Singh Is Kinng Movie Review

Singh Is King is one of the most hyped Bollywood movies in recent times. There are several reasons for the hype

  1. Akshay Kumar, the superstar, is the biggest reason for all the hype surrounding the movie. Akshay’s fan following has increased tremendously in the past 2 years. Also his pairing with co-star Katrina Kaif has created box-office magic in the past.
  2. The movie is directed by Anees Bazmee whose last two movies, No Entry and Welcome, were box office Blockbusters.
  3. Producer Vipul Amruthlal Shah has left no stone unturned in promoting the movie. More than 5 crores has been spent just on promotion.

Is Singh Is Kinng worth all the hype it has generated over the past few weeks? Well to a certain extent, Yes.

First the story. Singh is Kinng is about Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) a simpleton, from a village in Punjab, with a heart of gold. He always tries to do good, but exactly the opposite happens. He tries to help a villager and ends up ruining the whole village. Frustrated the villagers decide to send him far away to Australia, to bring back Lakhan Singh a.k.a Lucky, an underworld don in Australia.

But as always when Happy Singh sets out to do good, he does the opposite. Happy accompanied by his friend Tony land in Egypt instead of Australia. Here Happy meets Sonia (Katrina Kaif) and falls head over heels in love, at first sight.

Happy then makes his way to Australia. Without any money, Happy and Tony starve for days until Happy bumps into Rose Lady (Kirron Kher) who gives him a place to stay and food to eat. Happy then meets King Lucky, but due to an attack on the gang, Lucky is hurt and now cannot speak a word. After a lot of confusion, Happy is crowned the King (don) of the dangerous underworld gang. After a series of comical errors and misadventures, Sonia turns out to be Rose Lady’s daughter who returns to Australia with her boyfriend (Ranvir Shorey).

Does Happy end up with Sonia or does she marry her boyfriend? Does Happy succeed in taking Lucky back to his village in Punjab? Forms the rest of the hilarious tale.

Singh Is King Review

Singh is King is a perfect example of a great first half ruined by an average second. The pre-interval portions of the movie are filled with hilarious scenes.

  • Happy chasing a chicken only to end up ruining the whole village is side-splitting.
  • The scenes between Tony and Happy in Egypt and Australia. The dialogues are rib tickling, especially a few by Tony (Om Puri).
  • The way Singh (Happy) becomes King is brilliantly written, enacted and executed.

After the extremely entertaining first half, you expect an even better second. Unfortunately, it pales in comparison. The song picturised on Javeed Jaffrey was unnecessary. Also the lack of scenes between Tony and Happy is a negative as their chemistry was brilliant. The climax seemed to be hurried up and before you realise the movie comes to an abrupt end.

Another aspect that could go against the movie is, at times it’s hard to understand the Punjabi dialogues. Also at times in the first half, the voice is not in sync with the lip movement. Wonder why such minor flaws are overlooked in an A grade bollywood movie.

The music is above average. Few songs like ‘Teri Ore’ and ‘Singh is King’ title track standout.

Singh Is King Performances

Akshay Kumar is a great entertainer, he puts his heart and soul into the character of Happy. His comic timing is as good as ever. Katrina Kaif does exactly what’s required of her; she manages to look great in every scene. Must say, her smile has a very pleasing effect on the viewer. She’s also looking better with each passing film. Om Puri is brilliant and his chemistry with Akshay Kumar is one of the reasons to watch the movie. Sonu Sood has improved a lot acting wise since his debut in B grade flicks. Neha Dhupia looks hot, does a decent job. Javeed Jaffrey is funny. The rest of the character actors are good.

Singh Is King Verdict

Overall Singh is King is a typical Akshay Kumar mindless entertainer which has a great first half, beautifully picturised songs and a gorgeous Katrina Kaif. But what makes Singh is King more worthwhile is Akshay Kumar, who holds the movie together, well supported by Om Puri.

If your are a die hard Akshay fan and enjoyed his movies like Welcome, Heyy Babyy last year, dont think twice.. Just go for it! Others can wait for the DVD.

Ill go with 3 on 5 for the most hyped movie of the year!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Post your comments and reviews on Singh is King below.

