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Singh Is King Box Office Collections

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Singh Is King released world wide today and the Akshay Kumar movie is off to a historic opening at the box-office. The preview shows across the country were houseful. Shows for the entire weekend are sold out. In North India, its tough to get tickets for the movie at single screens or Multiplexes.

A few multiplexes are showing only Singh is King across all screens. The movie which releases on more than 1000 prints in India looks set to beat the opening week records set by Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om and Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2.

With a budget of 50 crores and more spent on marketing, Singh is King needs atleast 58 crores+ to be a hit. The craze and hype will ensure 40+ crores in Week 1, how the movie performs in the second week will be the key. Most movies released on such huge number of prints crash in the second week, but with Singh is King even a 50% – 55% crash shouldnt affect its box-office outcome.

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The craze in Pakistan is unbelievable. Most shows are sold out, it will most certainly go on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.

In UK, the preview shows were sold out.. The craze for the film has to be seen to be believed. Akshay Kumar is a big star in UK and the movie is set to beat some serious box-office records. The numbers will be out by Tuesday morning (IST). So stay tuned.

Going by the initial reports our Box office Collections Prediction for Singh is King in India

Week 1 – 46 crores
Week 2 – 21 crores
Week 3 – 11 crores
Rest of the weeks – 10 crores

Total : Around 88 – 90 crores. (Superhit – Blockbuster)

So the question is, can Singh Is King beat the overall Nett Gross of blockbusters like Dhoom 2 and Om Shanti Om? If Singh Is King goes on to exceed the intial prediction, does it mean he has beaten SRK in the numbers game?

What do you think? Post your comments below..

More updates on the box-office soon.



  • I’m quite certain for ‘singh is king’ would run down both OSO’ and ‘Dhoom 2′.
    The movie has been nicely flavored with great comedy and well picturised songs.

    A clean win for sure. lets see !

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  • I luv movie, i think it is biggest hit till now ..
    I am going to see it again
    dont waste time go & enjoy watching film

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  • Singh is truly the King .. Akshay has proved him self once again … And yes if the fim will continue its dream run like this .. it will become a major grosser.. IT can also comes in All time BlockBuster list..
    Way to go Akki

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  • akshay have to learn a lot in acting to beat srk
    he is a good comedian as jhony lever but no a good actor as srk

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  • I haven’t seen it yet, but the the trailer encourages and sounds a good comedy. I love to see it although I don’t like Akshay Kumar in comedy rolls but in this movie I have a feeling that he did his best. I wish him all the best.

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  • i love movie ,
    every one go & see the movie.
    who is fan of akshay or not but must watch movie
    and lughf for long life

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  • Singh is King just scrap movie whi saw the one time this movie he/she will not see this movie this movie just a Scrap movie Akshey performance so dull nothing nobody like that movie only lie the movie will be hit blockbuster thats statement not true
    i thing this movie will go to Municipal Dustbin

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  • Jitna hindi movie dekha maine sabse bekhar movie singh is king
    dont waste your valuable time for this movie
    If u have money see the good movie like Jane Tu and Kismat Connection both movie is too beter then singh is king

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  • yea film blockbuser, superhit hit tu durki baath yea film to diasasterko bhi har manayega

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  • The reviewer on this site gave it (3 star) and you all say it’s a bad crap movie, well I don’t know whom to believe anymore ’cause u all loved a movie which I considered a crap and stupid and also u didn’t like the one I considered one of the best movies of 2008. So I’ve to see it myself then decide.

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  • u should go & watch this movie movie for ur entertainment & by listening to others bcoz every one of us do have our own kind of mentality & after seeing just keep ur mentality within urself…………..its good for u.

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  • and.. no one has the right to stop anyone of watching any moive, what’s bad for u might be good for someone else and vice versa, people are different and they evaluate any movie differently. So write your comments about any movie, what u found good or bad in it but don’t ask others not to see it, let them watch and decide themselves.

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  • I love Singh is king , and think that it deserves to be a blockbuster hit, and i am glad that Akshay is finally being recognized for his talents. The songs are full of energy and life, and Om Puri and Katrina did really well in their roles. Fathiya i agree with you , i just don’t let others opinions govern what i do , and decide for myself by what my feeling tell me. It is all a matter of opinion, and everyone has to make their own.

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  • dear anamika omar and kumar i think ur ass is burning or else u wont deny the fact that singh is kinng is really a thret to srk market…… akshay is good in action, comedy ,emotional and now he is giving hits almost every movie…….SRT IS JUST DOING ALL REPEATED ROLES…… ask urself a true question can SRK DO STUNTS LIKE AKSHAY??????????

    CAN SRK BEAT AKSHAy in comedy…….?????????? the answer is in your mind……. so relax and eat your own ass before some1 kicks it from behind,,,,,,, indeed akshay is a king

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  • akki is an great actor in both comedy and as well as action movies
    i saw continuously two times in a row, if u watch the movie
    then money is worth. go watch it….. sunday iam going with my
    collegues too……

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  • well Zubin Your Question is so good
    Srk allready doing all roll Action, Comedy,Villen,Emotionnal,Romantic,Trazedy and all carecters doing well and he won the many awards Total Milake upto 120 Awards
    Srk ka 4 Films Devdas,Swadesh,Pahely & Chak De India nomination for the Oscars
    Akshey ka kitna Awards hain & Kitna movie oscar nomination mila
    Akshey ka jitna film hain upto 80% Flop how can he is a good actor for only one years good last year 4 hit where is 3 movie also multistarer.
    Srk gave 2 clean blockbuster and Akshey ka jitna film hain Srk ka 2 film Chak De India & Swadesh ka samne Akshey ka all movie 0 marks.
    Srk ka pass Two All time Blockbuster movie hain 01. DDLJ 02. KKHH
    Akshey ka pass =0
    so who is the best
    could check before anyting writting at the box office india Srk and Akshey Status how many hit and flops

    I Think Srk = Amitabh+Aamir+Salman+Hrithick+Akshey+Imran Hasimi & Othrs star

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  • it is a good movie just for entertainment .dekho or maze karo.Akshay is the king of comedy.he proved once again

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