Dhoom 3 Friday Box Office Collections: Actuals

Dhoom 3 has collected Rs 36.22¬†crore on its opening day at the box office, according to the film’s producer – distributor Yash Raj Films. The film opened to a phenomenal response both at multiplex chains across the country as well as single screens.

If the advance booking for the film is anything to go by, Dhoom 3 (all versions) might just cross the 40 crore mark on Sunday.

Even though exhibitors are over-the-moon with the kind response that the film has got, most believe that the first day business would have been higher if the film’s runtime (which is close to 3 hours) was shorter. However, the advance booking for the entire weekend is fantastic, which should help the film get close to the 100 crore mark in its first weekend!

If the film sustains well on Saturday, Dhoom 3 is well on track to be the fastest film into the 100 crore club, beating the current record of Chennai Express which collected 100 crore in 3 days + paid previews on Thursday.

Break up of box office collections

  • Dhoom 3 Hindi – Rs 33.42 crore (record single day collections holiday and non-holiday)
  • Regional – Rs 2.8 crore (record for Telugu / Tamil version)
  • Total Collections – Rs 36.22 crore

Winner of the first day prediction contest will be announced in sometime.



  • movie is stupid, pathetic, no logic is coming from srk and hrithik fans who watched movies like krrish 3 and chennai express lately. Irony!

  • in my language its called farziwada.. meaning fake.. fake figures to lure public.. otherwise alo since its a yashraj film… peechche kaise rah jayen?? if they don’t post more how would roshans come to know???its become a joke now… post the highest figure possible so that the mood remains upbeat.. and call off the bluff after 5 days .. till then make sure that wom remains upbeat… we know this trick but it will fail this time… we are more vigilant today.. and as the wom is bad today we will see the fall ..bachchan ise bhi le dooba..!!!

  • So, this time producer’s figure is 36.22 Cr and according to BOI, it is 30.9 Cr.

    Everyone here atleast agrees that both Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are huge movies with slight advantage to D3 in terms of release. And the occupancy on the 1st day should be better for D3 but not by much. Still, you can see the huge difference in collections for Krrish 3 in case of BOI. This proves that they underreported Krrish 3 collections by some ridiculuos margin. No one is going to believe the figures reported by them. They are liars.

  • so its impossible to make 200 crores nett!!!its going to be a flop…just because the production cost is 160 crores.all major movies this year had the same fate.audience were anticipating a bigger role from katrina…but it was just more of a cameo.disappointing.

  • Krrish 3- 4000 screens approx.- BOI 1st day- 15 cr hindi- Producer’s figure- 25 cr all versions-(80-85% occupancy)
    Dhoom 3- 4400 screens approx.- BOI 1st day- 30.9 cr hindi- Producer’s figure- 36.22 cr all versions (90-95% occupancy)

    BOi is fake and outdated.

  • Krrish 3- 18 cr all versions 1st day by BOI
    Dhoom 3- 33.5 cr all versions 1st day by BOI

    That’s almost half collections for K3…We are not stupids, BOI…You should be ashamed of yourself.

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