The Next Bollywood Superstar – Do we have a succession plan?

In Indian cricket, the question that was asked for years was ‘who would replace the Big 3 (Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman). In a few years from now, Bollywood too could find themselves in a situation, where there could be a lack of ‘bankable stars’. Well known¬†trade analyst and film critic Joginder Tuteja questions if Bollywood has a ‘succession plan’ in place.

Rahul Dravid just made a gracious exit from Indian cricket. VVS Laxman didn’t take much time to hang up his boots either. And suddenly there seems to be this huge question in Indian cricket – ‘Do we have a succession plan?’

Bollywood seems to be facing a similar question as well, what with each of the superstars in the Top 6 (apart from Hrithik) being 40 plus in age and no real star (with an exception of one or two) being really ready to start delivering like the veterans. (continued below the image)

Well, as of yet at the least.

Let’s look at the scenario. We have the three Khans sitting pretty at the top. Then there are men like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn filling up the remaining three slots and there we have; the Top 6 which is pretty much sealed and secure.

What happens to those who wish to break in? Of course they would, say in 4-5 years from now when each of the men at the top would be on the other side of the 50s. Some of them may stay on, a few would graciously move on. What would we be left with? Hrithik Roshan of course who is closest to occupy a top slot. Beyond that there is of course Ranbir Kapoor who is the best star-actor of the current generation. (continued below the image)

However one does miss that smash entry into Bollywood which made Hrithik Roshan a phenomenon after ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’. Now he is someone who got a superstar arrival in Bollywood, something that young ones like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan or to a lesser extent Shahid Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi didn’t quite enjoy. Yes, they were noticed. Some of them even had huge successes to begin with (or soon after). Still, the X factor that differentiates a superstar from a star to an emerging talent was definitely being missed.

We have had promising stars in the form of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. However it’s a long way to go for them as well. Amongst the seniors Saif Ali Khan failed when he tried to do something different (Agent Vinod) but delivered when it came to something conventional (Cocktail). He too knows that making ‘Cocktail 2’ or ‘Cocktail 3’ isn’t something that he wishes to do for life.

This leaves industry with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan who have been around for a decade now. Would these be the men fighting it out with other ‘seniors’ like Ranbir, Imran, Shahid and Emraan to be a part of the ‘succession plan?

Should be interesting to observe! Do vote below and tell us who you think will be the next big superstar!

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  • well i em tired of people saying that srk will rule for next decade etc etc..just accept the fact..
    efore i continue i may write that i am a huge fan of all 3 khans..
    yes srk had it’s time..was also called king khan..than what??everyone has his or her own time..
    & Srk ‘s next is the gr8 test for him??bcs his last 2 Ra1 & Don 2???? didn’t do that well which i thought..Moreover a fan is a matters he is rikshaw driver etc facts (box office verdict) shows that at present Salman is about to dethrone King Khan..wheter it will happen or not i can’t predict..
    Moreover Amir is a class in himself so he was never in that race..
    but for sure it’s b/w srk & salman??
    and stats shows if YRF next does cross ETT..than surely Srk’s throne will be in danger..
    Moreover my personal view is that YRF next will not cross ETT..(only my may but there are factors like SOS releasing..etcetc)
    but still will always remember my childhood & youth..getting crazy abt DDLJ,K2H2,K3g..
    at that time srk was my fvr8..and his best movie for me is Kabhi han kabhi naa..though thee movie flopped ..but i enjoyed that a all time fvr8 is that..
    just time will decide will salman dethrone srk or?????

  • RANBIR KAPOOR is already a SUPERSTAR & way ahead all these actors. after hrithik, if theres’ been 1 really great actor its RANBIR.

    1. Ranbir Kapoor
    2. Imran Khan
    3. Arjun Kapoor
    4. Shahid Kapoor
    5. Emraan

  • I think shahid :)
    Next Year shahid ki 3 popluler movies aa rhi hain. 1st Namak wid prabhu deva, 2nd phata poster nikla hero wid Rajkumar santoshi & 3rd one South indian remake of Vettai, I Think 3no Superhit HongI :) <3

  • After salman khan, Emraan hashmi is the mass actor of bollywood…. Emraan gonna rule box office, massive fans are roaring…

  • sahid kapoor and emraan hasmi are in bollywood more than decades ,ranbir is running for six yrs and imran only 4 yrs, but all are future superstar and competitor

  • @damn hakya you say all sallu film run under 2 weeks ..fustration at his and don didnt even run more than one week..hahaha

  • @nur making me laugh ..srk was never in any throne..he is just a self proclaimed king who talks too much..he was never a king to begin with…u srk fans always say he is been compared with hritick ,aamir and salman but the truth is that all of them beat him black and blue..let him cross ghajani first


  • @sunil, epic muvi lyk marigold, veer, n ALL TIME DISASTER OF BOLLYWOOD main aur mrs khanna. ryt?

  • Lot of romantic heroes may come,but will any actor who do death defying stunts without stuntman & VFX like Akshay will come,I doubt? Current superstars are the actors who have proved themselves in various genres such as romance,comedy,action etc. So by now I go with Hrithik & Ranbir. Kal Kisne dekha hai? Kaun rahe ya na rahe?

  • In ma opinion the next big thing tht bollywood vll c izz emraan hashmi, he vll surely rock d bollywood after khan….so ranbir kapoor n othrs dnt hv chnce…….

  • The three Khans will rule for a while..But Ranbir has a good chance of being the next superstar…Arjun will be just another Abhishek…………the rest have it in them but they will just be stars and not superstars….looking around at Bollywood and also Tellywood..and believe me I have seen many..I suggest we wait for Main or Mr Right releasing on the 18th of Jan 2013…and if you are really curious…there are many episodes you can watch to see how this young man is going to mark in Bollywood.. and I hope he does…just watch one episode of Iss Pyaar ka Kiya naam doon…just google Diwali maha episode of iss pyaar ko kiya naam doon see how gorgeous and talented this young man is………….BARUN SOBTI….he is a demi god as far as his GLOBAL fan folllowing are concerned…I have never seen an actor with so many expressions…..One of his scenes has hit 1 million views on You tube…Good luck to you Barun….it will be a pity if Bollywood does not accept you…….

  • I believe in Shahid. it is a million times more talented than sugary Ranbir or Salman, who besides muscle and convolutions nothing more.

  • Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid Shahid

  • In vain you underestimate of Shahid. He’s not at the finish. Yes. He little acted in films in recent times. And the last two flop. But is only from actor depends the success of the film ? From writer and director also. Khan did not passed through the flops?
    Shahid workaholic. And he has great potential. He and in the masala and in hard film (Kaminey) yourself will tell. He has a lot of work ahead. I believe in his success Now a lot of young actors. Between them goes lot of competition. And now in voting Shahid takes the second place. Time will tell. After 10 years we’ll see. He will catch up and overtake

  • Emraan hashmi is tha darlling of masses..i m dam sure he will b the next big thing of bollywood..after khans, kumar, roshan..
    Best of luck emmi..

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