200 crore movies in 2012 – 2013: Prediction

2012 could well be the year when the benchmark for Bollywood movies could go higher. Yes, we are talking about the 200 crore club!

Over the last few years, with the rise of multiplexes at every nook and corner of the country, the movie business in India has boomed. 2011 was a great year for Bollywood with 5 films (Ready, Singham, Bodyguard, Ra One, Don 2) crossing the 100 crore mark. Films like Bodyguard and Ra One did 100 crores of business in Week 1! Which makes us wonder, what if they were better films and carried good word-of-mouth?

As of now the 200 crore club belongs to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots, but in 2012, there could be an addition(s) to the 200 crore club.

Possible 200 crore movies in 2012, as long the films are superior content-wise:

  • Agneepath: Reason: Hrithik Roshan after ZNMD success, massy film, Chikni chameli song.
  • Talaash: Reason: Aamir Khan after the super-success of 3 Idiots. First film after 2.5 years.
  • Ek Tha Tiger: Reason: Salman Khan on a career high, Katrina Kaif, action thriller, first Salman film after 1 year, EID release.
  • Dabangg 2: Reason: Salman Khan, Christmas release, sequel to a super successful film, massy action film.
  • Chennai Express: Reason: Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty (director of films like Singham, Golmaal Series).

Further narrowing it down, Talaash, Dabangg 2 and Chennai Express will most likely come close or surpass 3 Idiots.

2013: Too early to predict buttwo films as of now that could join the 200 crore club..

  • Dhoom 3: Reason: Aamir Khan, the Dhoom series is probably the most successful franchisee in Bollywood today.
  • Krissh 3: Reason: Hrithik Roshan and father Rakesh Roshan coming together after 7 years. They have a 100% success ratio together.

This does not mean, these are the only films that can enter the 200 crore club and nor is it an effort to bring down any other film or superstar. There may well be other films that can achieve this magical figure, as long as the whole package is great.

A movie with a superstar, a good script, director and great songs. For instance the untitled Yash Chopra movie with Shahrukh Khan in it and/or any other film releasing that is touted to cross the 100 crore net box office mark in India could well go on to set higher benchmarks.

Note: Article by Indicine reader ‘Anonymous’. Indicine has edited the article and also made a few additions to the list.

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  • 200+crores look very difficult but not impossible….
    No chance 4 agneepath….
    Only actors that can make it possible are Srk,Amir n Salman and no one else……krrish 3 has little chance……

  • Being the fst commeentor i disagree most of predicted artical…talaash is not a masala film so exclude it..it may range somewhot 150 crores..dabangg 2 if good lyk dabangg had chance to cross 200cr…and no chance for ETT ang yash srk untitled..yupp off cource dhoom 3 had better chances and krish 3 i am not very sure.

  • Humm was n a hurry to post d very fst comment dats y lft a lot of things..
    1.Agneepath sure short will miss d target,as 200 fgr is still faar from hirithic he have to score a century fst…life time prediction is 125 cr
    2.Talaash..second big release of d year,,its hard to touch d target as its not 3 idiots plus its a daark film,at least wot i hv heard.it may be another mangal panday 4 aamire or it will rock like gajini,n every case target is difficult.prediction is 170 cr
    3.yashraj srk untitled,its very hard to creat magic of past decade.as love stories are outdatted now a days,but if d film had some fun and entertainment and hit songs lyk previous srk lvstories den,it may knock the target door..but still ii m doutfull..prediction 175 cr
    4.ek ta tiger,,if d movie had not a good content then as like akshay it can be chandni chowk to china for salman khan.but due to kabir khan expecting good film and music plus salmans peak season it a healthy competetor n race chasing 200 cr..even if ett managed a net of 160 cr then its dead sure dat dabanngg 2 will break and improve d target,,prediction is 150 cr
    5..chenai express..if srk film with yashraj did well and collected around 150 cr and chenai express is around 3 or 4 months later solo release then it may claim n achive d target..it will take boxoffice on fire in india but will not be much accepted in oversease…prediction is 180 cr

  • ONLY EK THA TIGER and DABANGG 2 will cross 200 crore net.. worldwide these two movies can do 400

    crore gross.. don’t overexcite :p SALMAN KHAN IS THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD..

  • Sorry have lft dabangg2..it had a good chance if it has a solo release plus d verdict of ETT is a blockbuster..i think if salman plann his film release like srk he can match aamir in india..look for a fight at boxoffice b/w salman and aamir..as shahrukh have shifted his focus wordwide now,,so there will be tough fight btween dese 2..and specially collections of talaash and ETT will be compared….shahrukh have to wait and c wot deez two films do and then if yashraj dt rescued srk,its will be …………but still srk had nother world to rule..
    My predictions for dabangg 2 are 180 cr

  • Talaash’s Promo will decide everything coz nothing has been revealed yet !! So the promo will decide whether its a BOX office material or not but going by the buzz even the Fake posters making waves on internet it may easily cross Ghajini or Ready ( i think ) also for the film to cross 200 cr it must hav a repeating value for the audience !! DHOOM 3 Will easily cross 200 cr Coz its the most succesful franchise of the country nd the addition of Aamir Khan ensures a confirm ATBB !! The Reason Y i am talkin abt only Aamir Khan films iz coz only his film have the most repeating value ! people love his films and watch it over and over again ! BodYGUARD ,RA 1 got humongous openings at the box office but it failed to win hearts of the audience so the collections only declined week after week on the other hand all recent Aamir films be it TZP,GHAJINI OR 3 IDIOTS EVERY FILM OF HIS HAD REMAINED ROCK STEADY AT THE BOX OFFICE So I prefer Aamir Way above salman and srk in fact Aamir choses unusual concepts like LAGAAN,JTYJN,TZP,PL,DG,DB, etc AND EVEN MAKE SURE DAT THESE FILMS WORK AT THE BO TOO !! Only Aamir Can Break his own records i think, not Because i am a fan of aamir but Its FACT !!

