Singham Returns Review

‘Singham Returns’ is the sequel to 2011’s most-loved masala entertainer ‘Singham’, a film that performed very well at the box office and also went on to be hugely popular when it was aired on television. While Singham was a remake of a Tamil blockbuster, Singham Returns is a original screenplay.

The man calling the shots is Rohit Shetty, who directs his 10th film. Apart from his directorial debut Zameen, all his films have been successful at the box office. His last release, Chennai Express, went on to be one of the biggest grossers of all time. For someone who has made a career out of directing comedy films, Shetty directs his first original action-thriller since Zameen (2003).

Does ‘Singham Returns’ do justice to the iconic character of Bajirao Singham? Is the film as good as the first part? Let’s find out!

Story: A police constable from Bajirao Singham’s (Ajay Devgn) squad is found dead in an ambulance carrying millions of rupees. He is charged of being corrupt. Singham vows to clear the constable of his charges and along with Daya (Dayanand Shetty of CID fame) sets out on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the constable’s death. Soon, a righteous politician Guruji (Anupam Kher) is also killed. Who is behind the killings? What will Singham do to cleanse the political system that wrecks havoc in the city?

Review: Director Rohit Shetty wastes no time in introducing the characters. The audience is not only familiar with the characters in Singham, but also know what to expect from the film. He plays to the gallery and sticks to the formula that worked so well for the first part. The first half is filled with action sequences, car crashes, punch dialogues and Singham’s trademark walk towards the camera. The love angle is forced into the narrative, just for the heck of having a gorgeous leading lady romance Singham.

The pace picks up in the second half. While the plot is thin, Sajid-Farhad (script writers) along Rohit Shetty have ensured that every scene is designed to make Singham look larger-than-life. However, Singham Returns is let down by a weak climax.

The music disappoints, even Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Aata Majhi Satakli doesn’t work. Thankfully, the film has very few songs. Cinematography is good. Production design is excellent.  Action sequences are too long, get repetitive as the film progresses and are way too predictable.

Performances: Ajay Devgn is in top form as Bajirao Singham. When he roars, the crowd whistles; when he bashes the goons, the crowd applauds and when he makes an entry with the ‘Singham’ theme playing in the background.. the single-screen crowd goes insane. Sadly, this time around, he doesn’t have an actor of the calibre of Prakash Raj to compete against.

Talking of Prakash Raj, you tend to miss him in ‘Singham Returns’. Amol Gupte tries hard, but neither his character nor his performance can match Prakash Raj’s outstanding yet hilarious performance in the first film. The other villain Zakir Hussain is good. Anupam Kher does well in a small role, Mahesh Manjrekar plays his part well. Dayanand Shetty is superb.

Kareena Kapoor is wasted. Compared to Kajal Agarwal in the original, she has lesser screen-time, fewer songs to dance to and her chemistry with Ajay Devgn doesn’t work either.

Overall, Singham Returns has enough mass-pleasing elements to make it a huge success at the box office. A more powerful villain and a more convincing climax would have considerably enhanced its impact.


  • Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham (terrific)
  • If you love Rohit Shetty style of action, you’ll love Singham Returns
  • Dialogues


  • Weak villain
  • Love angle doesn’t work, Kareena is wasted
  • Music
Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • I’m going to watch Singham Returns now as the first show will start about half an hour from now.
    very excited and my expectations are very high.


  • I think singham return is by far the best movie of this year till date ……..
    except for Salman … it has everything better than Kick……including better actors….
    loved it ……. lets see how much it earn


  • agree with team indicine. there is nothing new in singham2. all the elements in the movie are old. story is very poor. fitst half is very dull. two star is enough for singham2


  • Well i watched this movie and i must say that it is really a crap,i went to watch SR to learn some physics but i came out disappointed :(

    SR is the remake of 2011 masala film singham,which was below avg. for me.
    SR is no different and also has a pretty manipulative storyline.Action is senseless and illogical,defies all physical laws,so it is yet another regular crap masala,Ajay was ok as singham while kareena was’nt good.
    So i am going with 1.5/5,even i am being generous.


  • Watched Singham returns here is my review:Film start as a decent note for 15 mins than an accident of police constable and the movie get the right race which didn’t dip at the end. Screenplay is good which keeps audience interest in the film.story is decent as they want to maintain previous Singham kind plotline and story inspired from recent political drama and Aasaram case.but what best thing Rohit did he didn’t try too many thing in this film. Keep it simple and engrossing. Production scale is high. Action scenes are top notch. Direction is superb for me. Few scene were too good which make you to cheer and clapping. Its hard to describe how much outstanding Ajay as Singham. He is like a lion. His expression, acting, dialogue and famous Singham walk is too good to see on big screen.kareen does well.Anupam kher and Mahesh manjarekar supports well.Amol gupte is good but no where close to Prakash raj but its not fare to compare with him. Other lead politician don’t know his name but done v.good job.


  • Dayanand shetty got good screen presence. And given fantastic performance. He also broke the door in climax. I am completely disagree with admin about climax as it was terrific as there won’t be a better climax for a singham sequal like this. This film is complete able to live expectation. The opening day craze is fantastic for an Ajay film. When the movie ends audience were clapping for the movie. A huge female crowd were in theatre and they are enjoying every single moments for a mass entertainer as we guys do. Its self shows how good the film. SR doesn’t has anything new than Singham but its has all the integrents which prequal has. I will give 4/5 for the film as its is fantastic film to watch on independence. It lives all my commercial entertainer this year so far. Ajay you rocked man. No one can justice this role like you did. Rohit has shown again he has his style,audience and he don’t need any big thing to prove him bigger as he is most successful director except raju hirani.



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