Dance Basanti Song Video: Ungli

The Dance Basanti song video featuring Emraan Hashmi and Shraddha Kapoor is out. It’s the first song promo from Ungli, which release in theatres on November 28th.

Dance Basanti is Shraddha’s first item song. Watch and tell us what you think.




    Farah khan has a typical narrative style. She has given typical commercial movies throughout her career. TMK was tortuous but OSO and MHN were engaging movies. Sadly HNY is a stretched affair.

    PLOT: Six losers participate in a dance competition with a motive of pulling off a Ďheistí. Yeah you got it. Heist has been down too many times in past few years. Not the fault of Farah but this is one of the major issues. Audience doesnít get any freshness in the story. They have seen other stars pulling off heist, now itís the turn of SRK.

    PERFORMANCES: Nobodyís fault here. Script takes audience for granted. Plot loopholes are too many to ignore. There are few inspired moments on screen, most of them revolving around the ever puking Nandu (Abhishek Bachchan). Sadly the leading pair SRK-Deepika get stereotyped yet again! So Deepika repeats her Chennai Express heavy accent while SRK repeats lines of his previous blockbusters one after the other. Sonu Sood tries too hard to be funny, while the newbie Vivan Shah and veteran Boman Irani are wasted.

    CINEMATOGRAPHY: GRAND! One word. Hands down. This lengthy affair isnít tedious thanks to some melodious songs and brilliant locations.

    EDITING: This is THE biggest blunder. Movies with wafer thin plot can still be applauded if the editing is crisp. 2 hours and 59 minutes time is just too much. It tests your patience!

    MUSIC: There arenít any chartbuster songs here, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it quite engaging and subtle.

    DIRECTION: Average. Now very bad not very good. There are some funny scenes, interesting dance sequences but the pace of the story isnít maintained by the director. For me, the emotional scenes were flat. I laughed genuinely in funny scenes but the emotional sequences seemed forced.

    FINAL VERDICT: Itís a very average movie, neither fresh like Main hoon na nor annoying like Tees Maar Khan. Actors try their level best to engage you but the dragged moments in second half are a major let-down.

    Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

  • ungli ungli ungli ungli ungli ungli ungli ungli 28 november.. Jitna dum tumhaare hath me nahi, utna dum meri ek ungli me hai…!!!!!!
    My middle ungli to emraan haters !!

  • sir you need to improve ur reviews yo have given 4 star to movie like hny and kick which deserves only 2 shold take this comment seriously

  • what is going wrong with the fake king..? Why the producer of hny has no dare to announce hny monday collection depsite trade collection announced by boi is aroun 12.25cr for monday. Only the word for srk is .. Lol.

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