  • @ Indicine-Where is the SRK and Yash Chopra Untitled Film? …Poor Prediction..
    This is the Only Film than can supress 200+ cr…

  • Calm down Indicine. I don’t think they all cross 200cr.
    Excellent Comedy is very very important for all audiences means
    A,B,C centers in villages to metropolitan and also great
    Repeat values so that why 3 idiots is crossed 200cr.
    Dabangg is mostly loved by B & C centers and just liked by
    A centers and also didn’t repeat values.
    So Don 2 is mostly loved by A centers in metropolitan and didn’t
    even liked in B,C centers.
    You are right that they all movies is just close to 3 idiots
    And maximum 160-180cr each films.

  • 2013,2014… Growing the markets and population but occupancy is
    very important.
    For example, 3 idiots was released just 1200 screens in India and has
    great word of mouth and repeat values helped to 200cr.
    Ra.one was released biggest ever 3500 screens and collected just 125cr
    Due to mixed reviews.
    My point is that Chennai express,dhoom 3 & krish 3 may release over 4000 screens because
    2013 markets to be huge.

  • I’m big fan of SRK but I feel Salman’s films may close to 200cr.
    Because Don 2 is better than bodyguard but can’t even beat it.
    And also Don 2 IMDb rating is 7.5/10 and bodyguard is 4.5/10…
    That means Ek tha tiger will get very positive then 170-180cr
    Because Salman’s films look like desi films.
    I understood that Don 2 is very hollywood stylized film and didn’t
    liked by B,C centers in towns and villages.
    I hope SRK’s Chennai Express is desi masala action film and will accepted
    by all audiences from villages to metropolitan and may surpass 3 idiots.

  • i think 2 films that can cross 200 crore mark and that 2 films is chennai express and dhoom 3, even ek tha tiger has the chance but rest of the movies indicine mentioned can never cross

  • For your correction, Talaahs is not the first film of Amir Khan after 3 idiots, he did Dhobi Ghat too. So don’t forget the little success Amir Khan had had with Dhobi Ghat. As for Hrithik, either Agneepath or Krrish 3 will definitely cross this 200 mark. Better chance is there for Krrish3, because by that time, more multiplexes with single screens will be constructed but Rakesh Roshan will make sure that Krrish 3 is going to be the biggest release ever in India as he also did in the past. And if a crap film like Ra.One in 2011 can end up with 114, Krrish 3 will definitely do business twice as big as Ra.One. But I will not be surprised if Agneepath cross even cross 300 mark, setting a new bench mark for bollywood because hype for this film is that much high if the expectation from this movie can be met, then even 300 crore is also possible. For Talash! I would say it’s not possible, because it’s a thriller movie. Remember, 3 idiots is a movie which can touch the heart of every human being, but Talash is completely opposite of it. Can’t say much about Dabbang 2 and ETT, because if both work, the Salman will definitely be luckiest actor ever born in Bollywood since this much serial blockbuster might have not been happened to any other Bollywood actors. So lets see how lucky he is going to be. And yeah, there might be a possibility for SRK’s film with yash chopra, though SRK is getting slow down in beating the records set by other actors.

  • love don2 hope other movies are also good chennai express should not be made because it will liked by single theatre audiences which i hate .if made it should be for multiplex audiences

  • These films r capable of crossing 200cr though m nt sure abt AGNEEPATH bt crossing 200cr will also depend on hw much free weeks does a film gets, for example READY had 3 free weeks i guess so collections were steady bt in case of BODYGUARD, MBKD released in its 2nd week so dere was a huge drop in collections of BODYGUARD

  • @shruti: u think single screen audiences r fool because dey think SALMAN is cool?
    1st decide whom u hate SALLU or single screen audience

  • @sirman: oohh means only dose things shld b considerd at which SRK is good, den u must b favour of banning action films & making only romantic or family drama films

  • ayad brother i know i am getting little harsh but single theatre audience make movies like murder a hit and love salman movies they do nt like don2 and dabbang collections were better than 3 idiots in single theatre what you want to say about this

  • so you think don2 was a romantic film thanks for line suggestion .which movie of salman had better action than that tell of please

  • @Simran: ya DON 2 was a SRK strerr action flick, bt except DON hw many actions films SRK has made jst a few dat bombed at d BO

  • common accept that salman not liked in other countries how could you say east or west .see imdb ratings which are most real dabbang get 6.4 ,readdy 4.8,body guard 4.5 , .my name is khan 7.3,ra.one 4.7 and don2 7.5 now repeat that dialogue

  • who cares for indian box office in end total matter see body guard wikipedia and ra.1 wikipedia over all collection would be clear my brother

  • @shruti: fr ur kind& info murder 2 nt only performed in single screens it did exceptionally wel in multipllexes also & 3 idiots was released on 1200 screens where as DABANGG on 2400 so collection of dabanng is bound to b bttr

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