Force Flops at the box office

John Abraham’s dream of being an action hero in the Salman Khan / Ajay Devgan league has come crashing down with quite a bit of Force on Monday, as the film crashed at the box office after a decent first weekend.

It’s unfair to compare John to a superstar like Salman Khan, but the lifetime collections of Force are likely to be less than the Day 1 collections of Bodyguard!

In short – Force opened well on Friday (5 crores), dropped on Saturday (4.5 crores), picked up on Sunday (5.5 crores) and crashed completely on Monday (less than 1.5 crores). Week 1 is expected to be about 20 crores. With Rascals releasing this weekend, Force will be out of most theaters.

Box Office Verdict – FLOP



  • salman outstanding i watch bodyguard 15 time and i can stop watching it.. SALMAN IS KING OF BOLYWOOD WOW N I WILL WATCH MOVIE WHO EVER HE LIKE LIKE AAMR, INRAAN, AJAY… THAT IS IT..

  • I watched it today.. the film is good in action, not boring at all.. I don’t like action films but I watched this film till the end and didn’t get bored. ( well that’s a realistic action and not like stupid action in Wanted and Singham!!) I think the indian audience loves a comedy action therefore this film won’t work at the box office coz it lacks funny scenes!
    John did a good job, the villain young man was so good, don’t know his name but I liked him, and he must be nominated for the awards next year.. just one thing was wrong in this film ( the heroine.. Genelia) she’s a failure actress in fact!! why did they choose her for this film? don’t know! If Sonam was instead, she’d hv done a better acting and the film could’ve been better with a different actress.. Genelia spoiled the film.

  • @ Fathiya:

    U r correct…The cheapest action ever in bollywood was for bodyguard.. i was bored of seeing salman flying in the air and fighting… there should be atleast 50%reality.. Regarding Force it was a descent film.. But if u had seen its Tamil Kaakka Kaakka surely u wil hate force..The tamil version was terrific… Surya can never be replaced by anyone for that role…do watch the tamil movie and tell ur opinion…


  • I am going to fuck the writer of this article,

    i think john better than salman,

    salman should take retirement. And join a BAAR (randi khana),
    becuz salman is dance like a bar dancer.

    ‘Am i right frnds’

  • @wassim…can u luk at urself…poor moral upbringin…u re going to fuck d writer,are u dat dumb or foolish…u shud get a life…dis jst proves not every actor can make a masala movie work lyk salman does

  • wasim teri bhen ko toh sara bollywood chodega sale hijde,bhadwe,bhenchod,madarchod, jara bhi sarm hai toi plz comment asi kr ke controversy na ho kyo sallu bhai ke piche pada hai woh teri bhenchod dalega madarchod FORCE flop hai to teri kyo jaal rahi hai only 2 action heros in B’town ….

  • Vinshal: I don’t watch tamil films, never did.

    Brian S: u said: “I thought Force was a v good film, disspaointed…..” but why do u think this way?! said many times.. box office is not a prove that any movie is good or bad.. it’s measured by the taste of the audience.. why Salman Khan’s movies – even that crap shit movie which called “Ready” – were some super hit films at the box office?

    The fault is not in films.. the fault is in people’s taste and what they demand.. they actually love these crap action and crap comedy films! what can u do about it? can we change their taste? sometimes I really feel pathetic, while I am at cinema, and see ppl laugh and laugh for some silly comedy scenes!! that’s how they are.. so any of those crap films succeed at the box office would never prove that the film was so good.. actually was good for the majority because of their bad taste!

    Value any film according to yourself.. what u found good and enjoyed, and forget about others.

