahubali 2 is “stealing the limelight” from ‘Fast and Furious 8’ by collecting over $10 million in its first weekend – with a phenomenal average of $23,855 per theatre.

Praising the performance of Bahubali 2 which came third behind ‘Fast and Furious 8’ and ‘How to be a Latin Lover’, the author of the article said “In third is the mammoth release of the Tollywood sensation, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion distributed by Great India Films in North America. Playing in a mere 425 theaters the film brought in an estimated $10.1 million, a whopping $23,855 per theater average and nearly three times as much as the opening for the 2015 original. This is the largest opening for an Indian film domestically and we are still hoping to get a full report regarding its performance outside North America”

North America aside, the other overseas markets were excellent too with estimates ranging from $8-10 million. The film has grossed close to $20 million overseas, in addition to $60 million (gross) coming from the domestic (India) market.

The first 3-day collections of Bahubali 2 is almost as much as the worldwide business of Dhoom 3 in its entire run. The film should surpass the worldwide collections of Sultan and possibly even Bajrangi Bhaijaan by the end of today. Dangal and PK will be swept aside before the end of the first week.

Bahubali 2 is now looking at becoming the first ever Indian Film to gross 1000 crore ($155 million) worldwide and if it continues its unbelievable run, it could even become the first film to gross $200 million.



  • Indicine plz give us day wise collection ( nett and gross ) and also separate collection of each version and overseas collection

  • When Arjun pungistan fan mentions sultan dangal and bkd in one sentence..
    Bkd was nothing but over promoted dharma wreck with same old faces same old tactics same old acting old somgs rehashed for promotions.. infact in terms of contribution bkd only added 0% valed to bollywood !!

  • @salubali
    Baahubali 2 trolled 85 cr actor’s highest grosser Chennai Express in 2 days ROFL. Shame on self proclaimed king.

  • Bahubali 2 is breaking records into pieces .
    The entire cast, crew, producers and the investors deserve a standing ovation for working day and night to build a franchise like ‘Bahubali’ . Bahubali 2 will emerge as the biggest hit in this century beating Gadar . It will need something extraordinary to beat this record in near future . 2.0 is a huge contender but still it will be very very tough . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Actually we should not believe producers figures so easily !
    most probably these collections are fake !
    bahuballi makers are inspired from roshan calculator !

  • 2 min silence to self proclaimed king of Bollywood 😀😀😀😀
    By virtue of fake collection HNY is 44 CR in reality it’s no more than 35 CR ….Boss if you want a big BO openings then come out a big movie with good content which is universally appealing than producing craps like HNY CE Raees..Even sallu has also same problems…He can’t survive non holiday release…Just as it happened with Jai Ho….Only Aamir Akshay and Hrithik are delivering content driven movies which u can watch multiple times ….Ha ING said that it is good content with a scale and beauty of characters that make Bahubali 2 a magnum opus and proud of Indian Cinema…Hats off

  • feeling proud after seeeing an indian movie is giving tough competition to a hollybood film, jai mahismati

  • @risabh the most honest people are only khans and there producer …. when you will believe because of them bollywood is not growing

  • Lol, eid star and xmas star crying…. Open challenge release your movies on non holiday and break this records…lol..i know they cant.

  • Guys who r questioning collection of bb2 in ap should know that in majority of south we have very big single screens and every town with population of above 50000 has minimum 2 to 3 large single screens which cater to surrounding villages. The penetration of cinema in south is very very high. Most villages can watch newest movie with in 1 hr travel by bus and public transport is the best in south.

    Here the producers release big star films in almost 80 percent to 90 percent of theatres for atleast the first weekend. Thats why collections will be huge in first weekend

  • Fake collections all the way they have crossed every limit 80 crores in a single day from 3000 screens and indicine is also posting it this shows that general public has much better perception than this stupid websited as nobody is believing this collection. Overseas collections are true as Rentrak has announced it and also Hindi collections are almost real but south collections are fake all the way Shame on Bahubali 2 producers.

  • I am really stunned on seeing the reactions of movie goers from north praising bb2 so highly in the audience response videos posted on youtube. It really brought me tears on seeing those videos.

    Thank you so much guys for the love and appreciation of regional cinema. I am really proud to say rajamouli is from our state and he is really a visionery.

    I want to inform u guys before him i thought shankar is the best director in south and he is very successful in message oriented commercial movies. I want shankar to be at his best in robo 2

  • what this kind of success does – it makes fans rise above petty fights like my star did 350 cr, yours hasnt even done 300 cr yet etc etc

    Bahubali has educated us that we were living in some strange world not realising what Indian films can do really……

    even if tomorrow there’s a 350 or a 400 cr film from some khan, one must remember that its really no reason to go bonkers and start celebrating like there’s no tomorrow……..

    the bar has been set really really really HIGH!!!

  • And today this is my last comment on this website it was nice to be an indicine reader for the last 2-3 years but now as there is no difference between the articles of local c grade newspaper’s quality and indicine articles. I would follow box office india as which i have not read ever but as people are saying it is only giving hindi collections of bahubali as they don’t believe telugu collections so its better to follow truth then mere hypes. Best of luck indicine for future and get well soon.

  • Ticket price is so high.. Laalchi peoples.. Mere khayal se south ki movie Hindi me release nhi hone dena chaiye q ke ye log hindi film released nhu karte vaha.. Bye the way it’s boring movie

  • Don’t compare khans with this prabhass… Khana are much better than this stupid actor.. Bahubali works beacause of director of this film.. Mindless peoples kuch bi bolete h

  • For all these loser Akshay fans desperate for their idol to get a HGOTY and predicting E2.0 to be breaking Bahubali’s record, remember that unlike the mythological fantasy fiction film that Baahubali is (taking heavy inspiration from the Mahabharata), E2.0 would be an absurd wannabe Hollywood like sci fi movie just like its predecessor, Ra.1 and Krrish 3. The prospects for such films is very limited within India and there’s no way that such content would ever strike a chord with the masses like the Mahabharata inspired Baahubali has. At best E2.0 would match Dangal (that too if we take dubbed versions included) and that’s only thanks to the star power of Rajni sir (just like part 1 did) and the limited popularity that Akshay enjoys among the Hindi masses.

  • @heath ledger : Crack some more jokes. Let your biggest star Prabhas come with next without Rajamouli we will see his power. I am sure Idli sambar ke vaandey pad jaayenge. It is brand Baahubali and Rajamouli who is doing wonders and not PRabhas !!!!!!!

  • They are actually misusing by en-cashing on brand Baahubali and Rajamouli:

    Ticket prices play a huge role here, because ‘Bahubali 2’ probably sold 4-5 times more tickets than ‘Fast and Furious 8’ in the same weekend.

    Loot hai !!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik at 6:30Pm, despite the high prices, admissions are higher for Baahubali 2 than F8 in many parts since F8 is in 3rd weekend.

    Baahubali 2 had 2000 more admissions in first 2 days in UAE compared to F8.

  • @Sachin : I agree with it. There is no doubt about foot falls and number of tickets sold. Makers know people will flock to watch this no matter what, that is the reason they have hiked ticket prices which is unfair. If they claim they are providing some extra ordinary experience then no movie is better than Avatar in terms of experience and they never did something like this.

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