Poll: Excited about Singh is King?

Bollywood movie Singh is King releases world wide tomorrow. The Akshay Kumar starrer will have the widest release for a bollywood movie ever!

It is releasing on 1500 prints all over India! A record as Om Shanti Om, the previous bollywood movie with the widest release ever tag, released with 1200 prints. The hype around Singh is King especially in North India is mind blowing to say the least.

There are 3 reasons for the hype.

1) Akshay Kumar, one of the most Bankable and popular stars in Bollywood along with Hrithik, SRK and Aamir.
2) The title ‘Singh is King’ has worked big time. The Singh’s just wont miss this for sure!
3) Brilliant promotion. The producers have spent more than 5 crores on marketing the movie.

So we ask you, our dear readers, What do you think of Singh is King?

When are you going to watch Singh is King?

  • First day first show! (33%, 40 Votes)
  • Will wait for the reviews! (21%, 26 Votes)
  • Looks like yet another mindless entertainer, will skip it! (21%, 25 Votes)
  • First weekend, cant wait! (20%, 24 Votes)
  • Naah, the movie doesnt excite me! (5%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 121

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  • Check out the review on bollywoodhungama.com by Taran Adarsh
    I dont know wen he saw the movie
    Rating : 4/5

  • singh’s are great do not try to present them as a comedian . shed this poor and sick mentality. they have great personality . do not forget the sacrification they had made and always readd to make . they saved india from slavery so many times .u should respect them. they r great philospher and thinker and more intelligent . they can give u a good kingdom where any body can stay happily. they can conquer the whole world . stay strong and healthy to respect them greatly. foreighners who knows them they have written great words for them they r mightier then any other in this world . i think this is enough . we hate thos who have sick and poor mentality

  • singh is kinng is blocbuster superhit in this year and in would rate this movie 5/5 and akki is the best about this movie and to watch thia movie is you showed watch first day first show in the cinema

  • Singh is Kinng the best movie what i ever seen in Bollywood, superhit, blockbuster and all time blockbuster

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