  • hahahahahaha…. Cant stop…!
    yeh toh hona hi tha…
    1 month pehle maine iska poster dekh kr bata diya tha FLOP!!!
    Check out……

  • @fathiya…ur choice differs,u dnt expect everyone to b lyk u..this is a world where everyone wants to be happy..people needs entertainment..most pple re sayin ready is d best comedy film dis year…and this kind of film helps sick pple..u can’t expect a sick patient about to die to be watchin film lyk shaitan or raavan or kites e.t.c…pple needs entertainment nd dat’s wat ready provides nd it is not a crap has good storyline not lyk tees mar khan…i can say dis is a crap film,it doesn’t make any sense but ready is made well dat’s why most pple enjoyed it

  • Actually a crap film like Ready makes me sick and want to kill myself for wasting my time over it.. I watched 30mnts and put it off, it’s as crap ad Tees Maar Khan, both r crap films

  • mannnnnnnnnnnnn i luved was 2 gud..n tht chap..realistic action guy..jaw dropping performance ..his name is vidyut..n i dont think for ce or bodyguard shd be compared..force was like an actual out n out action film…with sharp editing..bodyguard and ready..NO COMMENTS!

  • Fathiya ,my dear the world does not revolve around you and who cares what ur taste is anyway,not liking a film doesnt make you a genuis or elite anyway,many people like ready it has a high repeat value ,it didnt crash like TMK did’so the audience are not fools and ur not in anyway wiser than them

  • Sher ki khal phene se kutta sher ki tarah dikh to sakta hai leking dahaad nahi sakta

    salman is real TIGER
    jhon is real kutta

    BODYGUARD is best movie of decade
    FORCE is worst movie of decade

    kuch fatiya jaise kutton ke bhokne se kya hoga

    result is frnt of u

    BG 1st day collections
    21.75 cr
    FORCE lifetime
    21 cr

    indicine do mind if u delete my cmmnt
    meri se bhi gandi lang us harami wasim ne use ki hai
    just chk that 2

  • abi randi fatiya wat you have think of yourself you bloody dont dare to tell my sallu bhai his film dont want story the world want to see salman so tats wats people are going to see kutiya understand you mf go see your force again n again make atleast life time collection 22 crore tats 1 day collection of bodygaurd allah hafiz tamiz seek pehle randi

  • @fathiya::don’t talk lyk a slut..ready was a great comedy..people liked..tu kehna chahti hai k sirf teri taste sahi hai aur baki deshvasiyon ki galat…go & fuck ur mind ….bodyguard was amezingg…force was disgustingg

  • you bloody fathiya have you seen your face first go see you crap have you ever wonder ready the complete movie entertainer ever becoz its sallu man with a golden heart allah bless him bodygaurd awesome movie no one can compete with him understood

  • Shabana: so u consider yourslef as a muslim! Actually u r a bad example for muslic ppl coz u hv a bad tongue! Muslim ppl respect others and don’t speak bad language or swear, I got used to hear all bad language fm Hindu ppl on this website but not fm muslms! Shame!

  • Shabana: And yes dear Shabana.. I see my face in the mirror every day and I like it.. and I know who I am.. but did u see me already to say: hv you seen yr face first?!! hahaha!! did I piss u off because you’re Salman Khan’s fan?!! Well John is better than Salman.. he’s a better actor, but he doesn’t entertain you.. right?! Coz u love those lousy silly crap films of Salman!

    I am not a brainless woman that I would consider any film which makes profit at the box office as a good film! I express my opinion about any film I see, about any actor, whether they did good or bad.. I loved London Dreams for Salman, Loved Phere Milenge ( if I am not wrong in the name, the film which he got HIV with Shelpa Shitty) but did u all love these films? No.. and why? Because u “only” go and watch the films which r some hit at the box office and consider them as good, even if they’re crap.. means u go for the worst comedy, and leave the quality films behind.. that’s how you’re people in fact!! thank God.. I am not

  • ho ho madam you thought you only the right muslim in the world go fuck your buisness you crap sucking hindus praising them i will fuck you nicely if u comment on any muslims shabana you are correct my dear she is slut forget about her comments

  • ho ye fathiya nahi bollywood ki queen hai jo ise sab pata chal jata hai kon si film acchi aur kon si nahi jab ki sara world salman ka deewana hai muje lagta hai tuje us gandiya john ne choda hoga isliye tu john john kehrahi hai randi salman ki gand k barabar bhi wo kutta john nahi aasakta samajle u nonsense of the world

  • oh you fatiya might be you thinking yourself as right muslim , you foolish girl i dint use any bad word for you, who knows which thng Allah will like. you are not a predator ,better mind your language first or else iill piss you on your face

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