Winner of the Dhoom 3 Contest for Day 1

We organised a prediction contest for Dhoom 3 late last evening and the response was overwhelming! In less than 5 hours, we received more than 2300 entries from all over India.

A lot of people came close, with more than 26 readers predicting that the film would collect Rs 36.25 on Day 1. But the winner of the contest is ‘SOUMYA KANTA BEHERA’ who got the closest with her 36.24 crore prediction.

Dhoom 3 Contest

Winner of Dhoom 3 Contest

An SMS has already been sent to the winner. Two tickets will be sent as soon as we get a response.

Saturday prediction contest coming up in sometime, we hope to get even more responses this time around!




  • Did’nt expected this from Aamir…watched it today…came out unsatisfied…
    The whole story is taken from Now you see me and the prestige..and i have watched those..also some action scenes were very poor..abhishek driving auto over slums…
    Half baked robberies..never in the movie is aamir shown theiving the bank…
    Bike riding on the disgusting
    Hardly any role of abhishek,uday…i think they had only 10 dialogues in the film.
    Dhoom and Dhoom2 were much better and thrilling,original as well.

  • Krrish 3 and CE were better than D3,but D3 will work as many here would not have watched those movies,it will fall in multiplexes but will held nicely in single screens.

  • @Babaji ka thullu
    Thanks bro.. I thought I’m the onli one who thought that the plot is Jz too similar to Christopher Nolan’s the prestige!
    I Realli admire aamir but I’m kinda disappointed coz we always get something new from.. And this time the plot is not original!
    Or maybe I was expecting too much from them.
    But I Realli hoped they dhoom 3 had original story!

  • Dear indicine.. I have not yet recieved any message from your end. I will be pleased if you resend the same to my number –. My email id is —
    Waiting for a favourable response….

  • @indicine.. sorry.. but der might be some problem.. msg still not recieved..if possible send me a mail..

  • “Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    – – –
    Dhoom 3 collected 31 crore nett approx on its first day. The first day approx territorial breakdown is as follows.
    Mumbai – 9.62 crore
    Delhi/UP – 6.03 crore
    East Punjab – 2.83 crore
    West Bengal – 1.64 crore
    Bihar – 62 lakhs
    CP Berar – 1.64 crore
    CI – 1.17 crore
    Rajasthan – 1.88 crore
    Nizam/Andhra – 1.90 crore
    Mysore – 1.89 crore
    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 98 lakhs
    Assam/Orissa – 70 lakhs
    TOTAL – 30.90 crore (Hindi Only)
    Telugu – 2.00 crore
    Tamil – 60 lakhs”
    GRAND TOTAL= 33.50 crore..

  • What happened indicine?.r u providing me with the winning prize or not. I have n’t received any msg or mail yet. Kindly do d needful….

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