Song Video: Sajda – My Name Is Khan

New song trailer of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s My Name Is Khan is out. Nice song, Kajol’s expressions alone make the minute long trailer a great watch. And we continue to remain skeptical when it comes to SRK’s performance in the film.

Check out the Sajda Song Video and let us know what you think, below in the comments section.




  • song is strictly average…though i heard it only 4-5 times..may b after more hearing it ll sounjd good….picturization is good,kajol looks great…i dont know y bt is srk playing a role of blind man??his expression is like a blind….

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  • friendly speaking very avarage song , it is not up to the mark and not as standrad of Rahat Fatah Ali..
    may be other songs would be good.
    he is not blind but he cant make eye contect with others, and he keep his eyes down , so looks like blind.

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  • I agree with u Umar. Indicine u r a bit harsh to srk. It all demands act and character, So according to me it is great performance by srk to act like that. No doubt a great song and great performances both by Srk and Kajol. So it’s all looking great .

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  • I m big fan of fateh ali khan but he dissapoint me in this song.Avg song!!!! First time,he has dissapoint me….hope other song doesnot dissapoint!!!!!!!Nothing special video

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  • Fantabulous…double thumbs up…sajda grows on u big tym nd has a repeat
    value..shahrukh and kajol in the video take it to another and visuals r high points f a karan johar film.nw I have high hopes frm the movie..nw m havin a hunch dat MNIK wil b another chak de for srk with critical and commercial appreciation.lets hope for the best:-):-)

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    Its gud u’re not expecting much and are skeptical about the movie and srk’s performance…MOVIE WIL CERTAINLY OVERWHELM U..moreova its been selectd for berlin film festival as wel…it has to b somethin as fox ppl r very confident abt it and backing it up completely:-D

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  • Nauman, Sudeep.. Its a nice song, listen to it a few times.. It’ll grow on you..

    Sahil yes, high time Karan delivers. With every release the quality of his films has only been going down.. Lets hope My name is khan is better than his last two releases..

    Omer, AR.. Not being harsh, just find his mannerisms a bit weird. Hopefully it goes well with the character he is playing..

    Yes, wil b a litmus test for to prove his credibility in handling serious subjects..But more so for SRK to regain his top position..moreover MNIK seems to b khan’s safest best as I m not quite sure about his other 2 films in the pipeline(RA1 and Happy new year)…Any news on DON 2 ??

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  • Only Ra 1 as of now, shooting of which will begin in January. Happy New Year has been shelved, Farah is directing Akshay in Tees Maar Khan, Don 2 is not happening in the near future either, Farhan is busy with his acting career.

    It’ll be tough for him to regain the top position, Aamir is ahead at the moment in India. Overseas, he’s still way ahead of competition.

  • Yes it’s a test for both srk and Karan to get their top positions back. Srk is comming after a long time after rnbdj .But he has to be srk this time. I am very much hopful that he is going to deliver his best. According to srk mnik is his best movie he ever acted. No doubt Golden jodi of bollwood is comming back after 9 years. As for sure big promotions will be made so this is the best chance for Karan and srk. Now music is also looking promising and great. It’s all looking superb. I think mnik will break all records with this golden jodi srk and Kajol.

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  • I find the song is strictly average ,Rahatji’s voice makes for a better listen though.Dunno why,
    but SEL seemto be losing their spell slightly,this year,except Wake Up Sid,all their ventures were
    below par.Hopethe other songs of MNIK do live up to the expectations.
    As for SRK’s performance,he might be doing justice to his character but his act does seem weird.
    And that’s why the SRK-Kajol chemistry seems little lacking.SRK might get critical acclaim,but
    remember,whenever SRK has tried to change his lover-boy image,eg-KANK,Chak De,Asoka,Swades,
    his movies might have been hits,but not blockbusters.But,MNIK has been distributed for 100 crores.
    Will the general public be happy with this weird characterization of SRK?I don’t think so,but hope
    they do.What’s your opinion,Indicine team?

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    I do agree with u…but I ges we shud give the movie sum breathin space..lets not jump to conclusions..As far as SRK’s expressions r concerned for me it seems to b pitch perfect..check out a video on youtube and have a luk at patients suffering frm Asperger’s syndrome..u wud agree with me then…BTW U WRITE REALLY WEL…CHEERS:-D

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  • song is very nice…….the movie will be all time blockbuster…..nd srk will be best actor in 2010…..

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