The Next Bollywood Superstar – Do we have a succession plan?

In Indian cricket, the question that was asked for years was ‘who would replace the Big 3 (Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman). In a few years from now, Bollywood too could find themselves in a situation, where there could be a lack of ‘bankable stars’. Well known trade analyst and film critic Joginder Tuteja questions if Bollywood has a ‘succession plan’ in place.

Rahul Dravid just made a gracious exit from Indian cricket. VVS Laxman didn’t take much time to hang up his boots either. And suddenly there seems to be this huge question in Indian cricket – ‘Do we have a succession plan?’

Bollywood seems to be facing a similar question as well, what with each of the superstars in the Top 6 (apart from Hrithik) being 40 plus in age and no real star (with an exception of one or two) being really ready to start delivering like the veterans. (continued below the image)

Well, as of yet at the least.

Let’s look at the scenario. We have the three Khans sitting pretty at the top. Then there are men like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn filling up the remaining three slots and there we have; the Top 6 which is pretty much sealed and secure.

What happens to those who wish to break in? Of course they would, say in 4-5 years from now when each of the men at the top would be on the other side of the 50s. Some of them may stay on, a few would graciously move on. What would we be left with? Hrithik Roshan of course who is closest to occupy a top slot. Beyond that there is of course Ranbir Kapoor who is the best star-actor of the current generation. (continued below the image)

However one does miss that smash entry into Bollywood which made Hrithik Roshan a phenomenon after ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’. Now he is someone who got a superstar arrival in Bollywood, something that young ones like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan or to a lesser extent Shahid Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi didn’t quite enjoy. Yes, they were noticed. Some of them even had huge successes to begin with (or soon after). Still, the X factor that differentiates a superstar from a star to an emerging talent was definitely being missed.

We have had promising stars in the form of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. However it’s a long way to go for them as well. Amongst the seniors Saif Ali Khan failed when he tried to do something different (Agent Vinod) but delivered when it came to something conventional (Cocktail). He too knows that making ‘Cocktail 2’ or ‘Cocktail 3’ isn’t something that he wishes to do for life.

This leaves industry with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan who have been around for a decade now. Would these be the men fighting it out with other ‘seniors’ like Ranbir, Imran, Shahid and Emraan to be a part of the ‘succession plan?

Should be interesting to observe! Do vote below and tell us who you think will be the next big superstar!

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  • Ranbir Kapoor And Imran Khan Both The Next SuperStar…….. Shahid Kapoor Finish…….Emraan,Arjun,Ranveer May Be….???

  • i think sharukh khan will rule for another 10 years but other khan will fade away after 5 years, i think from the current generation only rambhir kapoor have the potential to be a superstar, hope a star arises in the comming years

  • Great article Indicine. I believe that the ‘Next Big Thing’ will arrive in the next few years like a Hrithik in 2000 with ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai!’ I agree that of the current crop they so far do not have the ‘X Factor’ to woo both the Multiplex and Single screen audiences. Bollywood may go through a lull period like the 80’s which saw the waning of the big superstars of the 70’s but the the 90s arrived and for 20-25 years we have been mesmerized by the brilliance of the top 6. Bollywoods next superstar/s will need to arrive with a Big Blockbuster on debut like a QSQT, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Baazigar or Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai etc etc to get notoced.

  • It is too early to say.. Akshay become superstar in 2007.. Means after 17 years from his debut.. So anybody can be superstar any time.. Bt for me ranbir will surpass hrithik soon..

  • yea forgot to mention emraan hashmi also have a potential to become a huge superstar, so rambhir wil replace aamir, emraan hashmi will replace salman and now the big question is who will replace sharukh khan, bollywood have to wait for a special actor who could replace sharukh


  • there is no big 6 coz ajay devgan is not a superstar, he is having good time thats it, superstars are sharukh, salman, hrithik, aamir, akshay.

  • Emraan can never become Superstar coz his movies will never attract Families n Children, while Ranbir is good only Mutiplex actor like Naseerudin Shah n Abhay Deol, while Shahid Kapoor is a Waste, he will keep giving Disasters. Arjun n Ranveer are UGLY while Imran Can’t Act. So only KHANS HRITHIK n AKSHAY will rule Next Decade. END OF DISCUSSION.

  • if ranbhir kapoor and ajay devgan release a movie at same time then rambhir will get better opening then how can ajay devgan be a superstar and in top 6, ajay devgan without rohit shetty is nothing, remember tezz opening


  • Tiger will definitely cross 3 idiots. Dabangg 2 will cross tiger. Srk’s next will cross ready. Talaash will cross rowdy rathore..

  • i completely disagree with indicine ajay debgan is not a superstar …only rohit shetty film with him does good……tezz rascalsis his last 2 films before bol bachhan which is disaster..superstar is someone who have stron fan base….give some good first day collection whatever the bad the film is…..3 khans and hrithik and some extends akshay is consider to be superstar

  • ranbir kapoor is going to be superstar becuase he does not fit into masala film which is herat and soul of boolywood this day…his next gonig to be all time disaster…..similarly jokar and omg of akshay going to be all time disaster…….

  • ranbir kapoor is not going to be superstar becuase he does not fit into masala film which is herat and soul of boolywood this day…his next gonig to be all time disaster…..similarly jokar and omg of akshay going to be all time disaster…….

  • Salman Khan continues to rule the cash counters with his Ek Tha Tiger. With his recent record at the box office, looks like Salman Khan’s career is on an all-time high.

    Co-starring Katrina Kaif, the film has in fact broken all records. From fastest Rs.100 crore to crossing Rs.200 crore, the producers of Ek Tha Tiger are laughing all the way to the bank.

    The Kabir Khan directed film released on Independence Day, has had a phenomenal response at the box office. Seems like Ek Tha Tiger could soon break the record haul of 3 Idiots, which was Rs. 385 crore.

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  • Taking Shahrukh Khan’s place will be quite difficult..

    He is a legend..A true actor..

    My name is khan is a masterpiece…..

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