Force Flops at the box office

John Abraham’s dream of being an action hero in the Salman Khan / Ajay Devgan league has come crashing down with quite a bit of Force on Monday, as the film crashed at the box office after a decent first weekend.

It’s unfair to compare John to a superstar like Salman Khan, but the lifetime collections of Force are likely to be less than the Day 1 collections of Bodyguard!

In short – Force opened well on Friday (5 crores), dropped on Saturday (4.5 crores), picked up on Sunday (5.5 crores) and crashed completely on Monday (less than 1.5 crores). Week 1 is expected to be about 20 crores. With Rascals releasing this weekend, Force will be out of most theaters.

Box Office Verdict – FLOP



  • @ sallu and akhjak

    SALLAY BHAGNI CHOD PEHLE FILM KA STORY SAMJHO PHIR COMMENT MARNA.sirf fan banne se kuch nahi hoga mai,bahin,chod.
    John salman ka gand mar dega.

  • Wiz.poke: who said that Shaitan, Kites or Ravan are some good movies? Did I ever say that? these r neither good movies nor entertaining films..yeah.. entraining films which r good r: ZNMD, Mere Br. ki Dulhan.. these type of comedy films are some quality films because of good direction, good actors, good script and really funny scenes.. but you would say that “Ready” is good.. no..sorry.. that’s really cheap film.. I was also surpirsed why Salman Khan signed for this film, including Bodyguard!!

    When a film starts just bad, with bad comedy scenes.. I lose interest to continue watching it, same with those crap films, series of Golmaal.. wow.. what a taste ppl really have!! do u all really consider these crap as some good quality comedy films!!
    Spare me from this crap kachra films please.. they don’t even make me laugh.. I just feel pathetic for the audience who value these type of films!!
    If u all enjoy these scenes..sorry.. I never do

  • @subham:::::teri ma randi aur tu chinal ki peydayish saala haramkhor madarchod………..ja nikal yaha se randi ka beej…….


  • @abdul…tere ma,behan k gand me ek haat ghoosa dunga madar,bhahen,bhosri harami chod….,..tera lund kauaa ko khilaunga…..tera aana mera billi khayaga…..tera gand phad kar usme mircha bhar dunga……tujh jasira randa ka kabhi saadhi nhi hoga….tu napunsak sala..

  • sorry fathiya for those sick people who darn and use obscene language
    they are just dumb and stupid they dont respect true art and cherish crap their brains are brainwashed
    by their stupid thought heroes

  • just overlook em the more you negotiate with em the more insult they give
    but they are laughing at themselves and they re swearing at themselves

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  • I liked force,very nice even better than ready,salman khan ko acting nehi atha,lekin John ko acting aatha hai..he s a very gud actor

  • Joe: thx for yr feeling, i always say to myself the following: bad people use bad language.. there4 I don’t care anymore, I don’t even reply to those people because I know how ther’re.

    You know how many movies in bollywood deserved to be some super hit films and they flopped becaused of the audience who doesn’t appreciate some good work?! they never appreicate good cinema.. they just want to enter the cinema hall and laugh, laugh, laugh like crazy!! that’s how they are in fact ( that’s the fact but they also don’t accept it!! they don’t like anyone criticise them for that..every time they say: we need anything to entertain us.. fine.. we got the message.. but at least they’ve to distinguish a good comedy from a bad one, they don’t know the difference!!!”
    Force flopped because it lacked some funny scenes.. and also because of the heroine for sure.. she was in a completely wrong role.. Genelia is good only for movies like JTYJN, but not for serious action film.

    And I think that Salman Khan (knows) what the audience in India wants.. there4 he’s doing for them these craps films.. he knows it’ll make money and it’ll take him to the top!!

  • Sallu
    Sale imran ko inran likhta hai bhagni chod ka film dekhta hai re tu.15 bar bodyguard kahe dekha sale bharwa chod story hai hi nhi to kaha se samaj mei aaega john abhrahm ka dekh bhosari samajh mei aaega saikro baap ki ek aulad ka film dekhta hai re tu

  • fathiya as for your comments we dont care but pls dont say anything about my bhai people love him respect thats wat salman breaking each and every record dear salman is lot better than jhon pls accept my dear thank you

  • ok we accept it but dont call a woman whom you dont know a randi
    this is qadf and its one of alkabair be careful man you re muslim thank u saleem

  • Saleem: I respect Salman too..he’s a good actor, but don’t like these type of films he makes.. that’s why I criticise his films which aren’t good. For me Veer, Ready, Bodyguard, Jaaneman..all these r some bad movies.. he got some good for sure, which I already mentioned.

  • Dosto mai hu Salman khan jo bhi mera dushman hai mujhe jee bharke gaaliya do kyu ki mai hu Salman khan lavdeka baal.

  • Indicine.. u r cent percent wrong.. BOI and Bollywood Hungama have declared Force as a success!!!
    its budget was 21cr and it has colected 26cr!!! i.e broke even!!!

    pls correct me if i am wrong!!!

  • Force is mind blowing yaar.i hav first seen real action…itz just toru foru…n genelia darling sud not be dead…..waiting for FORCE 2….@fathiya u r great yar .dont get hurt frm filthy comments

  • Guys Force movie did not crash in the weekdays, please see the website bollywoodhungama and you would see the collection as following as on Oct 7.

    Force movie has fared well, despite number of screens and shows being limited. Collected approx Rs 24.52 cr nett in Week 1. Breakup:- Fri 5.05 cr, Sat 4.75 cr, Sun 6.20 cr, Mon 2.42 cr, Tue 2.15 cr, Wed 2.10 cr, Thu 1.85 cr. Is John’s biggest opener, in solo lead

  • Force was way better than crappy bodyguard with FAKE action… if this movie flops then I would lose all my hope in bollywood films.

    I am sure Force will be an average grosser with at least in the 30 crore mark. Also John’s killer looks and body is far better than Salman.

  • u all are mad who said that bodyguard is best movie. i think u all should need your mind to be checked seriously. force is lacks time better than bodyguard, kisika fan hona alag baat hai par galat ka saath dena wrong. aur jhon ki body k aage salman baccha hai….. john u rock and salman u r looser

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