Ra One HIT or FLOP – Box office Prediction

Here it is finally – the box office prediction of Shahrukh Khan’s highly anticipated Ra One. Before we get into the numbers though, we’d like you to go through some of the reasons why we think Ra One simply ‘cannot’ fail at the box-office. Yes, that’s right. We initially thought it could well be a disaster, but looking at the way the film has been promoted and with SRK pulling of several marketing masterstrokes, it’ll highly unlikely that Ra One will open to anything less than 100 – 110 crores in Week 1 at the box office. 

  • First of all, its a Shahrukh Khan film after a year and a half – his last release was My Name Is Khan early last year – and both his fans and others will agree that he still commands a huge fan-following both in India and in international markets. Not to forget, Kareena has a huge following amongst the masses.
  • From the trailers the film seems to be a complete masala entertainer – action, comedy, romance, superhero – it’s got it all and a little more. Due to the universal appeal, Ra One is expected  to open well at both multiplexes and single-screens.
  • SRK is marketing the film like there is no tomorrow – Youtube, Video Games, Reality shows, Champions League  – Ra One is everywhere. This has helped increase the curiosity tremendously. The only downside, it has also increased the expectations.
  • The music is important and Ra One has one of the most popular tracks of the year – Chammak Challo. The rest of the songs are good too.
  • Finally, Rajnikanth’s presence is undoubtedly going to increase the box office collections in the South. Like we’ve said before, this is a masterstroke by SRK. There is no actor bigger than Rajnikanth down South.
  • 3000+ screens: Ra One will have the widest release for a Bodyguard film ever – both in India and overseas. The film will cash-in on the initial weekend even before the positive/negative word-of-mouth begins to spread.
  • Extended weekend will be similar to Bodyguard  as Ra One too will release on Wednesday and enjoy a 5-day Diwali weekend. So if Bodyguard with half the hype opened to 100 crores+ in Week 1, how big will the opening of Ra One be? Honestly, its hard to accurately predict. Figures could be anywhere between 10 – 15% higher than the current biggest.

Here is our box office predictions for Ra One

IF GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 24 crores
  • Weekend – 95 to 100 crores (5 days)
  • Weekdays – 35 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 130 to 135 crores (9 days)
  • Final – 220 crores+

IF AVERAGE (mixed word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 24 crores
  • Weekend – 90 crores
  • Weekdays – 30 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 120 crores
  • Final – 165 crores

IF BAD (negative word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 24 crores (advance booking is expected to be high)
  • Weekend – 75 – 80 crores
  • Weekdays – 20 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 95 – 100 crores
  • Final – 115 crores

So even in the worst case scenario – unless the word-of-mouth is as bad as Kites – Ra One should do atleast 100 crores in Week 1. That rules out the chances of ‘FLOP’. Also remember that the budget of Ra.One is a mere speculation – SRK has never revealed the actual costs. Week 1 the film should break-even and whatever it does Week 2 onwards will determine how big a hit Ra One turns out to be.

If it’s a good film, Ra.One should beat 3 Idiots easily. Our verdict prediction – HIT or Super-Hit.

What do you think? Will Ra One be a HIT or Flop with the audience? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • i cant stop laughing..A new page for Ra One has opened and 90% comments are from salman Fans..These stupids are really promoting the films.. Thank you guys…


  • hahaha wasim!well said!mai bhi salman khan ka tere hi jitna fan hun..!aur ra.one gonna be da biggest evr..no [email protected] vl be a shame if it doesnt break all records!kuz dis movie vl take indian cinema forward!srk z god!


  • I request all srk fans icluding me that, ‘

    ”please let salman’s fans barks like a bitch,

    and after the release of ra.one.

    all salman’s fans will give their ‘gaad’ to us.

    So salman’s fans should maintain their ‘gaad’ becuz We are coming to break your hole of ‘gaad’


    agar salman k fans ko meri bat buri lage to wo mujhe apna gaad de skte hai, lekin ek sart hai,
    aapka ‘gaad’ achi tarah ‘saaf’ hona chahiye.


  • all should remmember one thing Bodygaurd is a Blockbuster though it was not promoted or show off like srk,,,sallu bhai was in us at that time…..always sallu rocks,,,,,,,,,,,,srk kuch bhi karlo sallu is the king of bollywood………..seen-sitara karra srk ra-one ku lekar……ka flop hota ki bolkay rajnikanth ko liya paira padkay,,


  • Salman is stunning star of bollywood.

    Raone flop 99.99 %

    SRK lookes old man, now he should play fathers roll. He should not promote him as a lover boy or super star.


  • .yaar meko samjh nai ata ki salman ke fans itna arrogant kyun ho rahe..us ki 4 film hit na ho gai ki sab usko king bnane lage..uski 4 me se 3 toh eid ke wajah se hit ki..aur wanted se pehle jo harsal itni flops ati thi,bhul gye kya..aur srk ki last flop yaad bhi hai [email protected] z kingg.


  • for all srk haters just wait till 26 oct.tum logon ka muh aur gand dono band ho jayenge.fir naa kisi ke samne muh khol payenge naa hi bathroom main chup paayenge.


  • Jo bhi ‘ra.one’ ki burayi karega mai uske ‘chachi aur mami’ ka boor kat kar fry kar dunga. Aur dinner me kha jawunga.

    Ab kisi ne srk k khilaaf comment kiya to uske ‘gaad’ me ‘saap’ dal dunga aur uske ‘laad’ ko tod kar salman k muh me dal dunga.

    Agar tumlog mujh se baat krna chahte ho to apna ‘nimbuzz ID’ Mujhe send kro.


  • if ra one will beat 3 idiots then the movie will not take the blocbuster status as the movies like 3 idots and dabanng and bodyguard take bcuz of high budget that is around 150 crores and also marketing budget that is also cross 25 crores. i think if ra one end 220 crores then the movie will super hit not blocbuster


  • I told u all..now even indicine is saying..
    I feel like laughing on these helpless sallu fans just look at them they can’t digest the fact that ra.one is gonna be the biggest film ever..
    I am the proudest fan when I see salman fans getting blown up..

    My appeal to srk fans..
    Stay calm we have proved it all..let these haters bark..ra.one has done it

    With 4000 worldwide prints 450cr is an easy target..
    Day1 surely 25 cr

    Ab GAO sale mallu ke gaane aaya re aaya bodyguard:.

    Bodyguard ka maalik SRK AAGYA HAI



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