Other Notes – Many many trailers are out with the movie. Chandi Chowk to China, Kidnap (Dhoom director’s next), The Last Lear and many more. Dont forget to catch them during the interval.

Bachna Ae Haseeno and God Tussi Great Ho release next week, do visit Indicine to read the reviews.

Finally, If you have already watched Singh Is King, vote below. Be honest. If you havent watched the movie yet, dont vote. Watch the movie, come back and then submit your votes. If you decide not to watch the movie, choose the appropriate option i.e ‘No Plans of watching’.

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  • Great Movie it will be Blockbuster superhit movie like Sholay in the upcoming days and i can fell right now
    I will see the promo last night its great movie Aksay and Katrina both did well.
    Aksay is my actor since i met him in 1999 and he is vert gentle person and He also believe in punjabi culture
    Aksay is King of Bollywood
    Singh is Kinng

  • Whenever Akshay n Vipul combine together at a film, it becomes something better than ordinary movies. This is certainly such movie again after Aankhen, Waqt n Namastey London. Katrina is a plus point here. So watch it.

  • Singh IS King is a worth watch except for the poorly executed end

    overall it is a good entertainer with rib tickling scenes and Akshay Katrina’s onscreen chemistry

  • Watch it only if u can watch stupid movies,if u have patience to bear the uglier looking(than b4) akshay kumar and his mindless comedy.

  • This the best movie of all time a full PAISA VASOOL. Akki and Kat really rock they are the most happning couple in bolloywood right now. Its a MUST watch movie for all. ….

    Akshay is undoubtedly the KING, and we can crown Kathrina as the Queen.


  • Love Akshay…….Must watch film of the year it’s time to get over bloody cheap bachaans
    this is akshay’s

    Akshay’s big supporters…HIt, superhit,superdooper hit, blockbuster

    Love you Akki..Katreena

    I had big hopes from this picture it has fullfilled every hope

    Rated star Picture of the year*****

  • Hey…It’s must watch picture and most awaited…lol

    So better go and Enjoy to the fullest…missed out will regret later

    Support Akki…Katreena…best couple after hemma and Dharamendhra

    Make them win the race they diserve it…i think bollywood is currently lacking of good superstars let him when

    Support Akki….

    We had enough from Aishwariya, Abhishek and there old man…swipe them off

    once you get in to the cinema you will forgot about rest of the world 5 ***** movie

    weldone Akshay..katreena we love you we support you… you will be the next couple of bollywood

    Big ups from northolt (london)

    hey listen gooooooooo…… near uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    And see some quality indian movieee baby……

    I recommend watch it few times in cinema if you are akshay fan club suppoerters make him win

  • What can i say about this movie its full of punjabi masala nd full of entertainment this is one of the blasting movie …AKKI look a cool punjabi ..nd… katty rock in whole movie

    Gurjeet S Bagga

  • If saawariya was bad Singh is King is Worst. The movie can be best described as pathetic, senseless, torterous and unbearable flick. The worst movie seen so far. My recommendation better watch cricket and olympics at home rather than watching SIK. The theatre was less than half filled and more than that I could see people yawning and frequently going for fagg breaks. If I meet Vipul Shah or Akshay anywhere I am gonna ask for my 100Rs. back which I spent for the movie.

  • Avinash…y dont u introspect urself, i think u need some help
    I am dead sure u have not seen the movie.
    I am not a grt8 fan of Akki but i cannot write -ve things without even watching it…

  • Its great to see the real Khiladi becoming the real King of Indian Cinema. A clean win over all others in bollywood. Akshay has proved his power of getting people from around the world sit for 3 good hrs. watching an Indian Movie. Hats Off !

    Akshay is the ‘King’ and should be crowned with Katrina as the most adorable couple of Bollywood after Dharmender & Hema Malini.

    Great going Akshay, keep it up ! ………….U R the best !

    All the best for Chandni Chowk to China !

