The Next Bollywood Superstar – Do we have a succession plan?

In Indian cricket, the question that was asked for years was ‘who would replace the Big 3 (Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman). In a few years from now, Bollywood too could find themselves in a situation, where there could be a lack of ‘bankable stars’. Well known¬†trade analyst and film critic Joginder Tuteja questions if Bollywood has a ‘succession plan’ in place.

Rahul Dravid just made a gracious exit from Indian cricket. VVS Laxman didn’t take much time to hang up his boots either. And suddenly there seems to be this huge question in Indian cricket – ‘Do we have a succession plan?’

Bollywood seems to be facing a similar question as well, what with each of the superstars in the Top 6 (apart from Hrithik) being 40 plus in age and no real star (with an exception of one or two) being really ready to start delivering like the veterans. (continued below the image)

Well, as of yet at the least.

Let’s look at the scenario. We have the three Khans sitting pretty at the top. Then there are men like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn filling up the remaining three slots and there we have; the Top 6 which is pretty much sealed and secure.

What happens to those who wish to break in? Of course they would, say in 4-5 years from now when each of the men at the top would be on the other side of the 50s. Some of them may stay on, a few would graciously move on. What would we be left with? Hrithik Roshan of course who is closest to occupy a top slot. Beyond that there is of course Ranbir Kapoor who is the best star-actor of the current generation. (continued below the image)

However one does miss that smash entry into Bollywood which made Hrithik Roshan a phenomenon after ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’. Now he is someone who got a superstar arrival in Bollywood, something that young ones like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan or to a lesser extent Shahid Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi didn’t quite enjoy. Yes, they were noticed. Some of them even had huge successes to begin with (or soon after). Still, the X factor that differentiates a superstar from a star to an emerging talent was definitely being missed.

We have had promising stars in the form of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. However it’s a long way to go for them as well. Amongst the seniors Saif Ali Khan failed when he tried to do something different (Agent Vinod) but delivered when it came to something conventional (Cocktail). He too knows that making ‘Cocktail 2’ or ‘Cocktail 3’ isn’t something that he wishes to do for life.

This leaves industry with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan who have been around for a decade now. Would these be the men fighting it out with other ‘seniors’ like Ranbir, Imran, Shahid and Emraan to be a part of the ‘succession plan?

Should be interesting to observe! Do vote below and tell us who you think will be the next big superstar!

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  • there can be many salman who can deliver back-to-back hits…with the help of fan following…(salman’s followers can mainly body builders and rickshawalas AND cheap action lovers)

    but its almost impossible to replace shahrukh & aamir..who are surviving on the basis of their awesome acting skills…{dats why both of try different genres like lagaan(sports),chak de india(nationalism, highly inspiritional,don 2(action),3 idiots(awesome movie),my name is khan(touchy,classic),ghajini(action),}

  • as far as i see khans will still dominate for 10 years because i believe when they started, they did that with blockbusters and all time blockbuster and beaten the guys like amithab, anil kapoor and sunny doel who were ruling at that time and they just not only started ruling but ended their successful run which i think these newcomer dont have potential to do

  • those sallu fan hope that it tiger beat 3idiot are really mad..nowdays all film even ek tha tiger run only 2 weeks..those days are gone where film run 5 week with full house…sabhi film 2 week ke bad fus ho jata hay….plz check latest collection news only reliable site give exact info..all other site give wrong info…….tiger at best collect 185 cr even which is look tough…

  • arjun kapoor…very at mass followin did well in ishqzaade debut mass role..generally ppl follow romantic candy floss

  • ranvir singh bit irritatin becoz attitude not liked all section of ppl..ranbir is very gud but need to focus on commericial cinema rather thn saawariya,rockstar or barfi..

  • I think the dark horse is Arjun Kapoor. He has potential, he is young, has the “it” looks to fit into masala or main stream films. He might surprise everyone

    Well lets talk a little about cricket.
    Sachin is THE LEGEND OF CRICKET and virat kohli is another awesome cricket player who has a batting average like 50 which is greater than sachin’s batting average, so u would say virat is better than the legend sachin??OF COURSE NOT!!
    Same with srk, if other actors are giving more ATBB than srk, would u say he is better than srk?? NO!!

  • Those who think that srk will rule the boxoffice next 10year are 100%wrong.srk will finish this year.because he is look much older than other khan,s so salman is gonna rule the boxoffice next 10years.mark my words it is 100% right apne dimaag se socho.

  • 1) Shahid Kapoor (He is definately going to bounce back after Namak, just like how Salman Khan did with Wanted)
    2) Ranbir Kapoor
    3) Imran Khan
    4) Ranveer Singh
    5) Arjun Kapoor/Emraan Hashmi/Ali Zafar

  • Salman like rajnikanth will rule Bollywood till he is 65 so he is staying here till next 18-20 yrs. aamir will b a gr8 character actor & director respectively like Sanjeev kumar n raj kapoor in next 10 yrs while srk will try his hands in direction after 5 yrs. Among new generation ranbir & Arjun kapoor r next superstars. Though extremely talented shahid n abhisekh r unlucky, emraan & john solo movies r hard to cross 50 cr n imran khan is getting typecast. About devgan he is truly versatile his Singham was bigger hit than znmd which released a weak ahead of former. Rest he had also made lethal combo with anees bazmi, baweja, santoshi & Prakash Jha in the past. Yes rohit is most commercial of all u cannot simply underestimate devgan. N regarding tezz it deserves to b a bigger flop than wat it actually went to be, just wait for SOS, prabhudeva next, himmatwala & satyagraha he will silence all his critics.

  • N yes there is ranbir Singh the most ugliest along with Vivek oberoi. Mark my word by the end of 2014 these 2 will be the history.

  • Ranbir kapoor..for sure..he is grounded talented..what else..
    Next..I see potential in ranveer..but he has swollen head..Its too early to saay ranvir’s name..for moment I will go with Ranbir

  • I don’t think anybody would become a superstar Like Salman khan…………The today’s child needs to take next 1000 birth to reach at the position where Salman khan is now today………..Salman khan has an immense fan following…………..Ranbir kapoor k baap ke nahin hai fans following Salman khan k jitna….woh chota baccha kya superstar banega like Salman khan…………..I think Emraan hasmi is better followed by Imran or Shahid and ranbir…………………………Bt one thing is damn sure…..even so called KING srk cannot compete The great Salman khan…….hoW Would the recent children compete Salman khan??????????????????

  • @somebody\
    Don’t speak bullshit…….Salman khan became superstar only after WANTED???? He has been ruling the indusrty since the last 2 Decades…………Don’t say anthing Wrong about Salman khan………………………..He has given the most epic movies in the history of bollywood…………….

  • Obviously its Ranbir..No other new actor has cum to even near his level yet..Ranbir is improving with every movie of his..:)

  • IMRAN KHAN may be next superstar coz he has support from aamir and salman. ranbir is far ahead from them bt dont worry emraan hasmi has mass fan following and soon imran khan does action films he will have fan following like salman has now in future

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