Haider Total Box Office Collections in India and Overseas

HaiderHaider has done well at the box office, grossing Rs 89.21 crore worldwide. The film as done ‘Hit’ business in India and for its genre has done reasonably well in the overseas markets too.

Haider is Shahid Kapoor’s second back-to-back 50 crore grosser and the second biggest hit of his career after R… Rajkumar. 

Haider First Week Collections

  • Thursday (Day 1) – 6.14 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) – 6.93 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) – 6.38 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) – 7.33 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 5.03 cr
  • Tuesday (Day 6) – 3.57 cr
  • Wednesday (Day 7) – 3.07 cr
  • 2nd Thursday (Day 8) – 2.55 cr
  • First week total – 41 cr

Haider Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday (Day 9) – 1.83 cr
  • 2nd Saturday (Day 10) – 3.24 cr
  • 2nd Sunday (Day 11) – 3.79 cr
  • 2nd Monday (Day 12) – 1.17 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday (Day 13) – 1.26 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday (Day 14) – 1.18 cr
  • 3rd Thursday (Day 15) – 1.05 cr
  • Second Week Total – 13.52 cr

Remaining Weeks – 3.2 cr

Total Collections in India

  • Collections after 2nd week – 3.2 cr
  • India total net collections – 57.72 crore
  • India Gross (including entertainment tax) – 76.2 crore
  • Verdict – Hit

Haider Overseas Collections (all figures in Indian rupees)

  • USA and Canada – 6.4 cr
  • UK – 1.86 cr
  • UAE/GCC – 4 cr
  • Australia and New Zealand – 0.75 cr
  • Total Overseas – 13.01 cr
  • Verdict – Above Average

Total Worldwide Gross – 89.21 cr



  • @the chame leone:you missed one sentence…posted this comment to get likes…lol

    Well deserved Shahid…truly deserving,he is back now to compete with youngistaan.

  • Best actor awards definitely for him unless he will critics love like 2009 for kaminey he deserved an awards for Sur that year. Go shahid you are the future.might end up like aamir khan in the future

  • @shaggy u r saying excellent to sahid for giving 2 back to back hits but u r criticising srk akways despite of him giving 10 back to back hits including 4 blockbuster and hny trending towards minimun suoerhit status!y do u ppl always target srk?

  • What’s Good: The actors are all
    earnest and the opulent canvas
    works in retaining your attention.
    What’s Bad: It lacks Farah
    witty streak. The heist track just
    doesn’t work and the film’s
    hour is plain unconvincing. Low
    on the
    needful IQ that could have made
    robbery believable, the film’s
    tapestry was on the weaker side.
    it is a half baked film that uses
    all the
    regular formulaic heist tools and
    naturally offers nothing unseen
    unexpected. The predictability of
    climax was the most fatal blow
    for the
    film. It isn’t unwatchable but
    disappointing. Farah Khan has
    mettle I believe and her funda of
    keeping it simple, garbed in floss
    doesn’t work this time.
    ratings-2 stars **

  • this year two movies stole my heart first kick, second haider. i havent seen queen but today i read in news paper that kangna is just like simple girl she wash her cloth and do her work herself after that kangna is my favourite heroene with salman is best hero who can sweep roads, riding bycycle just for bettering world.

  • Haider was not released here and so might be in other countries as well! Perhaps Fox Star was behind this! Anyway, back to back hits for Shahid Kapoor!

  • Haider in itself would have been a massive waste of the 4 day Oct-2 weekend. This is a fair result for such a niche film.

  • so i will sign him for its sequel ..so says vishal bharadwaj… quietly happy with his 50 cr plus hit!! at least i recovered my money so he says…

  • and jai ho was my third favourite of this year dislikes on my comments here many indicine users hates me and also dnt wanna their personal work by themselves. they all resposible for global warming and against swarajya agenda of m.k. gandhi.

  • shahid is the next megastar…he is hard working..he deserves much much more than other overhyped stars like siddharh,ranveer,arjun and varun….!

  • Had it not released with Bang Bang..it would have collected 80- 100 crore business in India…Films like this should not release with big films as they easily lose their shine…Movies like this should be encouraged and should get more screens….

  • happy for Shahid and Shradha.
    @anand-the original, here in Manchester they released Haidar only first day. dont know the reason.

  • I seriously want Shahid to sweep the Best Actor awards next year..This was such a mindblowing performance from him..Congrats Sasha and Team Haider!!!

    Waiting for Shaandar!!!

  • as i told earlier, lifetime of haider in india <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< first 2 days of hny

    srk rocks
    hail the king
    kiss to badshah and kick to haider

  • A very gud Collections for a movie of this genre.. Sure to get many awards….
    And has already won People’s choice award in Rome film Festival…

    During Clash of Bang Bang & Haider, I saw that many people praised Haider (Which of course it deserved) … The num of people praising Haider on fb, twitter etc was far higher than during release of Queen… But Collections are less than Queen….

    Only one possible explanation – Most of Those Haider Admirers were insecure, jealous HR haters in disguise….
    Hrithik – A nightmare to Haters….

  • shahid deserves this… infact he deserves alot more
    hez noless than a ranbir kapoor or a emran hashmi.. just the time wasnt by his side.
    now I think everything seems to b falling in place
    so hoping him to sweep all the best actor awards next year…. n In Sha Allah he wil hav some commercial hits too.

  • shahid is a brilliant actor but he did not got good scripts stories and now finally shahid pick a good line up, 2 hits back 2 back happy for shahid

  • @Shaggy, nah bro. I’m studying English at Manchester college in Manchester but was born and raised in Abu Dhabi.

  • haider is the bestiee for 2014 coz it is done by shasha
    it would earn more than 80 crore if it doesn’t clashed vd bang bang coz public like action not the beauty produced by shasha

    Anywash happy for d Haider hit n waiting for Shandaar n Farzi

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