  • singh is king is an average movie nothing much in the movie,stupid end,first half was better but in the 2nd half the film was full bongiii,akshay kumar is doing these kind of films for last 8 years i think, same comedy ,he was best in namastay london and mujhse shaadi karo gi but now he has to do different movies,katrina was looking beautifull but still she dont know how to act,om puri was best in the film.
    people are comparing Akshay with SRK but the fact is akshay is way behind,i am not saying akshay is not a good actor but we cant compare Akshay with SRK,SRK is the best and he knows what kind of movie he has to select.
    THIS IS A REAL MOVIE REVIEW ** out of 5.

  • Hi Singh is King really one of d boring movie..the first half is good and second half is bad..i m huge fan of Akshay..iDOnt expect more frm Singh is King..Screenplay is too worst in dis movie i ll rate

  • Malik U Gayyyyyyyy loser, Go and lick di-ck of SRK, SRK is chaprasi of Bollywood, Saala Tattichap, Akki Rules, Singh is Kinng is the biggest Blockbuster of all times, Singh is Kinng has already scored No.2 in UK Box Office and No.3 in US Box Office.

    Singh is Kinng.

  • Well! its undoubtedly one of those mindless entertainers which is strictly not for the brainies.
    If u have liked welcome,no entry,heyy babyy then u will surely like this one too.
    Don’t enter the hall if u are planning to scrutinize each and every scene in the movie,because u will end up
    sulking alone in the hall.

  • the movie was superb in uk
    yesterday i watched this movie 1st day 1st show
    amazing pair in bollywood
    they will rock whole bollywood
    the king is akshay kumar not srk -the gay

  • the movie was boring and crap
    yesterday i watched this movie 1st day 1st show

    i dont think that anybody can take SRK’s place
    he is the real king of bollywood

    so who ever is saying that AK is the king THEN YOUR A LLOOOOOOSSSSER URSLEF

  • SINGH Is KING is one amazing movie… everyone should watch… excellent mind rocking movie… Akshay Paaji looks asewome handsome and chaming in TURBAN and beared;… and Kat… is charming beauty.. tht will make u fall in love with her …………. looks really cute in Sardarni role ;)

    the special song at the end of movie.. is mind blowing… i can bet u… by watching it jst once.. won’t fulfill ur charm.. so do go again… as we all r ……… :)

    Once again SINGH IS KING ROCKs @!!!!!!!

  • Hey ppl……. why fight over SRK and AKKI they r happy in their own homes why r u getting touchy…. overall BOLLYWOOD ROCKS!!!!!! and every movie is entertaining…..










  • A great entertainer of the year, Akki, Kat Neha and the rest did a great job to make this much awaited movie a blockbuster. Vipul and Anees what a pair to create such a show. Movie is gonna go in to the records as a huge entertainment for the whole masses and classes. Mega movie and will do wonders at the box office world wide. Keep up the good work.

  • Attention everybody …..You know Yeh jo jalan hoti hei na yeh bahot acchi hei kyun ki Akki gonna be da hit of da year,also King of da bolly….SO I THINK akki’s HATER should be LOL…..
    If ya can’t gettin from akki, You all(akki’s haters ) are really fake…Even fucked up….

    But AKkI is Always great…uske jesi action kar ke dikhao to maanu..LOL But such Dogs always barks…

    “Bhai yeh to hamare akshay kumar ke chahne valo ka pyaar hei……. ”





  • avinash i think that u r the most boring person that ‘s why u didnt like the movie i think that u r a person of enjoying bangladesh and hong kong cricket matches thats why u said better watch cricket if u want ur money back dont worry i ll give u 200 rs 100 money as tip . sik was besttttttttttt and dont ever do this comment people will think u r fool

  • Wait is over, true entetainring blockbuster of the year is out and it proved it AKKI is King of the Bollywood. He performed so well in the movie, its mind blowing. Over all movie is super hit, locales are fantastic, cinmatagraphy is excellent, Music is super, what else you want from BOLLYWOOD. Go and check out the movie, and you will come out laughing.

  • Akshay is my best actor in bollywood! And Akshay rocks in Singh is Kinng. I think Akshay Kumar is the Bollywood KINNG, BADSHAH, KING KUMAR better than Shah RuKh Khan, Amir Khan and Sunny Deol. I give the KING KUMAR 100 of 100 points. And the Rating for SINGH IS KINNG

    5 of 5.





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