Krrish 3 Total Collections: Worldwide in 13 days

Krrish3Krrish 3 has grossed around Rs 328 crore in 13 days at the worldwide box office. The film has collected Rs 221.32 crore in India and Rs 41.7 crore from the overseas markets.

The Hrithik Roshan starrer is the 3rd highest worldwide grosser of all time, behind Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express (Rs 421 cr) and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots (Rs 392 cr).

In India, Krrish 3 is the second highest grosser of all time behind Chennai Express (Rs 227 cr). The film now needs around 6 crores to go past the lifetime net box office collections of the Rohit Shetty entertainer.

Table with total collections of Krrish 3 in 13 days.

Box Office Collections in India (Net)ALL FIGURES IN INDIAN RUPEES (CRORES)
First Week166.42 crore
2nd Friday9.16
2nd Saturday14.23
2nd Sunday16.54
2nd Monday5.47
2nd Tuesday5.04
2nd Wednesday4.46
2nd Week Total54.9 crore (6 days)
Total India Collections (Net)221.32 crore
Total India Collections (Gross)287 crore
Overseas Box Office Collections (Gross)
Other countries3
Overseas Total41.7 crore
Worldwide Collections (India net + Overseas gross)263.02 crore
Worldwide Gross (India gross + Overseas Gross)328.7 crore




  • As long as boi doesn’t declare k3 highest grosser of all time nobody will believe this figure… At first its have 2 cross 3i.which also look difficult.forget ce’s figure.

  • @megha

    are you from this planet? do you have any idea regarding whats going on? or are you just plain dumb?
    if i were you, i wouldve stopped myself from writing that shit of a comment which you have written

    It doesnt matter that the collections differ, even BOI acknowledges the fact that K3 is a BLOCKBUSTER.

  • Congratulainos for Krrish 3-is very good movie…Hrithik is great,Priyanka,Kangana ,Vivek Oberoi….and awseome VFX for Red Chillies ,and if somebody here don’t know that is SRK’s campany so he also help this movie….even Hrithik himself thank to him and his campany..So hatters of SRK -go to hell pls !
    and their who said Happy New Year will be flop- I want to say one think-wait and watch !and SRK is not king of Manipulating ! does who think like that is King of Idioits !

  • K3 is a ATBB in even tamil nadu because it collects 14.12 crores in 13 days so k3 original box office collections in india is 221.45 crores hrithik you rule the bollywood once again also shuddhi and bang bang will enter into 100 crore club

  • @Speedo, the industry is growing with each release my friend, just how CE was a record holder for 3 months, Krrish:3 will be the record holder for 1 month until Dhoom:3, which will be the record holder for another 1 month until Jai Ho. :) This is your country’s industry, be proud that it is the second biggest in the world.

  • @anin….what is boi???its nothing but a site lyk many more……nd what do u mean by nobody….u can say that u cant believe but how can u say all others opinion……there are more people who beileve that boi is a crap site which show low figure all d tym……u can count the coment in d post……u got ur ans

  • when CE released nobody ever cared about BOI figures. All these days every srk fan was happy with 227 cr of CE , happy until THAT monday arrived with 35.91 crore. And now when Krrish 3 is going to break CE record, all of a sudden BOI becomes the ultimate truth. Maybe with krrish 3 hrithik will not become bigger star than khans but he certainly is the most versatile and complete actor in bollywood.

  • leave alone these frustrated srk fans.. they were spreading negativity about k3 n hrithik these past days, see what happened! they always spread negativity n talk rubbish about other actors n their films.. grow up srk fans.. now they are taking out their frustration on salman too after k3 record breaking success.. they are unable to understand where to take out their frustration.. they have lost their mental state n peace.. poor cry babies

  • CE had 6 open days and K3 had 14 open days.
    On top of that, K3 had the backing of a super successful established franchise.
    Still K3 will fall short of CE’s 420+ worldwide collection?

  • Great achievment by krrish 3 .. New record has ready to born. But som srk fans again starts to produce jealeousy … Why…?. Records are records they are made for broken in future , some sustain long time or some sustain short time . Anyways … K3 is quality movie and it deserves has to be set new records but CE is not a good movie , it looks like a crap … Like these type of movies create records this is big shame for bollywood.

  • Best commercial movie of 2013.

    @X, I agree with u, now a days ATBB tag is given too liberally. As far as I am concerned, last ATBB was 3Idiots.

  • CE had many holidays in its run, starting from Eid. And yes Krrish is a huge franchise, but who made it this huge? Rakesh roshan and one and only HR. I wonder if SRK can ever dare to dream about making franchise. This will not make SRK, Salman, amir any less star, which they are. But a brilliant actor like Hrithik should be given his due and this is the time. Even many SRK fans will agree krrish 3 is far better than CE

  • Movie wise, I liked both CE and K3.
    Economics viewpoint – CE had a budget of around 70 crs and worldwide gross of around 425 crs. K3 has a budget of around 110 crs. So if it ends up doing around 400 crs worldwide, I think it is pretty obvious which one is more successful at the box office. Isn’t it?

  • whatever people and this site may feel the fact tis that a bakwaas film is being touted as a hit…unbelievable…and so it cant be true… it is not possible cos the film is realllyyyy.. bad

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