Krrish 3 Total Collections: Worldwide in 13 days

Krrish3Krrish 3 has grossed around Rs 328 crore in 13 days at the worldwide box office. The film has collected Rs 221.32 crore in India and Rs 41.7 crore from the overseas markets.

The Hrithik Roshan starrer is the 3rd highest worldwide grosser of all time, behind Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express (Rs 421 cr) and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots (Rs 392 cr).

In India, Krrish 3 is the second highest grosser of all time behind Chennai Express (Rs 227 cr). The film now needs around 6 crores to go past the lifetime net box office collections of the Rohit Shetty entertainer.

Table with total collections of Krrish 3 in 13 days.

Box Office Collections in India (Net)ALL FIGURES IN INDIAN RUPEES (CRORES)
Worldwide Gross (India gross + Overseas Gross)328.7 crore
First Week166.42 crore
2nd Friday9.16
2nd Saturday14.23
2nd Sunday16.54
2nd Monday5.47
2nd Tuesday5.04
2nd Wednesday4.46
2nd Week Total54.9 crore (6 days)
Total India Collections (Net)221.32 crore
Total India Collections (Gross)287 crore
Overseas Box Office Collections (Gross)
Other countries3
Overseas Total41.7 crore
Worldwide Collections (India net + Overseas gross)263.02 crore




  • Feel happy for Krrish 3. But I feel Dhoom 3 will crush all these records and Amir will resume his position as box office king.

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  • awesome as expected of krrish 3,proved its place as a biggie and now time for the second expected movie of the year dhoom 3.Big up to ce to have made it where nobody expected it

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  • These are real collections (using average of BOI and producers figures). Figures given using hindi + tamil + telugu versions.

    1. Opening day record : Ek Tha Tiger = 31.75 crores, CE = 31.2 crores
    Krrish 3 = 33.7 crores

    2. Single day record : ETT = 31.75 crores (1st day), CE = 31.6 crores (3rd day)
    Krrish 3 = 33.7 crores (5th day)

    3. 1st weekend record : CE = 90.4 crores (without paid previews), 97.1 crores (with paid previews – 3.5 days)
    Krrish 3 = 63.2 crores

    4. Fastest to 100 crores : CE = 4 days
    Krrish 3 = 5 days

    5. 1st week record : CE = 144.5 crores (without paid previews), 151.25 crores (with paid previews – 7.5 days)
    Krrish 3 = 148 crores
    RECORD BROKEN if strictly 7 day week of CE is considered and all versions of Krrish 3 are taken.
    RECORD NOT BROKEN if CE paid previews are included or if only Hindi version of K3 is taken.

    6. 2nd weekend record : 3 Idiots = 33 crores
    Krrish 3 = 35.5 crores

    @Indicine – 2 all time blockbusters this year already : Chennai Express and Krrish 3; Dhoom 3 another possible one coming up. Don’t you think the all time blockbuster tag is now being given out too liberally? Also what’s the budget (landing cost) of Krrish 3?

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  • Bravo Hrithik !!! U deserve this victory !!!
    Champion sirf ek hota hey aur uski Jagah koi nahi le sakta , not even God !!!
    You are d Champion !!!
    Now In light of #Krrish3 ‘s huge success and business of 200 Cr+…
    SRK has decided to skip ‘Ra.Two’ and straightaway come up with ‘Ra.Three’ !!!

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  • ra-one and don 2 declared blockbuster by indicine having added dub version and AVTAAR hindi version became highest grosser having add english verson LOLZ….

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  • no such thing… it has performed dismally.. all these are cooked up figures… a bad film can never succeed….!!!

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  • real collection of k3 is 170 cr (all version).won`t cross 3i and ce but will easily cross salman` ett.salman is now out of 3.

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  • Happy for k3. .
    @anupama:i think hrithikfans less care about records compared to other fans.our star is complete and best.thats a big thing for us.

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  • BRILLIANT…Mazaa aa gaya…ATBB…Hrithik is the BEST…No.1 STAR of the countery…K3 will cross 275 crores and noone can break this record….

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  • And katrina’s item number is nice,but nowhere in front of hro’s dhoom again.

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  • Finally Hrithik has proved he is n’t just king of acting but also of BoxOffice.

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  • krrish 3 won`t cross worldwide collection of ce even with manipulated collection.crossing 422 cr is not a joke and for local star salman it is beyond imagination.srk -THE GLOBAL ICON OF BOLLYWOOD.

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  • Seems like indicine has gone overboard with the promotion of Krrish 3.
    Hope my comment gets published. ;)

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  • some fake idiots will come with BOI collection as BOI is their God, though they criticize BOI at the time of CE. haters accept the truth that K3 will cross CE very soon.

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  • ce-3600 screen.producer and boi difference 19cr lifetime.k3-3700 screen(hindi). producer and boi difference 52cr only 13 days.that’s why people are asking question about it.k3 is a successful movie but it will create confusion when producer give 240cr(all version) and boi give190cr(all version) .for that I think k3 needs to pass 208cr according to boi.

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  • Tomorrow will be historic day for India.
    As 1) Krrish 3 will become the highest grossing bollywood movie ever.
    2) Sachin will score his 52nd 100 on his 200th match

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  • Salute to you Hrithik…
    Chennai express lifetime record will be broken by tomorrow..
    But missing Rohit mehra..

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