The best ‘Dhoom Machale’ song? VOTE!

Right from Esha Deol and Tata Young’s version of Dhoom Machale in the first film to Hrithik Roshan’s scintillating dance moves in ‘Dhoom Again’ in 2007’s Dhoom 2.. the title track of Dhoom films have always topped charts.

In the 2013 version of the song, Katrina Kaif sets the dance floor on fire with her sensual moves. However, those expecting Aamir Khan to be a part of the song too, will be disappointed.

Watch all the different versions of the song and pick your favourite!

Best Dhoom Machale Song?

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Dhoom Machale with Esha Deol in the first film

Tata Young’s Dhoom Dhoom

Dhoom 2 – Hrithik and Aishwarya during the end credits

Dhoom Again – Hrithik Roshan Solo

Katrina Kaif in Dhoom Machale from Dhoom 3




  • The Best Audio was Tata Young’s. The Best Video was of Hrithik Roshan. Sadly the new song is not better than before. Though the video hardly lets you pay attention to that.

  • Hrithik’s Dhoom again was just superb…
    I even remembered whole lyrics of that song and Hrithik’s dance steps were just out of the world.

  • I says the facts.. and fact is that Hrithik was best… even Katrina can’t match him.. forget aamir.. BT a amir is good guy…

  • Hrithik carried whole Dhoom 2 on his shoulders and made it a blockbuster..His style was truly unmatched.
    Even Ali mentioned it during the film:aaila kya style hai chor ka..

  • Hrithik version was much better than this…
    Hrithik has an amazing presence. His 2 minute cameo in Don 2 overshadowed SRK completely and saved the film from becoming flop

  • Of course Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Dhoom Again’! I loved that song, and Hrithik’s dance moves. He was at his very best!
    Whereas, Katrina danced really well in its latest edition and looked hot, but that was about it. The song was underwhelming for me, I didn’t like it’s lyrics either.

  • First of all, Dhoom 3 trailer makes me rethink that it’s a remake of Dhoom 2. Every stunts and action are exact copy of Dhoom 2 but has been shown slightly different way. Secondly, well the song is too similar with the first part of Dhoom! and finally without any doubt Dhoom 3 trailer is neither better than Dhoom 2 nor the music of Dhoom 3 is anywhere close to the music of Dhoom 2! You can’t replace Hrithik Roshan buddy!! it’s not a joke!

  • thumps up….No doubt dhoom3….best song of the year…no hesitation to say its a damn sight better than dhoom & dhoom2 songs…also katrina far better than hrithik, aish & esha.

  • #DhoomMachale from Dhoom3 is 1time watchable but #DhoomMachale from Dhoom2 is thousands time watchable bcoz of King of Dance Hrithik !!!

  • Already watched here only Dhoom machale from Dhoom2 more thn 7 times !!!
    Hrithik is simply rocking !!!
    No idea who’s gonna match his charisma in Dhoom series !!! Would request Yashraj pls start Dhoom series with Hrithik only as we can’t see any other actor playing his role bcoz of standard he has set for Dhoom series movie !!!

  • superb……. hrithik’s dhoom again is getting more thn 50 % votes…. all other four songs combinedly r nt even equal to HR’s version….

  • It is great that AAMIR is not starring in the video,or else the video would have been crap.Can you imagine AAMIR dancing even 0.01% near to HRThiIK????

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