Register and win Nokia 5230 Touch Phone and Movie DVD’s!

NOTE – Contest has been extended by a week, as quite a few had issues registering and logging in. The contest now ends on 7th March, winners will be declared on 9th.

Okay, site is all good and running smoothly now. Apologies for the downtime in the last couple of days.

Down to business and straight to the point. Here is your chance to win 5 movie DVD’s and one Nokia 5230 Touchscreen phone.

To win, here is what you need to do. 

  1. Click here and register. Please make sure you enter all the required details – Name, Email, House / Office Address and Phone number are most important – We will contact you before shipping the prizes. Remember, after registering, we will send you an email to activate your account. If you have any trouble registering, you can get in touch with us via instant messenger (see below). Also note that WE DO NOT SHARE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE.
  2. After registering, submit a short review of the new design and features, below in the comments section (on this page). Just a few words on what you like or dislike about the new site.

That’s it!

Prizes to be won  (6 winners will be picked on 2nd March)

  • One Nokia 5230 Touch Phone – Symbian 5th Edition.
  • 5 DVD’s of any movie from the last 10 years (from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to 3 Idiots) – you can pick any DVD of your choice.

We unfortunately, cannot ship the prizes overseas. But overseas readers can still participate. Winners will be randomly picked, so if one of the winners is  not from India, we will pay you approx 75% of the market value of the product. For example Nokia 5230 costs Rs 8000 in India, 75% of which would be Rs 6000. We pay you 6000, simple as that. Indian readers too are free to pick the cash offer, incase you win a DVD, Rs 200 would be paid.

Terms and Conditions

  • Prizes will be shipped only to the address entered while registering.
  • Last date for registration would be 7th of March 2010.
  • Do not try creating multiple user accounts, we have a system built to detect duplicate accounts.
  • Winners will be declared on 9th of March 2010.
  • If you pick cash offer, money would be transfered via paypal for overseas readers. For Indians, we could transfer to any government or private bank account.

If you have trouble registering or any other issue with the site, you could get in touch with us directly via instant messengers (see below)

  • Yahoo Messenger – indicineteam at (11AM – 7PM IST) – If we are not around, drop us offlines, we’ll get back.
  • Gtalk – (11 AM – 7PM IST)
  • Or mail us anytime – webmaster at indicine dot com
  • Facebook too – Click here (submit under Just Fans section)

Thanks and Regards

Indicine Team

Picture of Nokia 5230



  • Loving the colours and outlook of the new version but dislike putting in a code everytime we have to login but understand it is for security purposes. Good job indicine

  • hey good work…awesome new version…the font can be just a bit bigger…and the backround colour will be a bit dark..the content is awesme….keep goin team indicine…!! looking ofrward for the results..!!

  • The new website look and feel is good. When we land up on the home page, it is good to see all the information at a glance.
    Some of my commetns about the new site:
    1) Mandatory fields to be entered should be shown with a * while registering
    2) Fontsize can be a bit bigger to make it more readable
    3) Tab view is really good and one can know where to look out for information
    4) “Scroll to top” feature is very useful. I have used it couple of times in last 5 minutes
    5) I had a major issue while logging in. Username is case sensitive and my username fist letter was getting capitalized automatically and I took a long time to login to enter my comments. Finally, instead of typing “Poonam” I typed “poonam ” to login.
    Overall, the site is really good. I think it has improved user experience a lot :)

  • Design looks good. Has a pleasant feel. The Very yellow background hurts a bit sometimes. Finding all the wanted celebs on TOP is great idea. Good to see a scroll to top also. It helps. Finding Artist alphabetically is a cool feature.
    Overall I liked the new design!

  • Hi,
    The new look of the website’s home page is superb and full of informations on the bollywood, such as news, movie verdict(BO), reviews, interviews, etc. But the site, though its on bollywood, its not colour full, the colours used are very dull. You see the background colour is light brown which is seen the most on the site and everypage. Also the homepage must have other colour used properly. Well the first visit on the home page gave me an impression of vsiting an company’s website rather than a portal on bollywoood.
    Also as bollywood is about movies, thus, I personally believe that using Macromedia flash appropriately will be more usefull while designing the website. You see like (internation site). It has lots of colour and is the similar kind of website on hollywood. But the Indian yahoo movies site is not that much pretty.
    Although the load time of the website is good. Keep it up.
    Manish Sharma

  • indicine nice to see u in new version
    i am a new user of ur site also checked ur last version but not commented
    there is a problem in user login and page will automatically open to new blank page also while commenting displays bad command dont know what is happening
    overall good luck

  • Sites tempelet is very smart, nice colour. Well done Indicine, best wishes for u.
    Some Problems :… Site gets slow & font size is very small.
    One Ques: How to change our user information after registration? Is it possible?

  • Hi,
    Its my first comment on Indicine, though I’ve been visiting this site for the past month or so.
    This site is much better than the previous version.
    But there is a problem with the ‘logout’ command. After you click ‘logout’, the page reloads but it shows that you are signed in.
    Good job Indicine

  • The new website is really cool and the them is really good but I am still stuck with that black them of indicine.
    Anyhow I wish INDICINE all the best. You guyz rock.

  • Kool mobile…i wish i can win thix..hehe just kidding!!!! Thank god now we can comment in ur site indicine team. Its looks very good infact superb colour scheme which i feel. Now we need new article…
    Indicine team:Havenot u watch Toh Baat Paaki n Click or u just r too bzy for the site maintainance

  • Finally i could Log in.. 
    Looks superb Indicine. Ur new version ma new name.. cheers for us.. lolz.;)
    But can v change our name in future.? If not its fine- Eraser- Born to Erase.. he he
    1) Colour scheme s superb
    2) security check s gud
    3) new promotional strategy s really gud
    4) Gives a pleasant, calm sweet feelin wen u enter..:)
    1) Too many articles in d front page, gets us confusing
    2) New/ Fresh topics need to be highlighted n need to be in Bold letters so that v come to know, nw its like v need to search wat s new.. all appear d same.
    3) askin for address n phone no`s may make d new users skip d comment section. Not all r comfortable sharin their add n cell no`..
    4) as i mentioned earlier, Font size shud increase. some may need power glasses to look at wat they s typin..;)
    Nw i dunno wat i have typed.. not using ma glasses he he..;)
    Overall gud..
    Rating- 70/100 ..;)
    Best of luck..!

  • sk_25, Ideally we wouldn’t want it too. But without that, there would be plenty of ‘spam’ comments. Its just one time, while you login.

    paddy_parth19, Thanks :)

    poonam, thanks for taking time out to list it out. We’ll be increasing the font size, although for now you can just zoom your browser. Mandatory fields will be marked with a *.. And we have already fixed the username issue while logging in. Its no longer case sensitive. :)

    gulzarece, Thanks :)

    aartiajugia, we’ll look into toning down the the yellow a wee bit. Thanks for the positive feedback :)

  • Thank god now we can comment in ur site indicine team. Its looks very good infact superb colour scheme which i feel. Now we need new article…
    Indicine team:Havenot u watch Toh Baat Paaki n Click or u just r too bzy for the site maintainance

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