The best ‘Dhoom Machale’ song? VOTE!

Right from Esha Deol and Tata Young’s version of Dhoom Machale in the first film to Hrithik Roshan’s scintillating dance moves in ‘Dhoom Again’ in 2007’s Dhoom 2.. the title track of Dhoom films have always topped charts.

In the 2013 version of the song, Katrina Kaif sets the dance floor on fire with her sensual moves. However, those expecting Aamir Khan to be a part of the song too, will be disappointed.

Watch all the different versions of the song and pick your favourite!

Best Dhoom Machale Song?

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Dhoom Machale with Esha Deol in the first film

Tata Young’s Dhoom Dhoom

Dhoom 2 – Hrithik and Aishwarya during the end credits

Dhoom Again – Hrithik Roshan Solo

Katrina Kaif in Dhoom Machale from Dhoom 3




  • Hrithik is awazing in Dhoom 2 ,looks so hot and he is awesome dancer..Aishwarya also…They are wonderful together..
    the song from Dhoom 3-ok,Katrina is beautiful and sexy,but Amir Khan…….not so much for me….Don’t like it at all sorry

  • In all these years HR has earned himself a bunch of juvenile fools as fans as evident in many of these comments.

    Seriously!! Aamir basking in the glory of HR? LMAO
    No surprises then that retard stuff like K3 gets lapped up by these hungry fans who think that an amateurish movie like D2 is a cult classic which featured a hero who seems to be begging people by saying ‘look at me i am so cool’ and repeating the same dance moves which he has been doing for more than a decade now.

    At least with Aamir there would be some superb acting and story and not some justin beiberish dance moves.

  • can any one think of Amir dancing to the tunes of dhoom machale???…..hahahahahahahaha……it would be very funny….when i think only ,i can’t stop laughing

  • HR looks like a cartoon performing action scenes. Not one noteworthy action sequence featuring him in D2. Uday Chopra looked more convincing.

    Whereas in D3 the scene where Aamir’s bike goes under the truck is so awesome that it overshadows the action scenes in D2.

  • Dhoom 3 song is good nothing special about it, kat dance great but music and singing is let down. I want to say again no one can sing better than dhoom song or any other rocking song better than Sunidhi chauhan. Now come to best dhoom song as per visuals and dances Its Hr solo version. As per overall song video and audio than its Dhoom1 track with Esha and Uday. Because this song is solely responsible for signature tune of Dhoom Brand. Some asking where is Aamir in the song, one question the person who made Dhoom popular is ever danced in Dhoom title track, yaa he was in tata young version but even in that version he didn’t dance, there is no need to Aamir to dance because Hr is unmatchable in dance moves but still Aamir will make this movie a huge success with many records.

  • Without dancing much aamir had one 200cr movie .which is a classic.on the otherhand dancing so much hr doesnt have any 200cr movie acc dont ask aamir for dancing.

  • loved the whistle part of dhoom 2, but for me tata young version is the best. and i like how they used tamil kuttu music for new dhoom version.

  • U shouldnt ask that question becuz facts need no votes.

    HRO & Ash all the way.
    Amazing dance, amazing bodies , amazing acting and beautiful faces.

    Even Jhon was better than Aamir.

  • i dont knw like dhoom-2 as movie utter crap….this which started the trend craps work big at box office….the scence abhishek lands on hritik parchute is worst and over the top action scence ever…only style no substance in dhoom2…dhoom is satidfying watch though.

  • people who take part in voting , all r fan of dhoom franchise. voting is just for fan of hritik, aishwarya, (katrina and amir ) , tata young , and finally isha. (tata and isha for especially who r the core fan of starting dhoom)

  • @ Anin, Again this BOI stuffs. I respect Amir Khan. But if u people are so obsessed with BOI, go check the list of blockbusters in BOI site between 2000-2010. Among first 10 movies HR have 5 movies (4 in lead role, another k3g). And amir is a brilliant actor, but hrithik also is and a brilliant dancer.

  • If you want to listen to a song, then Tata Young’s Dhoom was the best. It had so much fire, power and passion punched in to it.

    Visually, Dhoom 1 song was better.

    Dhoom 2 was simply boring. The english verses in those lines were so amateruish. Hro is a good dancer, but the lyrics were simply bad.

    Ash’s song was comparatively better than Hro in Dhoom 2

    Kat’s song is not fully shown here, so i wouldn’t judge, but as per what they have shown here, look wise it is cool, but the music and lyrics pretty same, nothing new.

  • Many of them loved hrithik before..But after release of Krish 3 why they are so angry on HR becoz of record breaking collection..Why..Do u think only srk hav ability..every gud actor have ability to break recoed..So dont do partiality..If HR and srk didnt do then why u guys are doing..Grow up maturity

  • @iamvastuniverse hrithik overshadowed srk… ur dreams…btw vivek oberio in his bad phase overshadowed hr wid his finger in k3

  • dhoom 3 in first indian film imax release and first time aamir khan villain roll and first time aamir with katrina and first time aamir khan’s action movie

  • My Ranking (judging by the video in the songs)
    1- Hrithik Roshan’s Solo (D2)
    2- Tata Young (D1)
    3- Hrithik Roshan & Ash (D2)
    4- Esha Deol (D1)
    5- Katrina (D3) (should have casted Tata Young instead).

    Anyway, waiting for D3.

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